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Top Richest Video Game Developers in the World

List of top Richest Video Game Developers in the World

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Top Richest Video Game Developers in the World

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  1. Top Richest Video Game Developers in the World

  2. 10. Square Enix – Value: $1.26 billion Square Enix bought Eidos Interactive and thus claimed the rights to the wildly popular Tomb Raider series. This only adds more in the way of expansive RPG play to Square Enix’s robust stable of franchises.

  3. 9. Ubisoft – Value: $1.85 billion Among the independent game companies in the industry, Ubisoft is the third largest behind only Activision and Electronic Arts.

  4. 8. Konami – Value: $3.24 billion Konami is a conglomerate of many products, including the development of video games. Trading cards, slot machines, arcade games, and even the management of health clubs all fall under the Konami umbrella of products and services.

  5. 7. Electronic Arts – Value: $4.14 billion If you are a sports gamer, you would undoubtedly know Electronic Arts as the force behind titles such as the mammoth Madden NFL franchise.

  6. 6. Namco Bandai – Value: $4.74 billion Namco’s roots lie in arcades all over the world. The Japanese company’s domain is the amusement park, supplying large scale arcade games.

  7. 5. Activision Blizzard – Value: $4.85 billion In 2008, Activision merged with Vivendi Games. Thus, Activision Blizzard was born. As a result, the combined powers have resulted in a number of hit franchises to further propel this conglomerate ahead as of one of the big players in game development.

  8. 4. Sega – Value: $4.9 billion Sega used to be in the mix with the rest of the console giants in the industry. Now the home of that turbo, blue blur named Sonic the Hedgehog is solely focused on lending a hand to other companies from a development standpoint.

  9. 3. Nintendo – Value: $6.28 billion From playing cards to hotels to video games, Nintendo has done it all in their 125-year history.

  10. 2. Microsoft Studios – Value: $12.82 billion Formed in conjunction with the establishment of the Xbox in 2002, Microsoft Studios added another lucrative option to the stable at technology giant, Microsoft.

  11. 1. Sony Computer Entertainment – Value: $13.4 billion The creative force behind Sony’s Playstation line of consoles, Sony Computer Entertainment is the king of video game development. Among Sony’s hits include the God of War and Gran Turismo franchises.

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