Meeting 2 tosspon s english 105 building foundations
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Meeting 2: Tosspon’s English 105 Building Foundations. Review: Diagnostic, Prewrites Thesis Statements – Chpt 2 Narrative – Chpt 12. Your Diagnostic Essays. Check your email. Open the attachment.

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Meeting 2 tosspon s english 105 building foundations

Meeting 2: Tosspon’s English 105Building Foundations

Review: Diagnostic, PrewritesThesis Statements – Chpt 2Narrative – Chpt 12

Your diagnostic essays
Your Diagnostic Essays

  • Check your email. Open the attachment.

  • Review my comments by clicking on “Review” and then clicking “Next” or “Accept” on the menu bar.

Grammar log
Grammar Log

  • For each # error (not ALL errors), correct using the Grammar Log, Syllabus pg 7, + green handbook

    • In this example, the error is #5

  • This is worth 10 points per paper. No errors means you automatically get the 10 points.

Correct the error

Find how to

Correct your

Errors by using the syllabus (pg 9) and the green handbook.

In the beginning the dog wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.

In the beginning, the dog wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.


Common errors
Common Errors

We will be adding one of these “cracks in our foundation” to our lesson each week.

  • Fragments

  • Run Ons

  • Hook/Introductions

  • Wordiness

  • Semicolons

  • ESL? Verb Tense Shifts? See pages 337-358 (green)

Meeting 2 tosspon s english 105 building foundations

Create Your Own Grammar Guide


Each type of error you tend to make

How to Correct that type of error

Sample sentences w/ the corrections

Review chpt 1

Awesome. PreWrites, etc

Review Chpt 1

When you write
When You Write

Narrow a large topic

Select something in which you currently have a strong interest

Start early

Find the best space for you

Select a subject

Discover your audience
Discover your Audience

  • What knowledge does your audience have about the subject?

  • Why are they reading it – what do they hope to gain?

  • What is your audience’s attitude towards your subject?

  • Who is the audience?

Identify your readers

Special qualities of your audience
Special qualities of your audience?

  • They don’t like to be bored. (if you are bored writing it, they’ll be bored reading it)

  • They hate confusion and disorder

  • They WANT to think and learn

  • They want to see/feel what YOU see/feel

  • They are turned off by pretentious/phony voices.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Pg 31

The thesis
The Thesis

A thesis MUST tell the reader what they’re going to be reading.

All of your main points must fall under it!

It is your topic + your point about it.

Jigsaw group work
JigSaw: group work

  • Each group assigned a section

  • Read the section

  • Explain your section to the classclass, as group explains, read along, highlight, or take notes.

    • We will be playing a game w/ this info

  • Good thesis

  • States opinion (pg 33)

  • Asserts 1 idea (pg 33-34)

  • Has something to say (pg 34-35)

  • Is limited to fit (pg 35-36)

  • Clearly/specifically stated (36)

  • 1st or 2nd paragraph (36-37)

  • Avoid Common Errors

  • Don’t just announce topic

  • Don’t clutter with “I think”

  • Don’t just state a fact

  • Don’t ask it as a question

Game pin the thesis
Game! Pin the Thesis

  • Groups each will get a set of thesis statements. Record the #’s you have!

  • Decide which are “adequate” and which are “inadequate”

    • Use tape to put statements onto the corresponding location.

    • Be prepared to justify your choice to the class.

  • On 1 page per group, rewrite the inadequate thesis statements.

Guidelines for a good thesis pg 33
Guidelines for a good thesis (pg 33)

States the writer’s clearly defined opinion on some subject

Assert ONE main idea

Have something worthwhile to say

Limit thesis to fit the assignment

State thesis clearly, in specific terms

In first or second paragraph.

Thesis statement answers
Thesis Statement Answers





















  • Adequate

  • Inadequate

  • Inadequate

  • Inadequate

  • Adequate

  • Adequate

  • Inadequate

  • Inadequate

  • Adequate

  • Inadequate

  • Adequate

  • Inadequate

  • Adequate

  • Identify whether each is adequate or not, explain the problem

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Narrative:Telling a story

Narrative comparison
Narrative Comparison

  • Choose a partner. You and your partnerwill each choose 1 narrative pg 679-688(yes both must reada different story.)

  • Answer the questions on the handout (front and back)

  • Come up with a definition of “Narrative”

Narrative chpt 12 pg 343
Narrative (Chpt 12 pg 343)

  • A narrative is a story with characters and there is a definite plot line. A narrative normally has a beginning, a middle and an end.

    Telling a story- can be fact or fiction.

Writing the narrative essay
Writing the Narrative Essay

  • Know your purpose

  • Make your main point clear

  • Follow a logical time sequence

  • Use sensory details to hold interest

  • Create authentic characters

  • Use dialogue realistically (pg 344-345, Green handbook pg 100)

Problems to avoid
Problems to avoid

  • Choose your subject carefully

  • Limit your scope

  • Don’t let your story lag with insignificant detail

Practice 336 old book or 346 new book
Practice (336 old book OR 346 new book)

  • Look at a painted scene

  • List as many specific details as you can

    • Describe the setting and character’s appearance

    • What unusual noises, colors, smells

    • What does facial expression show?

    • What might each person SAY

    • What mood/tone do the colors create?

    • Ask yourself MORE questions

Narrative essay assignment
Narrative essay assignment

  • Tell a story.

  • Can base it on your painting OR one of the topics on pg 347-348, OR propose a topic to me

    • Note, if you’re using the tornado painting, PLEASE do research (even watch Twister!) rather than making assumptions about how people would talk, how scared people would be, etc.

  • Essay worth 100 points

  • Rough Draft (2 printed copies) due next week

  • Final draft due the following week

Meeting 2 tosspon s english 105 building foundations

  • May get in groups of 4, each person may use 1 item from this list: notes/book/syllabus/handouts


  • Syllabus, Chpt 1, Chpt 2, Pre-Writing Strategies, Classmates


  • Narrative Essay1st Draft DUE @ beginning of NEXT MEETING (50 points)

  • Final draft due in 2 weeks emailed to

  • Name file: Lastname_Narrative.docx

    • Please note: Do NOT type .doc or .docx, those are file types to choose when you “save as”

  • Read: “What is Poverty” Handout

  • Vocabulary 1 –(10 points each): Select 10 words from the essay/article. Turn this in on a separate paper titled “Vocab #__”. Write each vocabulary word, the definition (look it up!), and a sentence using the word correctly.