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Make the most of now

WFA/ISA – Global Conference. The Vodafone Brand – Creating a culture of brand engagement . Grace Molenaar Head of Brand Development . Make the most of now. We are committed to building the world’s most valuable communications brand. ‘To be the World Leader in Mobile Communications………….’.

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Make the most of now

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  1. WFA/ISA – Global Conference The Vodafone Brand – Creating a culture of brand engagement Grace Molenaar Head of Brand Development Make the most of now WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  2. We are committed to building the world’s most valuable communications brand ‘To be the World Leader in Mobile Communications………….’ Vision, 2001 WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  3. Our global brand building journey started only 7 years ago, and has had a number of distinct phases OpCo ‘How are You?’ and Vodafone live! executions OpCo ‘How are You?’ Executions Pre 2001 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 ‘Make the Most of Now’ Launch Brand Migration “Hello” “How Are You?” Launch Vodafone live! launch MTMON Tone of Voice WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  4. We have also built the brand by unifying what was a proliferation of sub brands under a single brand hierarchy Master Brand Products & Services The proliferation of sub-brands was hindering our ability to build Vodafone as the leading brand in our category In a single brand hierarchy, there is only one brand; everything else is information to help customers navigate (this drove the implementation of our current naming strategy) WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  5. As a result we have achieved tremendous growth in our brand awareness and preference Evolution of Spontaneous Awareness for Vodafone Brand Evolution of Preference for Vodafone Brand WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  6. Our brand is built on a foundation of a number of strategic components, with the Marketing Framework at their heart BRANDED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MARKETING FRAMEWORK BRAND COMMUNICATIONS BRAND VALUES & ENGAGEMENT WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  7. The Marketing Framework is the cornerstone of our Brand Strategy Where are we going? We will be the communications leader in an increasingly connected world BY Why are we here? Helping our customers make the most of their time BY What do we do? Creating & delivering unbeatable experiences through…… BY How do we do it? Being Red, Rock Solid, Restless WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  8. We have put the brand at the centre of the Customer Experience “A brand is what a brand does.” Arun Sarin, CEO Vodafone “The most valuable brands in the world are those where the customer knows they’re going to get a good experience” Sir John Bond, Chairman, Vodafone WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  9. Helping our customers make the most of their time Red Rock Solid Restless We are by being thereforeour voice is so ourcustomers feel Passionate Trustworthy Creative Emotional Direct Inspiring Appreciated Confident Inspired ...so our customers spend more time with us We want our customers to feel appreciated, confident and inspired WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  10. …..and we have made a commitment to customersthrough our new Customer Promise Our Promise to you We value your time more than anyone else. That’s why, wherever you see Vodafone, you can expect: • A network you can rely on when you need it • Expert, friendly help and advice – you only have to ask once • When you’re abroad, the services you need will be as easy to use as at home, and you’ll know what you are paying • New and inspiring solutions to help you make the most of your time WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  11. In the last 18 months we have further refined the brand and customer experience…… WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  12. Brand Identity – A unique, contemporary and iconic identity which gives Vodafone the stature of a world-class brand WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  13. Communications – all locally executed to our Brand Idea, a new Tone of Voice and refreshed Brand Guidelines WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  14. Retail – a new design bringing the brand idea to the customer experience WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  15. Sponsorship – driving brand awareness with activation of two new properties WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  16. Engaging the employee – driving the brand idea internally WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  17. Mobile Interaction Management- Bringing the brand idea to handset experience An innovative Handset based Self Care application, that will allow our customers to access real time self care services directly from their phones. • Relevant • Reliable • Easy to use • Innovative Fitting into our Strategy A capability that enables tailored on device self service and CRM transactions Differentiation strategy: Global strategy: • Cost Saving in Europe • Revenue Growth in Emerging Markets It will radically improve the quality of user’s Interactions with their products and services, making things simpler and more easily accessible Positioning strategy: To make the most of customer’s time! WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  18. 2001 2005 Our key challenge is to build an emotional brand with a clear role in people’s lives to turn customers into fans (and advocates) So where are we on our brand journey? We are here 2010 Drive awareness and relevance Drive preference and differentiation Build regard and momentum WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  19. +289% +128% +18% +2% -x% Source: Y&R/SternSteward 2000 Differentiation Drives ProfitChanges in Operating Profit 1993 to 1995 Mono brands on NYSE COMMERCIAL BRAND POSITION High Mission & Growth Dominance DIFFEREN- TIATION Death Declining Low Low RELEVANCE High WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  20. We are currently ranked 11th most valuable brand in the world Progress, 2007 Most Valuable 250 Global Brands 2006 WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  21. Employee Engagement Video WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  22. Vodafone Brand Story WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  23. Where have we come from? • We have made significant progress in delivering a world class brand of both global stature and local relevance….on our journey from a brand that is known, to one that is loved • We know who we want to attract to be part of our community • We have a distinctive identity • We are getting a global understanding of the cultural nuances of Time and how we can uniquely tap into customers desire to master it to live life more fully • We have a clear understanding of our past, and vision of our future that has helped us define our unique personality • We are all individually and collectively moving towards delivering this uniquely and consistently every day WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  24. Where are we going? • This continuing brand story will become a touchstone for all of us • It will help us understand to the next level of depth • Who we are • Where we play • What we do • Our Rallying cry • So that we can continue to deepen our understanding of our Vodafone brand… • And continue to deliver it as one company. WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  25. Where we play Market Definition Positioning Target Customer Insight What we do Differentiation Functional Benefits Emotional Benefits Who we are Personality Values Physique Our rallying cry Ambition Purpose Promise WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  26. Where we play Market Definition: Integrated Communications Provider Positioning Target: Progressives Customer Insight: I live for this life and time is precious What we do Differentiation: A Great Customer Experience Functional Benefits: Useful, Seamless, Stimulating Emotional Benefit: Inspired (to use my time) Who we are Personality: The Pioneer Values: Red, Rock solid & Restless Physique: Red within a technicolor world Our rallying cry Ambition: Communications leader Purpose: To help people make the most of their time in life Customer expression: Make the most of now WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  27. Creating a culture of brand engagementSummary • Brand as a central organising principle that drives performance, culture, experience and action • Treat engagement as a journey, and a source of competitive differentiation • Involve Leaders! • Make the vision actionable • Include everyone who represents your brand • Link to recognition and reward • Measure your progress WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

  28. Thank-you!!! WFA/ISA - Global Advertiser Conference

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