what is it n.
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What is it?? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is it??

What is it??

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What is it??

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  1. What is it??

  2. Context Clues • Context clues are hints that you get about an unknown word from the words around it. • Sometimes you have to read the whole sentence or paragraph to discover what the word means.

  3. Types of Context Clues • The joey, which is a baby kangaroo, peeked out of his mother's pocket. (definition) • The beach was covered with debris like paper and cans, and the children picked up all the trash. (synonym) • The ancient dress looked like new after she washed it. (antonym) • Every day he brought a delectable, delicious, wonderful, yummy lunch to school. (example) • My mother used to pull across the bay to catch flounder. She would dip first one oar then the other in the water with a smooth motion (explanation)

  4. The first review on the Harry Potter movie was favorable. Many people attended and enjoyed the movie. Some people even saw the movie three times!a. negative b. uncertainc. positive d. clear

  5. Her friend crossed her fingers as she did the cheer. She was hoping that everything would work out for her as she vied for a position on the squad. She really wanted to be a cheerleader.a. shouted b. enclosedc. expanded d. tried

  6. Thomas went to the apex of the mountain, and because it was so high, he had to take a tank of oxygen with him.a. bottom b. breathec. top d. clear

  7. “The nearer he got to Father, the more he dreaded asking for a nickel. He was sure Father would not give it to him.” • What does dreaded mean? • A. feared • B. questioned • C. avoided • D. debated

  8. “’Here’s the key,’ she would say, retrieving a small brass key from her pocket.” • What does retrieving mean?