czech chefs introduce the typical czech cuisine n.
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Czech chefs introduce the typical Czech cuisine PowerPoint Presentation
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Czech chefs introduce the typical Czech cuisine

Czech chefs introduce the typical Czech cuisine

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Czech chefs introduce the typical Czech cuisine

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  1. CzechchefsintroducethetypicalCzechcuisine

  2. For Czech cuisine the typical meals are with much salt, much flour and oil or lard. Typical lunch in the Czech republic consists of two courses: 1.soup (for example cabbage, garlic, potato soup,..) 2. the main course (pork dumplings with cabbage, potato pancakes, burgers, roast chicken with rice,..) In the afternoon people usually drink coffee and eat something sweet, for example marble cake, apple strudel, Czech cakes,... And what is well known Czech drink? The most famous is Pilsen beer, Czech vine and Moravian slivovitz. We have prepared for you a few typical Czech recipes 

  3. Dill sauce Ingredients: ½ sour cream 100g root vegetable 1 spoon of coarsely ground flour 2 spoons of chopped dill vinegar sugar salt 2 egg yolks Procedure: Whip flour and egg yolks into cream, salt it and in water bath boil to thicken with constant whipping. Season with sugar, or add vinegar and only after the cessation of fire add dill. We can scald stalks of dill in little amount of water and then mix everything. Serve with dumplings and boiled beef.

  4. Potato soup • Ingredients: • 1 onion • 3 cloves of garlic • 5 potatoes • 3 carrots • 1 parsley • 3 spoons of oil • 3 spoons of flour • a little marjoram • a little pepper • a little allspice • pinch of salt • a piece of butter • (handful of mushrooms) • Procedure: • Fry onion in the pot of oil. Add 3 spoons of flour and pour over cold water. Stir. Add 5 chopped potatoes, 1 parsley, 3 carrots, 3 gloves of garlic, a little marjoram, a little pepper, a little allspice, pinch of salt, a piece of butter, (to taste – handful of mushrooms ). We watch it until vegetable become tender. Bon appetit

  5. Roast chicken with rice 1 Chicken Little oil Salt Chicken broth Salt cleaned and washed chicken, put it on the roaster, drizzle it with oil, pour it with chicken broth, cover and let it bake in the oven. While the chicken is almost tender, pull the pan out the oven, uncover it and bake so that the meat has crust.

  6. GARLIC SOUP • INGREDIENTS: • 1 spoon of lard • Salt,pepper • Marjoram • 3 bits of garlic • Half of stock cube • 1 egg • Cubes of bread • Cheese • Process: • Put 1 spoon of lardin scalding - hot water. Add salt and pepper. • After stirring it add marjoram. Add 3 bits of garlic and half of stock cube. Let it boil for a while. Use a fork and stir the eggs. Fry the cubes of bread on the pan. Add cheese according to taste. • Bon appetit!

  7. Potato salad with carp Ingredients for salad: ½ kg potatoes vegetable: 2carrots,3cucumbers,1onion half a glass of mayonnaise pepper, salt 4 boiled eggs Ingredients for carp: ½ kg of carp fillets salt and pepper oil for frying breadcrumbs, flour 2 eggs salad: Cook potatoes to becometender. Let the potatoes cool,peel them and cut them. Cut vegetables and put in a bowl with potatoes. Add pepper,salt,mayonnaise and mix it up. carp: Add salt and coat carp fillets in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. Fry on oil.

  8. Fried cauliflower ---------------------- Ingredients • 1 cauliflower • flour • Breadcrumbs • 4 eggs • Oil for frying • Potatoes To prepare the recipe Soak the cauliflower in a bowl with water, rinse and remove. Divide it into smaller portions. Cook cauliflower, it’s better to watch it until it becomes tender. Coat each portion in flour, eggs, breadcrumbs and fry it in hot oil - preferably in deep fryer. Serve fried cauliflower with boiled potatoes and supplemented with fresh vegetable - peppers, tomatoes. It is also suitable tartar sauce and ketchup.

  9. Apple Strudel Ingredients: 400g flour, 200g vegetable oil, 1 white yogurt, 1 baking powder The filling: 2kg apples, 100g ground poppy seeds, 100g wallnuts, granulated sugar, 100g raisins, breadcrumbs, milk Procedure: Mix flour with lard, yogurt and baking powder. Prepare smooth dough and divide it into 3-4 parts. Grate washed and peeled apples on the coarse grater and simmer briefly. Roll individual parts of dough in plates, put them on towels, spread steamed apples on them and according to the taste you can sprinkle with poppy or nuts, raisins and breadcrumbs. You can add sugar according to taste of apples. Roll each flat of dough and put them on baking paper. Bake in oven preheated to 200°C for 30 minutes.

  10. Dumplings with fruit • INGREDIENTS: • 500g FLOUR • 1 SPOON of SUGAR • 1 EGG • 1 SPOON OF SALT • 250ml MILK • YEAST • PIECE OF BUTTER • FRUIT • Procedure: • We warm up the milk, we add 1 spoon of sugar and crumbled yeast. Then add flour, egg, salt and under needs pour milk. Mix up dough and let it rise.After flatten the dough we make dumplings, which we fill with fruitor jam.Cook in salted water 5-7 minutes. Puncture each dumpling after removal, to let steam escape. Serve with sugar and melted butter poured over.

  11. Christmas cake • Ingredients: • 0.5 kg flour • 3 eggs • ¼ l milk • Cube yeast • 5-6 spoons of oil • A bit salt • 5 spoons of sugar • Almonds, raisins, succade • Procedure: • Mix milk, sugar, yeast in bowl and let it rise. • Mix flour, salt, eggs, sugar, oil in the second bowl. • Later: Pour rised yeast into the second bowl and mix. • Add almonds, raisins, succade. • Let it rise for 45 minutes. • Make 9 long bits and interlace them. • Put the cake on baking tray and grease with whipped egg. • Bake a cake for 30 minutes. • Later: Springle with sugar.

  12. Burgers Ingredients: • 500g minced meat • 1 roll • ½ cup of milk • a little salt • a little pepper • ½ spoon of marjoram • 1 onion • 1 spoon of flour • 1 egg • breadcrumbs • fat • 3 cloves of garlic Process: Cut roll and soak it in milk. Season minced meat with a little salt,a little pepper and marjoram, add very finely chopped onion,crushed garlic,flour,egg and roll soaked in milk. Mix it all and thicken it with breadcrumbs. Shape burgers with a spoon. Fry until golden.

  13. Roast Rabbit Ingredients Rabbit 2 crushed cloves of garlic Pinch of cumin pinch of barbecue seasoning Pinch of salt 4 slices of English bacon 1 onion Procedure Carve rabbit and put it to hot pan. You must season rabbit with salt and add cumin, cut onion, crushed garlic and sprinkle with barbecue seasoning. Add slices of bacon and pour with water. Bake in oven on two hundred fifty degrees. Bake for 45 minutes and then turn it. And after 1 hour and 30 minutes rabbit is done.

  14. 4-6 eggs 1 baking powder 200g granulated sugar 1 vanilla sugar 0,1l water cacao 0,1l oil raisins Procedure: Whip egg yolks and granulated sugar. Add water, oil, flour and baking powder. Finally whisk egg whites. Divide dough in 2 halves. Add cocoa in the first part of the dough. Pour the light part in the cake tin and after that pour the dark dough. Finally put in the oven to bake. Marble cake

  15. Pork with dumplings and cabbage Ingredients: 1,5kg pork (not bone) 100g lard Cumin beef broth onion salt Sugar half of cabbage 1,5 spoon of flour Procedure: Put 0,5 butter on the roaster, add pieces of meat and put the roaster in the oven. Pork is baking for 1,5 hour (in the half time turn it over). All the time glaze meat with roasted juice and baste with hot beef broth (we can use hot water). Meanwhile put cabbage to the salt water with cumin and simmer briefly. On the hot lard fry sliced onion, sprinkle flour and with constant stirring fry roux. After 15 minutes of cooking add prepared roux to the cabbage. Later add sugar and cook for a few minutes. When the meat is prepared take it out from the roaster and pour breef broth to the roaster. Add a little salt. Cook and drain. Serve with potato dumplings.

  16. Potato dumplings Ingredients: Potatoes boiled in their jacket, peeled and cooled (1500g) an egg Coarsely ground flour (250g) Semolina (250g) Salt (20g) water – as needed Process: Mash the potatoes, mix with beaten egg, sifted flour, semolina and a little salt and treat in a stiffer dough. Divide the dough into pieces, roll dumpling loaves, which we put into boiling water and cook slowly. Cook for about 20-25 minutes. Remove the cooked dumplings and cut into slices. Potato dumplings with Silesian sauerkraut

  17. Silesian sauerkraut • Ingredients: • 1100g Sauerkraut • 2g Cumin • 150g Bacon without skin • 170g onion • 20g flour • 120g peeled potatoes • vinegar • drinking water • 10g salt • Process: • Pour sauerkraut with boiling water, add cumin and simmer until it becomes tender. Cut bacon in small cubes, part of it will dissolve and fry onion briefly, add flour, pour into cabbage and mix. Add grated potatoes and stir. Finally season with vinegar and salt and simmer for a while.

  18. INGREDIENTS: -1 tablespoon of sugar -500g flour -1 egg -1 yolk -2dl milk -50g Fat PROCESS: Mix sugar and crumbled yeast in the warm milk. Put it the on warm place and let it rise. Stir flour, egg and an egg yolk. Pour milk with sugar into it and add fat. Mix everything and prepare dough. Cover with cloth and let it rise again. Shape balls of the dough and fill them with jam. Put them on the baking tray and bake in the oven. After baking sprinkle with sugar. Czech Cakes

  19. Pig - slaugtering In winter months people like pig - slaughtering. People kill pig. Warm water in boiler is need. We use hot water to scald skin and we must scrape down hair. And further we process the pig. PRODUCTS OF THE PIG:brawn, ovar, sausage-meat, lard, greaves, smoked pork ribs,blood sausage, meat SOUP: Black,White

  20. Ingredients : Majoram : to taste Oil : 150 g Blackpepper : to taste Eggs : 2 Milk : 5 spoons Garlic : 2-3 cloves Flour : 120 g Salt : to taste potatoes : 1 kg Potatopancakes

  21. Scrape raw potatoes, wash and grate. Pour off some water. Grate potatoes, season with salt and pepper. Add eggs, marjoram, flour and milk as needed, so that the dough is not solid.   Prepare potato mixture, use a spoon to shape the cakes and fry them until golden on both sides. You can serve potato pancakes hot or cold. It depends on how we love them. to preparetherecipe

  22. Bon appetit !!!