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Internet Parental Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet Parental Control

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Internet Parental Control
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Internet Parental Control

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  1. Internet Parental Control By Ray Abela

  2. What is Internet? • Internet is the world’s largest computer network. • One can have any access to any information desired. • You can communicate with other people electronically.

  3. The Internet is an innovative and exciting learning tool. At the touch of a key you can read your preferred newspaper, watch a volcano erupt on a volcano screen, learn how to apply a tourniquet or fix a car. You can read an interactive story with your child or “visit” Hawaii. “ Illinois Library Association

  4. Need to have internet at home? • Computer with Modem and/or Network Card • Decide what Internet service suits your budget • For Dial Up you need a Modem • For ADSL or Cable you need a Network card • Besides I recommend to install …. • an good updateable Anti-Virus software • Parental Control Software for SAFE surfing

  5. What can you do with internet? • Sending E-mails • Browsing for information you need • Chatting with friends and relatives • Net meeting with friends using web cameras • Internet Shopping from E-Shops • Internet is a tool useful for all ages from 5-99 years

  6. Some interesting facts • 1 in 4 children exposed to adult photos • Only 3% of the incidents are reported • 1 in 17 children harassed via e-mail • 75% children are willing to give personal information

  7. Some interesting facts • In USA, 10,800 teens between the age 13 to 16 were surveyed. 12% stated that they had meetings with people they met online. • 1 in 3 sexual predator approaches are directed towards males.

  8. Some interesting facts • 31% households use web filtering programs and ISP’s • 66% households require parental permission for child to use internet • 62% households limit the usage time • 91% households personally monitor their children.

  9. Adult Content on the web ….

  10. Watch Out !!!!!Typing a website incorrectly could lead your kids viewing adult sites…….Try www.humogous.cominstead… you will enter in this website…..

  11. Watch Out again !!!!!Trouble TV Channel is a popular website with kids and youths, so …..Try www.trouble.cominstead… you will enter in this website…..

  12. Prevention is better than cure ….

  13. Some online rules • Never give personal information. • Kids should ask parents’ permission before releasing any personal information. • Never agree to meet someone from the internet unless you are sure whom you’re meeting. • Never send or accept online pictures from strangers

  14. Some online rules (cont.) • Never answer messages from strangers. • If someone is annoying you online, take note of his e-mail or screen names and report him.

  15. Some online rules (cont.) • Establish rules for kids when they are online • Determine your profile or alias policy • Setup a time of day for computer usage • Limit time for internet usage • Find appropriate sites for kids • Join kids when they are on internet

  16. Some online rules (cont.) • Never give out passwords to other people • Find all you can about the people you’re chatting with. Make sure that kids are really chatting with other kids • Never download programs you are unsure of, or did not ask for. Some programs may contain spyware, viruses and hacking tools.

  17. Internet Cafes …. everywhere? • Are my kids using internet just from home? • There is no legislation yet to urge IC owners to install Parental control software or… • Is there a restriction to allow kids under 18 to use internet browsing at such venues?

  18. Chatting with …. anyone? • Are my kids chatting with the right people? • It is recommended that kids and youths chat under approved and world acknowledge chat rooms like MSN. • You can save the LOG of the chat conversations while using MIRC to chat. Do you know how to set this ?? • MIRC – Go on Tools > Options > IRC > LoggingTurn on ‘ Automatically Log’ and choose ‘Both’ (meaning chats and DCC)



  21. Take action now….UseParental guidance software.

  22. Protect your children Cyber Patrol 7.5 CyberPatrol is one of the most powerful and popular client-based, browser independent, Internet safety software solutions for Windows-based standalone PCs available today. CyberPatrol 7.5 offers the most compelling upgrade in its history and is designed to help an online generation get the most from the Internet! Price: Lm10.00 inc Vat Available from ...

  23. Suggested Internet Website for the all family.

  24. Mr. Ray Abela Managing Director TCTC Limited Tel. 21 421784 or 5 E-mail address :

  25. The best way to control what your children do on the home PC is to be able to use it yourself. Computer Courses for Beginners available at good prices…