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REFILLABLE PACKAGING BRIEF. Can we help to change the world?. Between 1996/7 and 2002/3 municipal waste increased by 19\% to 29.3 million tonnes (DEFRA, 2004) In 2003 packaging waste in the UK rose to over 10 million tonnes (Environmental Services Association, 2004).

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can we help to change the world
Can we help to change the world?
  • Between 1996/7 and 2002/3 municipal waste increased by 19% to 29.3 million tonnes (DEFRA, 2004)
  • In 2003 packaging waste in the UK rose to over 10 million tonnes (Environmental Services Association, 2004).
  • Packaging makes up around one-third of household rubbish (LLRA, 1996)
current types of refill
Current types of refill
  • Lightweight self contained refill delivered through dispenser.
  • Light weight refill through part reuse
  • Empty packaging refilled in shop
  • Self dispense
  • Door to door delivery
  • Deposit system
  • Creation
  • Dispensed concentrate
  • Dispensed product
  • Fill your own packaging
Botanics brings together powerful plan extracts with proven benefits and the latest scientific developments.

Botanics has been created to indulge you senses, uplift your spirits and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Botanics has been developed with advice from the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, London, home to 1 in 8 of the world's plant species. So you can be confident that Botanics really lives up to it's promise of plant power.

The direction of the Botanics brand is to remain, but Boots wish to focus on really helping consumers understand that the formulations are of an exceptional quality.

Botanics formulations have consistently come out as being superior and this insight should be communicated in any product and packaging offerings.

Packaging is one of the first touch points for the consumer and can really make a difference in this area. Boots want the consumer to recognise that the formulations are a cut above others but that it is accessible and something which can be used on a regular basis.

The price point will never exceed £10 a bottle because consumers will not spend that on an accessible shower product.

the brief refillable body wash
The Brief: Refillable body wash 

Generate innovative design solutions for a refillable packaging system for a body wash product for 21-40 year old women, for the Botanics brand.

Solutions should aim to improve the environmental performance of the product and be appropriate to the product.

The packaging MUST be convenient and represent good value for money.

The solution should fit in with the Botanics brand ethos.

You need to effectively communicate how it is used and refilled.

You can choose between developing the packaging for:

a) an invigorating morning wash

or b) a luxurious morning wash.

further information
Further Information

Consider body wash to be a shower product which is applied directly to the body and then washed away with water.