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UL RoHS 2007

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UL RoHS 2007 . Vincent Sylvester NA, Regional Business Manager RoHS Solutions (603) 370-7162 Vincent.Sylvester@us.ul.com. Partners Working For A Green Planet!. Restricted Substances Regulations Stretch Across the Globe. RoHS Directive Restricted Substances and Limits.

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ul rohs 2007

UL RoHS 2007

Vincent Sylvester

NA, Regional Business Manager

RoHS Solutions

(603) 370-7162


Partners Working For A Green Planet!

mechanically disjointed material

Insulated wires comprised of metal wire inside plastic insulating material

Mechanically Disjointed Material
  • Mechanically Disjointed
    • Refers to materials that, in principle, can be separated by mechanical actions such as unscrewing, cutting, crushing, grinding and abrasive processes
  • Semiconductor package containing six different homogeneous materials
green products restriction of 29 total substances
“Green” Products –Restriction of 29 Total Substances

Found in Annex A and B of Joint Industry Guide “JIG” (also called IPC 1065) developed by the EIA, JGPSSI and EICTA

three steps to rohs compliance
Three Steps to RoHS Compliance
  • Understand It
  • Implement It
  • Prove It
keys of rohs enforcement guidance document
Keys of “RoHS Enforcement Guidance Document”
  • Testing
  • Enforcement Process
  • Compliance Assurance System (CAS)
xrf testing
XRF Testing
  • EU will carry out X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis of products to detect infringements
  • XRF is a Screening Tool Capable of Detecting:
    • Pb, Cd, Hg
    • Cr (VI), Hexavalent Chrome
      • (for Cr total presence)
    • PBB’s and PBDE’s (Br compounds)
      • (for Br total presence only)
  • Note: Products must be submitted to China laboratories for testing
enforcement process
Enforcement Process
  • Market surveillance activities
    • Market intelligence
    • Random selection
    • Products known to contain materials of high concern
    • High volume products
    • Short life products
    • Consumer products unlikely to be recycled
    • Notification of concern from external parties
    • Notification of concern from other Member States
requirements for a compliance assurance system cas
Requirements for a Compliance Assurance System (CAS)
  • Testing
  • Component Documentation
  • Procedure Documentation
testing requirements
Testing Requirements
  • Demonstrate that your finished products pass XRF screening
  • Demonstrate that your suppliers’ components pass XRF screening
component documentation requirements
Component Documentation Requirements
  • Provide all converted Bill of Materials for RoHS compliance
  • Provide Build to Print documentation for RoHS compliance for the following high risk parts and assemblies
      • Printed circuit boards
      • Cable assemblies
      • Metals
      • Metal Finishes
      • Plastics
      • Hardware
levels of preferred component documentation
Levels of Preferred Component Documentation
  • Provide material declarations at homogeneous levels for all components
  • Where material declarations are not available, provide test verification that no restricted substances are present at the homogeneous level
  • Where material declarations or test results are not available, provide certificates of conformance or producers’ warranties for evidence of compliance




procedure documentation requirements
Procedure Documentation Requirements
  • Demonstrate that Management has provided RoHS compliance objectives, and resources to ensure progress toward RoHS compliant products and production
  • Provide evidence that RoHS compliance assurance is included in Management Review.
  • Provide training records for all employees for RoHS compliance
procedure documentation
Procedure Documentation
  • Demonstrate the design process contains RoHS compliance
  • Demonstrate your internal data and records system reflects RoHS compliance data
procedure documentation1
Procedure Documentation
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Provide evidence that you have communicated RoHS requirements to your Suppliers
    • Demonstrate new part numbering system to distinguish between RoHS compliant and non-compliant
    • Demonstrate verification of incoming material procedures have been revised to address RoHS compliance
procedure documentation2
Procedure Documentation
  • Demonstrate material and equipment segregation to prevent contamination by a restricted substance
  • Demonstrate revised internal procedures and work instructions for RoHS compliance for the following areas:
      • Stockroom Segregation
      • Material Handling
      • Production Processes
      • Non-conforming Product
      • Corrective Action and Continual Improvement
procedure documentation3
Procedure Documentation
  • Provide internal audit data for RoHS compliance.
  • Provide supplier audits and assessments for RoHS compliance
  • Demonstrate that a supplier corrective action process is in place to address RoHS non-conformances.
  • Demonstrate traceability and containment procedures in the event of contamination.
rohs compliance assurance system cas solution
RoHS Compliance Assurance System (CAS) Solution

Step 1: Gap Analysis / Planning (2-day onsite program)  

  • Lead Assessor Training 
  • Gap Analysis
  • Management Overview

Step 2: Implementation / Final Assessment (9-weeks)  

  • Works with specific groups within the organization to address the specific RoHS requirements that impact them.
  • Modules include:
restricted substance bill of material bom conversion
Restricted Substance Bill of Material (BOM) Conversion
  • For each submitted BoM and build-to-print drawing, UL will analyze and provide information on the following:
    • RoHS and Green compliance information for each component or material
    • Compliant replacements, if necessary and/or available
    • MSL rating
    • Peak reflow temperatures
    • Lead finish
    • Part identification markings
    • All supporting vendor documentation
    • XRF testing for components and materials where there is no data to confirm compliance
thank you
Thank You!
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