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International Year of Astronomy ( IYA-2009). IYA-2009 Activities Armenia. Areg Mickaelian. Increasing the prestige of astronomy in Armenia (meetings, mass media, etc.) Public activities (amateurs, popular astronomy, educational matters, etc.). Astronomy and Society. Professional astronomy

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International year of astronomy iya 2009 l.jpg
International Year of Astronomy (IYA-2009)

IYA-2009 Activities Armenia

Areg Mickaelian

Astronomy and society l.jpg

Increasing the prestige of astronomy in Armenia (meetings, mass media, etc.)

Public activities (amateurs, popular astronomy, educational matters, etc.)

Astronomy and Society

Professional astronomy

Other sciences institutions

Cultural organizations

Astronomy and world heritage; UNESCO’s project

Amateur astronomy; observations & discoveries

Astronomical education; from school to Ph.D. degree

Popular astronomy; from children to everybody

Scientific tourism; Byurakan and around

Scientific journalism; astronomy and mass media

Iya 2009 projects in armenia l.jpg

IYA-2009 projects in Armenia mass media, etc.)

Astronomy & World Heritage

Iya 2009 armenian loc l.jpg

IYA-2009 Armenian LOC mass media, etc.)

Areg Mickaelian, Chair (BAO/ArAS)

Elena Nikogossian, Secretary (BAO/ArAS)

HaykAbrahamyan, VardanAdibekyan, MkrtichGevorgyan, SatenikGhazaryan, Kamo Gigoyan, MarietaGyulzadyan, ArturHakobyan, Davit Sargsyan, Lusine Sargsyan, Parandzem Sinamyan (BAO)

JacklineMartirosyan, Diana Antonosyan (YSU)

Lilit Verdyan (Association for women’s rights)

Astronomy teachers, students, pupils

Distribution of duties among the LOC members: mass media program, school program, publication program, Astronomy and World Heritage, etc.

Iya 2009 in armenia l.jpg

IYA-2009 in ARMENIA mass media, etc.)

Events: conferences, meetings, “100 hours of astronomy”, celebrations, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

Historical-astronomical heritage in Armenia

Astronomical education in Armenia

Internet (IYA webpage, “Portal to the Universe”, etc.)

Mass media program: TV, radio, press, Internet

School program: Olympiad, lectures at schools, teachers’ teaching, contests, visits to Byurakan Observatory, etc.

Publication: CD/DVDs, books, brochures, sky map, postcards, posters, calendars, souvenirs, etc.

Iya 2009 armenian events l.jpg

Dec, 2008 Armenia mass media, etc.) joined IYA-2009

23.01, Yerevan Start of the series of biographical articles about outstanding Armenian astronomers at “Armenpress” News Agency website

08.02, Yerevan ArAS webpage with lots of info on Armenian astronomy and IYA- 2009

28.02, Byurakan Meeting with journalists, 40 participants

28.02-01.03 Wide broadcasting about IYA-2009 in the world and Armenia

02.03, Byurakan M.A. Arakelian’s 80th and Ye.Terzian’s 70th anniversaries

  • 22.03, Byurakan “Astrophoto contest” of the Armenian Institute of Tourism students

    30.03, Byurakan Meeting with representatives of touristic companies, 35 participants

    14.04, Byurakan Meeting with Ambassadors and representatives of international organizations

    15.04, Yerevan IYA-2009 meeting / public lecture, YSU

  • 17.04, Yerevan Establishment of Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize

  • 18.04, Yerevan Exhibition “Armenia: a Country of Ancient Astronomy”

    April Distribution of ESO’s “Eyes on the Skies” DVDs to schools

    26.04, Byurakan Armenian Astronomical School Olympiad, 40 participants

    30.04, Byurakan Meeting with architects, 35 participants

    04.05, Byurakan IYA meeting / seminar "IYA-2009 in the world and in Armenia”

    15.05, Yerevan IYA-2009 meeting / public lecture, YSU

  • 16.05, Yerevan IYA-2009 meeting / public lecture, Phys-Math school

IYA-2009 Armenian Events

Iya 2009 armenian events7 l.jpg

19.05 mass media, etc.), Yerevan Public lecture, Quantum school

26.05, Yerevan Meeting between astronomers and historians / archaeologists

10.06, Yerevan Publication/production of astronomical promotional materials

19.06, Byurakan Young artists’ exhibition “The Universe and myself” and meeting with professional artists, 200 participants

01-08.07, Byurakan Third Byurakan Summer School for YSU students, 30 participants

01-17.07, Byurakan Summer Practice for YSU Department of Physics students, 15 participants

06-08.07, Byurakan ArAS VIII meeting: Astronomy and Society, 100 participants

July Discussion of creation of Astronomical Council in Armenia

August Purchasing of Celestron FirstScope telescopes for schools

18.09, Yerevan Astronomy Day in Armenia, public observations of amateur astronomers

22-23.09, Byurakan French-Armenian Workshop, 35 participants

25.09, Yerevan IYA-2009 meeting / seminar, YSU, 100 participants

30.09, Byurakan Workshop in frame of International Conference CSIT-2009, 40 participants

01.10, Yerevan IYA-2009 meeting / public lecture, School #64, 60 participants

15.12, Yerevan Opening of V.A. Ambartsumian's monument in Yerevan, 150 participants

28.12, Yerevan IYA-2009 Closing Ceremony, NAS RA, 60 participants

December Start of Beyond-IYA activities (GTTP, etc.)

IYA-2009 Armenian Events

Astronomical souvenirs and promotional materials l.jpg
Astronomical Souvenirs and mass media, etc.)Promotional Materials

Journalists in byurakan l.jpg

Journalists in Byurakan mass media, etc.)

Meeting on IYA-2009 and scientific journalism matters, February 28, 2009, Byurakan

33 journalists:

4 TV, 6 radio, 9 newspapers and journals, 6 Internet media, 8 students

Presentation of the Armenian astronomy, Byurakan Observatory, IYA-2009, etc.

Discussion of IYA-2009 tasks, scientific journalism in general

Questionnaire with questions about astronomy and scientific journalism:

insufficient attention to astronomy (science)? what is a constellations? etc.

27 publications and casts during the next days (Feb 28 – Mar 3)

Prizes for best publications on astronomy: mass media, TV, radio, press, Internet

Travel agencies in byurakan l.jpg

Travel Agencies in Byurakan mass media, etc.)

Meeting on scientific tourism matters, March 30, 2009, Byurakan Obs.

Discussion of scientific (astronomical) and regional tourism matters

Preparation of souvenirs, publication of postcards, calendars, etc.

Ambassadors in byurakan l.jpg

Ambassadors in Byurakan mass media, etc.)

Reception of Ambassadors of Foreign Countries and Heads of other International Organizations in Armenia

Presentation of the IYA-2009 and its goals

Acquaintance with the 2.6m telescope of the

Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory

Meetings with architects l.jpg

Meetings with Architects mass media, etc.)

April: meetings with architects, presentation of the IYA-2009 and its goals, collaboration, discussion of world astronomical observatories and telescope buildings

Young artists exhibition l.jpg

Young Artists’ Exhibition mass media, etc.)

June 19, 2009, Byurakan. Young Artists’ Exhibition and Contest “The Universe and Myself”; 250 paintings. Meeting with professional artists led by Union of Artists of Armenia. Joint jury by astronomers and artists. Excursion in the Observatory, meeting at conference hall (presentation of IYA-2009 activities, popular lecture, awards to 9 schools).

Third byurakan summer school for ysu students l.jpg

Third Byurakan Summer School for YSU students mass media, etc.)

July 1-8, 2009, Byurakan. Participants, lectures, events

Concert by robert amirkhanyan l.jpg

Concert by Robert mass media, etc.)Amirkhanyan

July 6, 2009, Byurakan. Concert by the famous Armenian composer Robert Amirkhanyan with the singer Seda Amir-Karayan.

Aras viii annual meeting astronomy and society l.jpg

ArAS VIII Annual Meeting “Astronomy and Society” mass media, etc.)

July 6-8, 2009, Byurakan. Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS) VIII Annual Meeting “Astronomy and Society”. Sessions on Astronomical Heritage, Astrobiology, Astronomical Education, talks on International Collaboration, Scientific Tourism, Scientific Journalism, etc. Guests from Academy, other institutions, UNESCO Armenian commission, sponsors, journalists, students. ArAS certificates to 16 founding members.

Astronomy and world heritage l.jpg

Astronomy and World Heritage mass media, etc.)

Meeting with historians/archaeologists on historical-astronomical matters

Ambartsumian monument in yerevan l.jpg
Ambartsumian monument in Yerevan mass media, etc.)

December 15, Yerevan, near the YSU astronomical observatory, 200 participants

Astronomy for students dvd l.jpg

Astronomy for Students DVD mass media, etc.)

A collection of useful information for students: textbooks (90), exercises, encyclopedia and dictionaries (8), papers, presentations (including from international summer schools), catalogs, software (including SciSoft VII), photos, movies, BAO, Ambartsumian, etc.

Organizers and sponsors l.jpg

Organizers and Sponsors mass media, etc.)

Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS)

Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)

Armenian National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

Yerevan State University (YSU)

Armenian State Committee for Science (SCS)

Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Culture

UNESCO National Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Antares Holding (publishing company)

Armenpress news agency (information sponsor)

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