The Hero’s Journey
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The Hero’s Journey. Archetypes. An archetype is an image, character, story, symbol, situation or pattern that recurs throughout literature The word is from Greek archetypos , meaning “original pattern from which later things are made.”. Character Archetype Examples. The Hero The Mentor

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  • An archetype is an image, character, story, symbol, situation or pattern that recurs throughout literature

  • The word is from Greek archetypos, meaning “original pattern from which later things are made.”

Character archetype examples
Character Archetype Examples

  • The Hero

  • The Mentor

  • The Friendly Beast

  • The Traitor

  • The Scapegoat

  • The Outcast

  • The Star-Crossed Lovers

  • The Wise-old Man

  • The Damsel in Distress

  • The Magician

  • The Faithful Dog

  • The Sidekick

I departure the call to adventure
I. Departure: The Call to Adventure

  • Hero is summoned out of his normal world and family and thrust into an adventure.

  • Sometimes the hero wants something more than the life they are living.

  • Sometimes the hero will refuse the call but eventually surrenders.

  • Sometimes the hero has had a supernatural birth, been raised by strangers, or knows nothing of his childhood.

I departure mentor and preparation
I. Departure: Mentor and Preparation

  • A mentor or guide appears or becomes known. It might be god, a messenger of the gods, a wise old man, etc.

  • The mentor must give the hero something (advice, guidance, sword, secret message, a talisman/magical object, etc.).

  • The hero finds loyal helpers to aid in his journey (lower social status than hero – might even be an animal).

I departure crossing the first threshold
I. Departure: Crossing the First Threshold

  • Hero crosses from safety to the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and venturing into an unknown and dangerous place where the rules and limits are not known.

Ii initiation the road of tests and trials
II. Initiation: The Road of Tests and Trials

  • The hero faces a series of tests, tasks, or ordeals

  • The hero deals with giants, bullies, monsters, demons, and temptresses by killing, overpowering, escaping, or winning them over to his side.

  • The hero defeats challenges with a magical ritual or object.

  • The journey includes a descent to the underworld, literally or figuratively.

Ii initiation crisis and salvation
II. Initiation: Crisis and Salvation

  • The hero faces a supreme test (the climax).

  • The final test frequently involves a powerful or legendary male – a father figure whose approval, confidence, or cooperation the hero must win.

Iii the return and treasure
III. The Return and Treasure

  • The hero defeats the opposing forces and returns to the ordinary world in triumph.

  • The hero returns with new knowledge of himself, the world, or the meaning of life.

  • With the new power or knowledge, the hero reshapes or restores the world, or at least his place in it.