Hp desktop power troubles and best solutions
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HP Desktop power troubles and best solutions for the issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hp desktop power troubles and best solutions

HP Desktop power troubles and best

solutions for the issues

Source: https://techhelpnumbercustomerservice.tumblr.com/post/159146087219/hp-desktop-power-


HP Desktop is one of the widely used desktop device with all the advanced features and

configuration. Now there are occasions when the users have registered HP Desktop power

issues and this article will surely help in solving much of the trouble. Power supply is needed to

be checked correctly for any fault and find out if there is no power for the system.

User need to check the power source carefully and follow the steps to do that –

1.Check whether the wall outlet is having power and try the computer in any other outlet. Check

the power of the wall outlets to eliminate the power source issue.

2.Remove any type of cord, power cable, protectors or con.

3.Remove all the attachments from the device and also remove any type of components added

to the system.

One of the common problem other than the power trouble is the issue with power supply to the

fan and weak power supply makes the fan noisy. These are the steps to fix the PC fan issue –

•Clean the dust from the power supply vent holes using a vacuum cleaner and make sure that

computer is turned on with power cords placed in the outlet.

•Now plug the power cord and test if the fan is still making the same noise.

Test the power supply separately from the system and for that follow the steps –

•Unplug the PSU connectors from the mother board using the computer.

•Insert the AC power cord into PSU and enable PS_ON to turn the PSU

•Now check whether the PSU fan is rotating.

Dial HP technical support phone number

Resolve the power issues contacting the support team and taking remote assistance. One the

problem the diagnosed then instant solution is provided.

for any type of issue with the HP desktop device.