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US Constitution Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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US Constitution Jeopardy

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US Constitution Jeopardy
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US Constitution Jeopardy

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    1. US Constitution Jeopardy Ms. Buck - Civics

    3. The Articles 100 How many articles are in the United States Constitution? SEVEN

    4. The Articles 200 What does Article I of the US Constitution establish The Legislative Branch

    5. The Articles 300 Which of the Articles creates a Supreme Court and a system of lower courts Article III

    6. The Articles 400 Which article of the US Constitution defines the relationships between the states & the states to the national government? Article IV (Four)

    7. The Articles 500 Also known as the Supremacy Clause, this article states that the laws of the national government supersede the laws of the states. Article VI (Six)

    8. The Principles 100 We the People demonstrates which of the six constitutional principles? Popular Sovereignty

    9. The Principles 200 This system ensures that no single branch can act without the influence of the other branches? Checks & Balances

    10. The Principles 300 This principle states that the government must obey the laws of the Constitution & that its power is limited by the constitution. Limited Government

    11. The Principles 400 According to this principle, power is divided equally between the state and national governments? Federalism

    12. The Principles 500 Because of this principle, the Supreme Court has the authority to determine if an action or law of the government violates the Constitution. Judicial Review

    13. The Bill of Rights - 100 Guarantees that Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment or endorsement of a national religion. Amendment 1

    14. The Bill of Rights - 200 Protects against unlawful searches or seizures of person or property. Amendment 4

    15. The Bill of Rights - 300 States that you have the right to an attorney or other legal representation if charged for a serious crime. Amendment 6

    16. The Bill of Rights - 400 Protects the rights that are not listed in the Constitution but still need to be protected. Amendment 9

    17. The Bill of Rights - 500 What are the four criminal rights amendments in the Bill of Rights? Amendments 4, 5, 6, & 8

    18. Criminal Rights - 100 According to the Fourth Amendment, who must issued a search or arrest warrant? A Judge

    19. Criminal Rights - 200 What does the Eighth Amendment protect against? Cruel & Unusual Punishments, Excessive Bails & Fines

    20. Criminal Rights - 300 This was the court case that guaranteed that anyone held for a felony must be offered the services of legal representation (a lawyer). Gideon v. Wainwright

    21. Criminal Rights - 400 These are the rights read to a person before police questioning which begin with you have the right to remain silent Miranda Rights

    22. Criminal Rights - 500 List three circumstances when a warrant is NOT necessary? Caught in the Act Evidence is in open view Evidence is in the trash you give permission

    23. I Plead the Fifth - 100 When a person cannot be tried for the same instance of crime twice. Double Jeopardy

    24. I Plead the Fifth - 200 The legal process that ensures that a persons life, liberty, and/or property is not taken away without good reason. Due Process of Law

    25. I Plead the Fifth - 300 A type of hearing where the prosecution present evidence to see if there is reason enough to formally charge a person for a crime. Grand Jury Hearing

    26. I Plead the Fifth - 400 The formal charge of a crime issued following a Grand Jury Hearing. Indictment

    27. I Plead the Fifth - 500 Requires the government to pay fair compensation if they take a persons property for a public work. Eminent Domain