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Maj John Tieken HQ AFSPC/A5FG PowerPoint Presentation
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Maj John Tieken HQ AFSPC/A5FG

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Maj John Tieken HQ AFSPC/A5FG - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Launch and Test Range Activities Update. October 2006. Maj John Tieken HQ AFSPC/A5FG. Overview. GPS Metric Tracking Policy Responsive Launch Traffic Control. GPS Metric Tracking Policy.

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Maj John Tieken HQ AFSPC/A5FG

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Presentation Transcript

Launch and Test Range Activities Update

October 2006

Maj John Tieken


  • GPS Metric Tracking Policy
  • Responsive Launch Traffic Control
gps metric tracking policy
GPS Metric Tracking Policy
  • USECAF has directed that all DoD, Civil, and commercial launches from Vandenberg AFB and Cape Canaveral AFS use GPS Metric Tracking by 1 January 2011
    • A step toward “predominately space-based range architecture” directed by US Space Transportation Policy
    • Using COMSTAC and RUCB as forums to notify range user communities
    • Minor work needed to allow capability on ranges
    • Wings have established procedures for user notification
      • Wing XP representatives work with new users to 30 SW and 45 SW using the Universal Documentation System (UDS) process
      • Wing Program Support Managers (PSMs) will notify existing users about changed interfaces via the formal UDS process
gps mt clarification
GPS MT Clarification
  • SAF/USA clarification (14 Jul 2006 coordination SSS for USECAF GPS Metric Tracking policy memo)
    • Background: “…The concept of GPS MT originated as a means to replace tracking radars and reduce their significant operations and maintenance costs….”
    • Discussion. “Implementation of GPS MT is no longer viewed as essential to shutting down radars, but as an important operational enhancement. Recent studies recognize GPS MT as a key to operationally responsive ranges, given its wider coverage, expanded capacity, and greater accuracy and responsiveness. Meanwhile, upgrades to eleven mission-essential radars will enable shutdown of six redundant radars now being retained to overcome reliability, maintainability, and availability problems. As the same time, GPS MT will add operational flexibility as a third source to complement radar tracking and inertial guidance data.”
responsive launch traffic control rltc
Responsive Launch Traffic Control (RLTC)
  • Currently on hold – allows more time
    • Leadership working to establish strategic framework and mature the CONOPS
    • Significant Congressional interest – OSD, AF, and AFSPC working together to determine appropriate structure of Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) joint program office
    • Discussing proper focus of ORS
  • HQ AFSPC continues push toward responsive range
    • Advocating launch vehicle autonomy compatibility for responsive capability in the mid-term
  • GPS Metric Tracking Policy
  • Responsive Launch Traffic Control