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Palermo’ s Story

Palermo’ s Story

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Palermo’ s Story

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  1. Palermo’ s Story Palermo, the capital of Sicily, which has 671.600 inhabitans, is the fifth largest city in Italy. Located on the homonymous Gulf of Tyrrhenian Sea, Palermo is situated in the exact middle of Mediterranean Sea. The origins of the inhabitated area are very old and are witnessed by the discovery of some rock engravings related to Paleolithic Age.

  2. In the 8th century B.C. Phoenicians conquered Palermo and transformed it into one of the most powerful cities in the Mediterranean.

  3. In the next century Greeks arrived and they managed to conquer all Sicily and part of Southern Italy and kept Palermo as the main port for trade with Mediterranean countries.

  4. During the Punic war ( 264 – 241 B.C. ), Palermo was at the center of clashes between Rome and Carthage and, when Palermo was obliged to take sides, it negotiated for the first.

  5. Since then Palermo had a long and happy period of peace and prosperity that continued even with the arrival of the Goths and the Arabs. However the period of Arabic domination corresponds to a period of greater power and the rise of Palermo, which at that time was one of the most powerful cities of all Sicily.

  6. Then the Norman and the Swedish dominations followed and those ones let the welfare of the city increase. Later Palermo became one of the dominions of the Kingdom of Sicily, that was transformed into the Kingdom of the two Sicilies after the annexion of the Kingdom of Naples.

  7. It is only with the advance of the Army of Mille of Garibaldi that Palermo and all Sicily became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

  8. The economy of Palermo is based in particular on portual activities, tourism and industry.

  9. Santa Rosalia, celebrated on July 15th, is the patron saint of Palermo.