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Which of these is a nonrenewable resource? Answer Choices A water  B coal C wind  D sun PowerPoint Presentation
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Which of these is a nonrenewable resource? Answer Choices A water  B coal C wind  D sun

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Which of these is a nonrenewable resource? Answer Choices A water  B coal C wind  D sun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Which of these is a nonrenewable resource? Answer Choices A water  B coal C wind  D sun' - janina

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About 300 million years ago, the land of Earth was in a single mass know as Pangaea, as shown in Figure A. About 150 million years ago, Pangaea broke up into the landmasses shown in Figure B.Based on the diagram, which of the following were MOST LIKELY to survive on X after the breakup of Pangaea than before it broke apart?Answer Choices A Organisms that lived in fresh water B Organisms that required warm conditionsC Organisms that hibernated for long periods D Organisms that traveled great distances during migrations


Freda always hangs her wet swimsuit outdoors after getting out of the swimming pool. Which of the following is LEAST LIKELYto affect the rate at which Freda's swimsuit dries? Answer Choices A The heat of the Sun  B The speed of the wind C The amount of water vapor in the air D The temperature of the water in the pool


Which statement correctly describes the majority of the earth’s surface?Answer Choices A It is covered by salt waterB It is covered by fresh water. C It is composed of volcanoes. D It is composed of mountains


Gina was preparing a certain concentration of salt water for an experiment. She measured the salt and water. Then she added the salt to the water. Which units would best describe the concentration of salt in the saltwater mixture?Answer Choices A B C D


Fill in the blank. An ocean cools __________.Answer Choices A due to large waves B more slowly than landC more quickly than land D as waves hit the beach


Which geologic processes have changed the landscape of Georgia theMOST during the last 10,000 years?Answer Choices A Volcanism and faulting  B Water erosion and deposition C Glacial erosion and deposition  D Continental drift and plate movement


Water and wind can break rock into small pieces. What happens to these small pieces when they break away?Answer Choices A They turn into earthworms. B Plants use them for energy. C They become part of the soil.D They become food for animals.


The following diagram shows a forest over a period of time.Which of the following most likely will occur as a result of the change over time?Answer Choices A Increase in rain B Increase in soil erosionC Decrease in temperature D Decrease in carbon dioxide


The following diagram shows two simple heating devices.When these devices are placed outside, what is the source of energy used?Answer Choices A Wind energy B Solar energyC Water energy D Electromagnetic energy


The picture below shows how a type of rock forms at the bottom of the ocean. What type of rock is this?Answer Choices A Lava B Igneous C SedimentaryD Metamorphic


Look at the diagram below.The diagram shown illustrates which geological process?Answer Choices A FaultingB FoldingC Weathering D Metamorphism


Shelley was tracking the progress of a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.  The hurricane was a category three hurricane when it crossed over a large section of the coastal area of Central America.  What likely happened to the strength of the hurricane as it crossed over land?Answer ChoicesA The hurricane weakened without more water vapor.B The hurricane strengthed because the land mass was warmer than the water. C The hurricane absorbed energy from volcanoes in Central America and became stronger. D The land mass created disruption to the structure of the hurricane through increased friction and weakened it.


The following table shows some planetary features of three planets: P, Q, R, and S. Which planet could best support life, comparable to Earth?Answer Choices A planet PB planet Q C planet R D planet S


Long ago, many people believed that the earth was flat. Years later, as scientists observed the motions of sky objects, it was widely accepted that the earth was a sphere and the planets and sun revolved around it. Later, scientists argued that the sun was at the center of the universe. What is best illustrated by this example?Answer Choices A The earth and universe are constantly changing so scientific models have been revised. B Each of these models of the universe was correct during the time it was developed. C Current beliefs about the universe are true based on information from better technology.  D Scientific models of the universe have changed over time as new observations are made.

Which of the following drawings best represents the motion of a planet and its moon around the sun?Answer Choices ABCD

During most of the year, the air over Savannah, Georgia, contains a high amount of moisture.  Which of the following best explains why there is a high amount of moisture in the air?Answer ChoicesA Savannah is close to an ocean.B Savannah is at a low elevation. C Savannah is near many mountains. D Savannah is moderately far north of the equator.


This picture shows the position of four different cities.What season is city R experiencing?Answer Choices A fall B winterC spring D summer


Over the past 50 years, scientists have measured an increase in global temperatures. Which changes will most likely occur as a result of increased global temperatures?Answer Choices A Polar ice caps will melt and sea levels will rise.B Large glaciers will form and sea levels will fall. C Ocean temperatures will decrease and more hurricanes will occur. D Ocean temperatures will decrease and fewer hurricanes will occur.


What weather event is mostlikely to result when a warm air mass and a cooler air mass come together at the earth’s surface?Answer ChoicesA Winds will reverse direction. B Winds will stop. C The sky will become clear. D Storms will develop.


Which statement is true?Answer ChoicesA The Milky Way contains the Sun.B Our solar system contains the Milky Way. C The Earth is part of several galaxies. D The universe is an example of a galaxy.


The given bar graph shows the approximate distance of the planets from the Sun.Based on this data, what is the approximate distance between Jupiter and Saturn?Answer Choices A B C D


The diagram shows the relative size of 2 objects in the solar system.If Brepresents the Earth, which of the following does A most likely represent?Answer Choices A JupiterB Mercury C Moon D Pluto


Which change in position of a hurricane will most likely cause the hurricane to lose strength?Answer Choices A moving over a continentB moving toward the equator C passing over an area of high humidity D passing over an area of warm water