bringing administrators together april 27 2011 paula allen meares chancellor n.
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Bringing Administrators Together April 27, 2011 Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor PowerPoint Presentation
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Bringing Administrators Together April 27, 2011 Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor

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Bringing Administrators Together April 27, 2011 Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bringing Administrators Together April 27, 2011 Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor. Prelude and Process. November 2003 – February 2005, 2010 Strategic Thinking March 2005, President White initiates Strategic Planning for the University of Illinois

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bringing administrators together april 27 2011 paula allen meares chancellor



April 27, 2011

Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor

prelude and process

Prelude and Process

November 2003 – February 2005, 2010 Strategic Thinking

March 2005, President White initiates Strategic Planning for the University of Illinois

April 2005, UIC Planning Council:Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Senate Representatives

August 2005, Campus Leadership Retreat

March 2010, Campus Strategic Directions Retreat

June 2010, Campus Strategic Directions Retreat

February 2011, Strategic Planning Update emailed to the campus



UIC is a premier urban public research institution

We are a university deeply committed to academic excellence, student success, and transformative impact.

We are a comprehensive research-intensive university with scholarship focused on urban resilience, social justice, social science, community health, economic and educational disparities, the arts, the humanities, the natural sciences, and biomedical discovery.

We are a campus with a global perspective strongly rooted in Chicago, but with a statewide presence and responsibility. We operate health science campuses in Peoria, Rockford, Urbana-Champaign, and the Quad Cities. UIC stands for excellence and acommitment to transformativeimpact.


UIC provides the broadest access to the highest levels of intellectual excellence.


UIC will advance six overarching goals:

 Focus on our academic excellence, access, and student success.

 Emphasize transformative impact and social good.

 Grow our translational research and discovery enterprise.

 Promote diversity and a global perspective.

 Honor and partner with Chicago and the state of Illinois to enhance the human condition of its citizens.

 Innovate within to build future strength and success.




Focus on our academic excellence, access, and student success.

Continue to promote pride in UIC’s teaching excellence, encouraging models of instruction that maximize learning outcomes for all learning styles, and offering lifetime educational opportunities.

Provide excellent student support and experiential learning services. Identify areas for additional enhancements, particularly in advising, financial aid, and study abroad opportunities.

Emphasize student success with a multi-year plan to improve 6-year graduation rates.

Expand UIC online to provide blended learning and continuing education opportunities.

Enhance our students’ educational experience with exposure to and engagement of arts and cultural opportunities.




Emphasize transformative impact and social good.

Expand our commitment to improve the social good and further the application of our research.

Reinvigorate the Great Cities Commitment and continue to grow its community to local, national, and international relevance.

Continue to form, expand, and strengthen public and private partnerships with government and nongovernment agencies to facilitate the translation of our research and knowledge.



3. Grow our translational research and discovery enterprise.

Continue to grow our research enterprise with a focus on our greatest strengths: urban resilience, health, education, economic disparities, and biomedical discoveries.

Build upon our national reputation in training underrepresented minority scientists, social scientists, and health care personnel to better meet the state and country’s needs.

Encourage and emphasize collaboration: between east and west campuses, with UIUC and UIS, interdisciplinary research opportunities, and with public, private, corporate, and nonprofit organizations.

Increase internal and external recognition for UIC’s research portfolio.

Support faculty discoveries and further translation to commercial application.




Foster diversity and a global perspective.

Continue to foster scholarship and practices that reflect the increasing diversity of the U.S. in a rapidly globalizing world. (Cluster Hires)

Create an International Institute that will advance our global aspirations.

Encourage cross-national comparative research, faculty and student exchange programs, and international agreements to promote collaborations.

Create curricular and co-curricular opportunities for our students to gain a broader understanding of the world. This will become a hallmark of a UIC education.




Honor and partner with Chicago and the state of Illinois to enhance the human condition of its citizens.

Honor our relationship with the city of Chicago, working with city and regional institutions as well as in our neighborhoods to create positive impact and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Continue to be a powerful economic engine within Chicago and the state to increase economic opportunities.

Continue to expand UIC’s community-based health care projects and research.

Continue UIC’s partnership with the Chicago Public Schools.

Build on the successful re-opening of Hull-House to expand UIC’s connection with Chicago’s cultural community and increase educational and cultural programming for Chicago-area residents.




Innovate within to build future strength and success.

Improve the university’s operational efficiency, including streamlined administrative and business functions and enhanced IT infrastructure. Become a more nimble, innovative, and responsive institution.

Address the institution’s aging infrastructure and deferred maintenance needs with a multi-year plan.

Implement a robust marketing and communications plan to increase UIC’s visibility and image to enhance its reputation regionally, nationally, and globally.

Architect's drawing of new Mile Square Health Center



Internal physical, operational, and cultural barriers to coordination of activities.

Lack of institutional coherence and identity.

Lagging image of UIC, its excellence and value.

Traditional neglect of alumni and development opportunities.

Under-resourced operating and capital needs.

Highly competitive and under-funded health care environment.

Challenging local labor market.

Aging physical campus environment.


Continuous decline in level of direct state support, exacerbated this year and last by the unprecedented nonpayment of committed resources.

Pension and compressed salary issues.

Maintenance of access and diversity in the face of necessary tuition increases.

Increasing unfunded mandates and regulations by state and national governments.

Poor understanding of the true value of the research university.

Declining morale in a situation of under-resourced environment.


Budget News and our

Financial Realities

How do we develop the resources to keep our dreams alive?

How do we continue to attract external funding beyond our dwindling state income?

How do we grow our endowment and naming opportunities faculty?

How do we continue to create ideas and products that add value to our mission?

We’ve thought a lot about this:


Strategies to Develop Resources

Consider these possibilities:

Public / Public Partnerships

Public / Private Partnerships


Grant Procurement

Culture of Risk Taking

Quality of Instruction

Commercialization of Innovations BAXTER

Innovations in Service Delivery ARGONNE

Improvements in Business Efficiency CBC

(Chicago Biomedical Consortium)


Brilliant Futures Campaign

The campaign passed the $500 million mark this fiscal year

FY10 was our best fundraising year ever, at $86.9 million, a 24% increase over FY09

UIC’s Endowment Market Value:

June 30, 2001 - $111 million

March 31, 2010 - $175 million

Major gift examples:

$22 million bequest from James and Marion Grant

$25 million commitment from a grateful patient



Growing excellence and recognition

Increasingly attractive to students

Most diverse student body of major research universities

Burgeoning research activities

Broad representation of academic and professional disciplines (especially health care, biological sciences, engineering)

Location in Chicago, a major worldwide transportation hub, communication , and research networks

History of engagement through the Great Cities Institute and other activities



Promote interdisciplinary research through combination of our assets and skills.

Expand engagement with communities and cultural organizations.

Expand engagement with financial and technological institutions of Chicago, Illinois, and around the globe.

Expand our key position in the training of health care professionals for the state, nation, and the world.

Increase the internationalization of Chicago and the region.

Demand for continuing and distance education in local and global communities.

Build development and alumni activities.

Collaborate with other research universities in Chicago, Illinois, and around the world.

chancellor s initiatives

Chancellor’s Initiatives

These are a few of the programs that are already up and running:

Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards

Chancellor’s Student Advisory Committee

Chancellor’s Discovery Fund for Multidisciplinary Pilot Research Projects

Chancellor’s Supplemental Graduate Fellowship Program

UIC National Academies Committee Initiative – UIC Faculty Awards Website

Chancellor’s Lecture and Event Series

chancellor s initiatives1

Chancellor’s Initiatives

These are some of the programs being developed:

UIC is student centered:

Create a task force for undergraduate advising (graduate?)

Develop a systematic assessment of learning outcomes

Global Learning Community Campus Certificate Program

UIC online, Blended and Continuing Education

Faculty and Staff:

Create a permanent Office of Diversity

Implement Cluster Faculty Hires focused on URM candidates

Liaison to APAC

University-wide staff development workshops


Discover UIC: Open the doors of the campus

uic looking forward a new day

UIC Looking Forward: A New Day

In spite of the pressing challenges, UIC is in great demand with unprecedented enrollment of over 27,000 students last fall.

As a young campus, indicators such as the excellent progress of the Brilliant Futures campaign, ourincreasing external funding, and our growing reputation as an anchor for Chicago suggest a positive trajectory.

Our place in Chicago, one of the most vibrant and renowned cities in the world, will continue to attract students and faculty as we increase our value to our hometown and beyond.

As we continue to mature, we will innovate in an entrepreneurial spirit to become a more nimble institution.

We will continue to grow our partnerships, including those between like institutions, community colleges, government and private enterprise, and corporate and nonprofit organizations.