Weekly cutover market call
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Weekly Cutover Market Call. Weekly Update. November 24, 2010. Antitrust Admonition. ANTITRUST ADMONITION

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Weekly cutover market call

Weekly Cutover Market Call

Weekly Update

November 24, 2010

http://nodal.ercot.com 1

Antitrust admonition
Antitrust Admonition


ERCOT strictly prohibits Market Participants and their employees who are participating in ERCOT activities from using their participation in ERCOT activities as a forum for engaging in practices or communications that violate the antitrust laws. The ERCOT Board has approved guidelines for members of ERCOT Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups to be reviewed and followed by each Market Participant attending ERCOT meetings. If you have not received a copy of these Guidelines, copies are available at the Client Relations desk. Please remember your ongoing obligation to comply with all applicable laws, including the antitrust laws.


All presentations and materials submitted by Market Participants or any other Entity to ERCOT staff for this meeting are received and posted with the acknowledgement that the information will be considered public in accordance with the ERCOT Websites Content Management Operating Procedure.

http://nodal.ercot.com 2

Full market trials agenda
Full Market Trials Agenda

  • General Updates and Reminders

  • Cutover Updates by Functional Area

  • Cutover Activity Review

  • Question and Answers / General Discussion

    ERCOT asks that Market Participants log into the WebEx session using their company name and then their name. This will allow ERCOT to take roll-call offline

http://nodal.ercot.com 3

General updates reminders

General Updates / Reminders

http://nodal.ercot.com 4

General updates and reminders
General Updates and Reminders

  • Network Model Load Dates

    • 11/24/2010 – Completed as scheduled - Last update prior to Go-Live

    • 12/15/2010

  • The Saturday 4:30 PM Market Call on 11/27/2010 will be canceled

    • Note that the 10:30 AM call on the same day will take place

    • Daily calls will resume as scheduled on Sunday 11/28/2010

  • REMINDER: Listener URLs

    • If there are any changes to your Listener URLs, submit those to ERCOT no later than today

    • Send changes to the nodalmarkettransition@ercot.com email address

  • REMINDER: Frequency of polling data from ERCOT systems

    • All MPs need to review the frequency of which they are downloading / programmatically accessing data from ERCOT systems

    • ERCOT Support Teams are finding several MPs that are accessing reports at an unreasonable frequency

    • For example, some Daily Reports (generated once in a 24-hour period) are being hit 150,000+ times / daily by some QSEs

    • This will assist ERCOT in gauging post Go-Live performance and sizing / scaling of systems going forward to support reasonable data access behavior

    • If there are questions on the frequency of a particular report, MPs can access the ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL), currently posted at: (Under Key Documents): http://nodal.ercot.com/readiness/reports/index.html

  • Revised ERCOT Business Practices Incorporating Guidance Related to Quick Start Generation Resource (QSGRs)

    • Revisions may be reviewed at http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/bpm/

http://nodal.ercot.com 5

Day ahead market reliability unit commitment

Day Ahead Market / Reliability Unit Commitment

http://nodal.ercot.com 8

Dam testing this week
DAM testing this week

  • On average, 60 QSEs participated in DAM over this period

http://nodal.ercot.com 9

Submission overview for friday nov 19
Submission Overview for Friday Nov 19

DAM submission overview

  • 64 QSEs participated for Op Day 11/20

  • Energy Bids totaled 10,445 to 16,038 MW per hr

  • Cleared 8,148 to 12,464 MW energy bids per hr

  • Cleared 17,794 to 22,043 MW net energy transactions per hr - 66% to 78% of the forecasted load

  • Cleared 12,445 to 13,634 PTP bids per hr

  • Four major Load Zone prices ranged from $25.00 to $36.31

http://nodal.ercot.com 10

Submission overview for saturday nov 20
Submission Overview for Saturday Nov 20

DAM submission overview

  • 52 QSEs participated for Op Day 11/21

  • Energy Bids totaled 7,156 to 9,983 MW per hr

  • Cleared 6,424 to 8,624 MW energy bids per hr

  • Cleared 15,843 to 18,227 MW net energy transactions per hr - 56% to 71% of the forecasted load

  • Cleared 12,373 to 13,372 PTP bids per hr

  • Four major Load Zone prices ranged from $15.60 to $25.60

http://nodal.ercot.com 11

Submission overview for sunday nov 21
Submission Overview for Sunday Nov 21

DAM submission overview

  • 49 QSEs participated for Op Day 11/22

  • Energy Bids totaled 7,678 to 10,406 MW per hr

  • Cleared 6,836 to 8,536 MW energy bids per hr

  • Cleared 15,308 to 18,933 MW net energy transactions per hr - 50% to 68% of the forecasted load

  • Cleared 11,429 to 13,569 PTP bids per hr

  • Four major Load Zone prices ranged from $14.68 to $35.00

http://nodal.ercot.com 12

Submission overview for monday nov 22
Submission Overview for Monday Nov 22

DAM submission overview

  • 66 QSEs participated for Op Day 11/23

  • Energy Bids totaled 8,032 to 16,003 MW per hr

  • Cleared 7,365 to 12,829 MW energy bids per hr

  • Cleared 14,830 to 22,268 MW net energy transactions per hr - 54% to 73% of the forecasted load

  • Cleared 11,915 to 15,434 PTP bids per hr

  • Four major Load Zone prices ranged from $20.00 to $33.00

http://nodal.ercot.com 13

Submission overview for tuesday nov 23
Submission Overview for Tuesday Nov 23

DAM submission overview

  • 69 QSEs participated for Op Day 11/24

  • Energy Bids totaled 8,074 to 12,219 MW per hr

  • Cleared 7,737 to 10,539 MW energy bids per hr

  • Cleared 15,811 to 20,495 MW net energy transactions per hr - 51% to 65% of the forecasted load

  • Cleared 12,956 to 17,638 PTP bids per hr

  • Four major Load Zone prices ranged from $20.00 to $34.50

http://nodal.ercot.com 14

Binding constraints in dam
Binding Constraints in DAM

http://nodal.ercot.com 15

Ruc testing this week
RUC testing this week

http://nodal.ercot.com 16

Verifiable costs for go live
Verifiable costs for go-live

  • Note that approved verifiable costs for go-live have been added to the market system

    • As of this morning, all TPOs for 12/1 will be validated against the approved verifiable costs

    • TPOs submitted prior to this morning will be revalidated using the verifiable costs during phase 2 on 11/30

http://nodal.ercot.com 17

Real time market lfc

Real Time Market / LFC

http://nodal.ercot.com 18

Real time market update
Real Time Market Update

  • 11/23 System Lambda at SWCAP for 104 intervals


    • DBRAVAL8 E1_M1_1 – Binding 12 pm – 4pm; 6pm – 7pm

    • DGRSLNC5 6380_D_1


    • SSPUASP8 MATA_PADR1_1 – binding 12am – 3 am; 3pm – 9 pm

  • 11/24 System Lambda at SWCAP for 14 intervals

    • SBBSRCH5 1080__B – Binding 9am – 5pm

    • SSPUASP8 MATA_PADR1_1 – not binding

http://nodal.ercot.com 19

Real time market update1
Real Time Market Update

  • Prices between $20 and $50 when not dispatched to SWCAP region

http://nodal.ercot.com 20

Weekly cutover market call

Alert that checks if EOC/OS exists when COP shows ONLINE:

“SCED-TWOHR-FAIL Two Hour Notification: Check FAILED due to missing Output Schedules/Energy Offer Curves for Resource: XXXXXXX, Hour: 13 and Date: 11/24/2010”

http://nodal.ercot.com 21

Full system test nodal cutover timeline
Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: Timeline

  • Test Timeline:

    • ERCOT will conduct the Full-System Testing activities Nov 28 to Dec 1

      • Switchover is scheduled to begin at 14:00 on Nov 28

        • ERCOT is requesting that support staff be available by 11:00 Sun., Nov 28, to resolve issues leading into the 14:00 start time

      • Once all QSEs have been switched to nodal control following the 14:00 start time, the ERCOT system will remain on nodal control through the conclusion of testing activities on 23:59 CST on November 30, 2010, and into the beginning of the first nodal go-live Operating Day that begins at 00:00 CST on December 1, 2010

  • GREDP Results:

    • Individual GREDP results detailing the Nov 28 – 30 testing period will not be distributed following the testing

    • The first Monthly Resource Energy Deployment Performance Report (EMIL ID# NP8-501-ER) is scheduled to being publishing to MIS Certified on Jan 4, 2010

http://nodal.ercot.com 22

Full system test nodal cutover communication items
Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: Communication Items

  • Notices :

  • A Market Notice confirming the Nov 28, 14:00, start time was sent Nov 23

  • A follow-up Market Notice will be sent two days prior to the actual test to confirm the date and start time

  • An additional Market Notice will be sent on Nov 28 to confirm the start time

  • A hotline call will be made on the day of the test to communicate the start time of the test (approximately 2-3 hours prior to start)

  • An All-QSE VDI will be issued immediately prior to the start of the test

    • The VDI will be define the “test period” to begin when the first QSE is brought under Nodal control and to end at 23:59:59 CST on Nov 30

  • Market WebEx:

    • A Market-facing WebEx will be provided during the following times:

      • Nov 28 – 11:00 to 17:00 (six hours)

      • Nov 29 – 06:00 to 23:59 (all day)

      • Nov 30 – 00:00 to 23:59 (all day)

      • Dec 01 – 00:00 to 23:59 (all day)

  • http://nodal.ercot.com 23

    Full system test nodal cutover switching sequence
    Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: Switching Sequence

    • Switching Sequence

      • The switching sequence from previous testing will be leveraged for this testing

      • This switching sequence is a guideline—the actual sequence may vary as needed to optimize reliability and manage congestion

    http://nodal.ercot.com 25

    Full system test nodal cutover issues management
    Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: Issues Management

    • Issues Management:

      • From Nov 28 to Dec 1, issues will be fielded by testing support staff and through the Market WebEx

      • After Dec 1, issues will be fielded through the issues management process and during the twice daily market calls

        • The issues management process is detailed in the slides for MRS #9 (http://www.ercot.com/calendar/2010/11/20101110-MT)

    http://nodal.ercot.com 26

    Full system test nodal cutover ontest status
    Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: ONTEST Status

    • If you plan to be ONTEST for unit testing:

      • Confirm this intention with ERCOT by 4:00 pm the day prior to the Operating Day wherein ONTEST will be used

      • Note: The Request for Unit Testing can be found at http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/guides/procedures/index

    http://nodal.ercot.com 27

    Full system test nodal cutover tuning windows scenarios
    Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: Tuning Windows / Scenarios

    • Market Participant Tuning Windows:

      • Market Participant system-tuning windows:

        • Notify ERCOT of proposed tuning window by sending an email to markettrials@ercot.comby 12pm Sun., Nov 28, 2010

        • ERCOT will confirm whether other QSEs are conducting tuning activities during the proposed time and will suggest a different time if needed

      • Proposing that MPs do not perform tuning during the following test activities:

        • ZonalNodal switchover activities

        • Other QSE tuning windows

    • No Operational Scenarios

      • ERCOT is not planning to conduct any operational scenarios during the testing window

      • Emergency Base Points and Non-Spin will be deployed as needed

    http://nodal.ercot.com 28

    Full system test nodal cutover embps for wind
    Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: EMBPs for Wind

    • Emergency Base Points (EMBPs) for Wind

      • When EMBP is active, Wind Resources will be expected to follow their Base Point

      • When EMBP is active and W2N is active

        • WGRs may receive special instructions to hold their last base point (depending on whether the IROL is active)

        • ERCOT expects that this instruction will come as a hotline call

        • For purposes of calculating GREDP, ERCOT does not consider the 5-minute clock intervals during which EMBPs have been issued (see NP (6)(b))

    http://nodal.ercot.com 29

    Full system test nodal cutover deployments as responsibilities
    Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: Deployments/AS Responsibilities

    • Deployments:

      • During testing, QSEs will need to respond to SCED/Regulation/RRS/NSRS deployments from nodal

      • QSEs will still need to commit units based on RPRS results during Operating Days Nov 28th, 29th, and 30th

    • AS Responsibilities for Dec 1:

      • On Nov 30, ERCOT will update regulation calculations in LFC/RLC

        • The LFC regulation calculation will be updated to honor 5-minute ramping

        • The RLC calculations for SCED Up/Down Ramp rate will be updated to honor 5-minute ramping

      • ERCOT will make these updates at approximately 23:50 on Nov 30

      • QSEs will be expected to update their telemetered AS Responsibilities, including Reg-Up and Reg-Down, to reflect DAM awards for HE 01:00 of Dec 1

        • Telemetry updates should be made no sooner than 15 seconds and not later than 4 seconds prior to 00:00


    Full system test nodal cutover settlements
    Full-System Test / Nodal Cutover: Settlements Responsibilities

    • Settlements:

      • As with previous testing, transactions during the Nov 28 – 30 test window will be settled according to the Zonal Protocols using Market Clearing Prices for Energy (MCPEs) calculated in the Zonal Market. See the following Zonal Protocol Sections:





      • An All-QSE VDI will be issued immediately prior to the start of the test

        • The VDI will be define the “test period” to begin when the first QSE is brought under Nodal control and to end at 23:59:59 CST on Nov 30

      • Settlements will not calculate Uninstructed Resource Charges (URCs) during the test period (including the hour before the test period)

      • All QSEs will receive Schedule Control Error (SCE) exceptions during the test


    Credit update

    Credit Update Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 32

    Treasury Responsibilities

    • Collateral and invoice payments received are posted same day

      • Collateral and invoice payments received before 12:00 noon will be included for the ACL available for the next day’s DAM (e.g. received by noon Monday will be reflected in Tuesday’s DAM ACL)

      • Collateral and invoice payments received after 12:00 noon will be included for the next day’s Credit Reports and the following day’s ACL (e.g. received after noon Monday will be reflected in Wednesday’s DAM ACL)

    • Collateral reimbursement requests will generally be processed the next business day

      • Beginning December 1, refunds of collateral will be principal only (interest will not be included)

      • Interest will be paid semi-annually rather than in conjunction with each collateral refund

    http://nodal.ercot.com 33

    Treasury Responsibilities

    • On a due date, if an invoice payment has not been received, ERCOT plans to send out an e-mail reminder to

      • QSE/CRRAH authorized rep and back up

      • CP authorized rep and back up

      • Credit contact and back up

        Note: Please be sure that ERCOT has updated contact information for your company – notices will be an automated process and will use the information in ERCOT’s Registration System.

    http://nodal.ercot.com 34

    Cmm credit
    CMM - Credit Responsibilities

    • ERCOT continues to publish Credit Reports and ACLs daily, including non-business days

    • CMM is now the system of record for Zonal credit requirements

    • Total Potential Exposure (TPE) uses a) Zonal data and b) binding Nodal data.

      • No non-binding Nodal data (e.g. practice DAM runs) are included in the TPE calculations. Collateral included will be actual collateral held.

      • Some Zonal data will be included at a summary level only (e.g. AIL) or as adjustments (e.g. payment of Zonal invoices)

    • CRR invoice payments were received and posted

      Note: If you have not already, please validate your Credit Reports. Please send questions to markettrials@ercot.com with a cc: to ercotcredit@ercot.com .

    http://nodal.ercot.com 35

    Cmm credit1
    CMM - Credit Responsibilities

    Shadow price caps approved for managing transmission congestion

    The board voted unanimously to approve shadow price caps and power balance penalties as recommended by the stakeholder committee process.  As required by nodal protocols, ERCOT staff developed a methodology for setting maximum shadow prices for network constraints and power balance penalties under nodal. The shadow price caps – a market tool for managing transmission congestion on the grid – were used during the nodal market trials and performed as expected, ERCOT staff said.

    ERCOT staff also noted that the shadow price methodology could allow prices to go above the current offer cap of $2,250 per megawatt-hour, as established by the PUC.  The PUC-established offer price cap is scheduled to go to $3,000 per MWh, approximately two months after the nodal market go-live.

    Excerpt from press release on the November 16th Board Meeting

    For full discussion see http://www.texasadmin.com/ercot.shtml

    http://nodal.ercot.com 36

    Cmm credit2
    CMM - Credit Responsibilities

    • ERCOT systems require that all load requirements for an entity be met. In Nodal, load requirements can be met through

      a) Energy Trades

      • Must be confirmed

        b) the Day Ahead Market (DAM),

        c) Generation Resources that your QSE represents or through the

        d) Real Time (RT) market.

        Any load requirements not met through Energy Trade purchases, the DAM or your own Resources, will be met out of the RT market.

  • If an entity is a net buyer in the RT market in a period of high prices, exposure may escalate rapidly.

  • Entities that intend to not be active in the RT market should ensure that their load requirement is met elsewhere

  • Entities that intend to be net purchasers from the RT market, need to ensure that they have adequate liquidity to meet collateral requirements timely as exposure increases.

  • http://nodal.ercot.com 37

    Cmm credit3
    CMM - Credit Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 38

    Dam credit
    DAM - Credit Responsibilities

    • DAM credit parameters are set as they will be set for Go Live

      • DAM is currently using the 90th percentile for both the “uth” parameter and the RT DA spread (as approved by the BOD)

    • DAM historical values used for credit constraints

    • “e” factors are set to 1/0/1

      • Will be effective through operating day - December 14th

      • Notices go out by two methods

        • E-mail to CP authorized rep and back up and CP Credit contact and back up is the primary communication tool

        • Written notices went out by regular mail

    • CPs desiring “favorable treatment” should complete and return the Request for Change in “e” Factor Treatment Form to ercotcredit@ercot.com

    http://nodal.ercot.com 39

    Go live
    Go Live Responsibilities

    • CMM Go Live – Key Dates

      • Monday, November 29th - Send ACL for initial binding DAM (afternoon) (TPE excludes zonal invoice published on November 29th )

      • Tuesday, November 30th - Initial binding DAM - “e” factors set at 1/0/1

        - Credit Report include zonal invoice published on Nov 29th

      • Wednesday, December 1st – “Go Live”

    • CMM Go Live – General

      • See Appendix for detail of how exposure components will be addressed.

        • December 1-3 - “ramp up" for DALE - multiply the UDAA by a factor of five (5) each day until the first DAM invoice is published.

        • December 4-5 (Sat/Sun) - discount DALE by 25% since the first DALE is calculated on a weekend. DALE will be calculated at 100% beginning with Credit Reports posted Monday, December 6, 2010 and ACLs sent Monday evening for Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

        • See slide on expected impact of ACP on FMM in FCE calculation

      • If a Counter-Party believes that their Zonal ADTE is not representative of their anticipated Nodal RT activity, they can provide an estimate of anticipated RT activity and ERCOT will consider revising their ADTE.

    http://nodal.ercot.com 40

    Cutover update

    Cutover Update Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 41

    Cut over monthly outlook november
    Cut-Over Monthly Outlook – November Responsibilities









    Key Cut-Over Activities for November 2010

    • (11/8/2010 12:00pm) Credit: Collateral Posting Deadline (Dec Auction)

    • (11/8/2010 5:00pm) CRR: Credit Lock for Dec CRR Auction

    • (11/9/2010 – 11/11/2010) CRR: December CRR Auction Bid Open/Close

    • (11/12/2010) CRR: December CRR Auction Executes

    • (11/15/2010) CRR: December CRR Auction Results published

    • (11/16/2010) Settlements: December CRR Auction Invoice published

    • (11/16/2010) Disputes: Dispute submitted to ERCOT for CRR Invoice

    • (11/19/2010) Credit: Payment Due for December CRR Auction Invoices

    • (11/22/2010) Settlements: Payments to CRRAH (Dec Auction)

    • (11/24/2010) Model: Network Model Load

    • (11/24/2010) Market Submission Opens (COPs required for 12/1/2010)

    • (11/29/2010) Credit: ERCOT to Publish ACL for the initial Day-Ahead Market execution by ERCOT

    • Functional Area

    • Settlements

    • Credit

    • Congestion Revenue Rights

    • Disputes

    • Market Management

    • MP Activities / Impacts

      • Available Credit Limit is locked for CRRAHs

      • CRRAHs can submit disputes against CRR Auction Invoice via the API or MIS

      • CRRAHs can receive postings on MIS

      • QSEs can begin DAM Bid submission (15 submission items)

      • Market checkpoint calls begin to facilitate issues and readiness

      • Daily Market Conference Bridge starts 11/23

    http://nodal.ercot.com 42

    Cut over update go live sequence of events
    Cut-Over Update – Go-Live Sequence of Events Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 43

    Cut over update go live sequence of events 11 30 2010
    Cut-Over Update – Go-Live Sequence of Events (11/30/2010) Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 44


    Questions Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 45


    Appendix Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 46

    Approach for establishing the initial exposure in cmm
    Approach for establishing the initial exposure in CMM Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 47

    http://nodal.ercot.com 47

    Approach for establishing the initial exposure in cmm1
    Approach for establishing the initial exposure in CMM Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 48

    Approach for establishing the initial exposure in cmm2
    Approach for establishing the initial exposure in CMM Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 49

    Go live fmm calculation
    Go Live – FMM calculation Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 50

    Cut over update go live sequence of events1
    Cut-Over Update – Go-Live Sequence of Events Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 51

    Cut over update go live sequence of events 11 30 20101
    Cut-Over Update – Go-Live Sequence of Events (11/30/2010) Responsibilities

    http://nodal.ercot.com 52

    Cut over monthly outlook go live sequence of events
    Cut-Over Monthly Outlook – Go-Live Sequence of Events Responsibilities

    • Key Zonal Notes for 11/30/2010 and 12/01/2010

      • QSEs will maintain:

        • Balancing Energy Offers through Operating Day 12/01/2010

          • Submitted on 11/30 for OD 12/1

        • Resource Plans through Operating Day 12/01/2010

          • Maintained continuously through 12/01 to reflect actual Resource Plan

        • Zonal Outages effective on Operating Day 12/01/2010

          • Examples: Actual Start / End, Forced Outages, etc

      • On 11/30/2010 ERCOT will run:

        • Zonal Ancillary Service Market

          • Zonal awards will be published

        • Zonal RPRS

          • Run as a study only

          • Zonal commitments will not be published

      • Zonal prices will not be generated for 12/01/2010

      • No Zonal Submissions or Markets for Operating Day 12/02/2010 or later

      • Note that all Zonal systems (ERCOT and MP) must remain in place until 1/1/2011

    http://nodal.ercot.com 53