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A PowerPoint Presentation about me for my TET 200 class at USD.

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sam earl

Sam Earl

TET 200 Powerpoint

Anime Cat image located through Microsoft Clip Art search anime

Cat Photo from my Picasa Web Album account through google

my personal information
My Personal Information
  • I am a sophomore at USD.
  • My majors are: German, Spanish, and Secondary Education
  • I am the Media/Tech for RHGA and the USD Spanish Club, and am the President of the GAMES Club.

Image located from Picasa Web Albums on my gmail account

hobbies and activities
Hobbies and Activities
  • I enjoy reading, sleeping, playing games, and spending time with my family.
  • I also enjoy participating in student organizations, of which I am a part of three.


professional goals
Professional Goals
  • I hope to one day become a German or Spanish High School teacher.
  • I hope to educate my students effectively, and that they will learn all I have to teach them.
  • I hope that my school will work with me, and that I won’t have many problems with certain policies the school may have.
  • I hope that I can learn as much as my students, because we never stop learning, no matter what.

Image from Microsoft Clip Art search apple

where i want to be in 10 years
Where I Want to be in 10 Years
  • I want to have a steady position at a high school.
  • I want to have traveled at least to one German-speaking country, and one Spanish-speaking country.
  • I want to fully master German and Spanish, and maybe start learning a new language, especially either Russian, Chinese, or Japanese.
  • I want to be married and have had children.
  • I want to feel that I have succeeded with my life, and that I have fulfilled my goals.