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Introduction. I dreamt to be a professional teacher and let my students love my subject. Since I loved science I intended to be a science ( major chemistry) teacher.

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I dreamt to be a professional teacher and let my students love my subject. Since I loved science I intended to be a science ( major chemistry) teacher.

My experiences had started after I worked in the school and I chose some of my points that affect my teaching career .

The certificates I took and how I was very happy with them

one of my interesting lesson planes that I was very proud of it as the students had understood fast beyond my belief, I chose one of my experience with an individual plane ,and really it was amazing, also I chose one of the experiments for a student work in a science fair and how thinking could affect the student attitude and encourage him to go through a real experiment to know how to apply it in life ,Finally I wrote my philosophy of teaching before and after the course and how this course had changed my way of thinking of teaching and learning 180 degree .

In this e-portfolio I tried to put all my experiences I felt that they gave me a step forward in my career, and also had changed my point of view towards learning and teaching .

1 certificates and awards1
1-Certificates and awards
  • This certificate is a certificate for my achievement in science department .I have included this artifact in my teaching portfolio because it remembered me with the effort I did in the department. I started in the school as a chemistry teacher for thanwya Ammma, and IGCSE chemistry teacher then after a month the inspector of administration visited the school, and found that all the practical experiments of the science teachers that should be written in copybooks were not included the date , the name of the experiment and the equipment used There was a senior at that time ,she had not enough time to deal the department ,when these remarks were a great problem ,I was chosen to be the head of the department .I was responsible for both labs the international and the national details. I started to make a venture which needs an effort to be ready any time. Very accurate and proficient work especially observing the valid date for using each acid, salt and so on. A Few months after the school had taken the license of the British Education and the Administration inspector had accepted to sign our lab copybooks.
  • . I think the connection to this course was how to determine the problems draw a plan of my goal and how to start to solve them through a system like a venture .
1 certificates and awards2
1- certificates and Awards

This artifact is a certificate for teaching Quran. I included this certificate in my portfolio because it reminded me with a pleasure time of a teaching Quran to grade one girls .This artifact was a reward to me as I had succeeded in teaching that age and how to deal with them, they can not read from the Quran they only listen to me and repeat. It was very new to me to go through this work as a volunteer . I learnt how to be patient, very kind ,and concentrate on my reading. My teaching after this started to be with more patient, more helping for my students and more concentrated on every tiny thing I used to explain.

In order to let them study I decided to let them love the Quran and tell them that AllA love all people ,especially who learn the Quran

. I had to encourage them not to be absent. Those were my methods to achieve my real aim of learning much in a proper way.

It had a real connection with my course that how to search for an activity to attract their attention and be helpful like to record their voices and let them hear after finishing they were very happy .

2 individualized plans
2-Individualized plans

This artifact for a student in grade 5 in American system. I am very proud to put this artifact as it remind me how this boy could not able to read at that age and at the end of the year ,he could read. I started to put a science curriculum from grade one up till grade 5 in one year and distribute it on three quarters in the first year by choosing the important topics ,this effort taught me to read ,choose , explain the benefits and affect my work how to get benefit from the scientific term to be useful for the students. I got from this that I must recognize the students attitude ,and try to facilitate the target of my lesson in main points .This artifact I think after I learned how to design a unit it is related to steps of thinking like an assessor ,deign a curriculum with special needs ,special ways of thinking to save time as I deigned a map for three quarters grade one in the second quarter grade two in third quarter and grade 3 in the forth quarter, I distributed every quarter on four sessions weekly, and finally organize a quarter exam first exam was an oral exam ,then gradually written matching, choosing .

I started with Nader by choosing different activities and this was connected with this course. The activity I chose had to suit every lesson and gave a certain meaning to achieve my goals .