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How To Survive The Two Week Wait Anxiety

http://www.tryingtoconceivetools.com/two-week-wait-survival-tips/ - Two week wait -- For those who are trying to conceive, two week wait is one of the most crucial periods. Not that you have to time your intercourse or be worried about anything else of that sort. In this presentation I share tips to survive the two week wait.

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How To Survive The Two Week Wait Anxiety

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  1. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com How To Survive The Two Week Wait Anxiety

  2. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Two week wait is one of the most crucial periods for those who are trying to conceive.

  3. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com In order to stay sane, you have to....


  5. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com I know you can't.

  6. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com You monitor even the lightest of symptoms.

  7. You obsess about early pregnancy symptoms.

  8. You "want" the symptoms you read on pregnancy forums to happen to you!

  9. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com You may feel light headed, nauseous, cravings.... nah... its all in your head.

  10. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Anxiety is all over you.

  11. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com When AF arrives, you go broke. You lose hope.

  12. Wait, lets fix this.

  13. How to stay sane during the two week wait?

  14. Accept that it is finished

  15. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com You've done everything that's needed to be done.

  16. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com You have tracked ovulation, timed intercourse and that's it.

  17. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com You can't do anything now to get pregnant (in your luteal phase).

  18. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Accept this and let go.

  19. Divert your mind.

  20. An idle mind is a devil's workshop.

  21. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Get busy.

  22. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Go shopping, have a romantic dinner, eat chocolates, cook, workout..... the possibilities are endless.

  23. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Understand your body well.

  24. Know the length of your cycle, the length of your luteal phase, the cervical mucus pattern, etc.

  25. Pay close attention to your PMS.

  26. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com The next time you feel nauseous or light headed, you'll know if its just PMS or early preg symptom!

  27. Always watch your symptom whether you're trying or not.

  28. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com

  29. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com On an average, for a healthy couple, it takes 1 year to conceive!

  30. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Don't lose hope.

  31. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Anxiety and stress during two week wait can actually delay your periods.

  32. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com And that can make you hope its pregnancy while its actually not!

  33. So stay away from stress and anxiety by all means.

  34. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Stay cool and you can conceive a lot faster!

  35. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Good luck.

  36. www.tryingtoconceivetools.com Spread the word to your TTC buddies! They'll thank you :)

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