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Other Perspectives and Activities: Cenex, the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network and other RDAs EEDA Workshop, Hethel Engineering Centre, July 2009 Robert Evans, CEO, Cenex Introduction Background Assisting economic development Sector specific competitiveness

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Other Perspectives and Activities:Cenex, the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network and other RDAsEEDA Workshop, Hethel Engineering Centre, July 2009 Robert Evans, CEO, Cenex

  • Background
    • Assisting economic development
    • Sector specific competitiveness
    • Emerging low carbon automotive sector
  • Stakeholder Activities and Perspectives
    • Cenex
    • the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network
    • Other RDAs
  • Key dimensions of support
    • Agenda setting
    • Facilitation (via networking and project brokerage)
    • Funding (programme delivery)
background to cenex
Background to Cenex
  • First NAIGT (2002) recommended DTI support the formation of a Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon automotive technologies
      • Reasoning related to challenge of maintaining competitiveness in market transitioning to low carbon technologies
      • UK leadership in a number of areas but need for a Centre to coordinate assistance within this emerging sector
  • Value-add focused on small fleet demonstration (valley of death) phase
  • Low carbon vehicle proposition since been validated by expansion of activities in space
  • Cenex now delivering programmes and projects for wider public sector seeking to deliver against strategic objectives through leveraging transition to a low carbon economy
low carbon knowledge transfer network perspective
Low Carbon Knowledge Transfer Network Perspective
  • Growing low carbon automotive community in the UK
    • Target market for the Low Carbon KTN has grown by >15% over last 3 years
    • EEDA host to one of the larger and more active of the KTN communities
  • Strong interest to network
    • Regionally, nationally and by techno-market areas
    • Networking focused on navigating the funding landscape and on finding collaborative partners to take forward project opportunities
rda perspectives
RDA Perspectives
  • Low carbon validated as high tech growth opportunity market for existing automotive players and new entrants
  • Opportunity to apply tailored programme assistance to run in parallel with existing initiatives (notably the Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform)
awm niche vehicle r d programme
AWM Niche Vehicle R&D Programme
  • AWM funded £2.5m “3 year” R&D programme tailored for the needs of the West Midlands Niche Vehicle sector
    • Niche vehicle manufacturers, specialist supply base and technology companies
  • Format
    • Benchmarking studies
    • 5 R&D calls (typically £100K projects)
    • Final demonstration call
  • Collaborative R&D technology themes
    • Carbon reduction and fuel efficiency
    • Weight reduction and recyclability
    • Vehicle safety and driver assistance
other active rdas
Other Active RDAs
  • ONE
    • Investments focused on Electrification of Transport (EoT) agenda and demonstration phase linked to ETI JCities initiative
    • CPI coordinated hydrogen\fuel cell activities
  • Wales
    • Technology cluster development around hybrid, electric, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies
  • North West
    • Currently developing an innovation strategy for automotive in region
  • Low carbon automotive recognised as emerging sector with growth potential that benefit from supportive policy initiatives
  • Strong interest from technology providers within the sector to network and collaborate within region on low carbon automotive RD&D
    • NAIGT roadmap provides consensus for passenger car sector
    • OLEV to focus attention on other sectors (commercial vehicles, etc)
  • Arguably one of the strength of UK innovation system is diversity of funding streams
  • Leverage National Government and International Activities via tailored regional programmes
thank you for your attention

Thank you for your attention