psychology 230s personality its transformations l.
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Psychology 230S: Personality & its Transformations PowerPoint Presentation
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Psychology 230S: Personality & its Transformations

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Psychology 230S: Personality & its Transformations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Psychology 230S: Personality & its Transformations Jordan B. Peterson Overview The Web-Site A Dream The Lectures The Readings The Syllabus Exams and Essays The Web-site: The Dream

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Psychology 230S: Personality & its Transformations

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  • The Web-Site
  • A Dream
  • The Lectures
  • The Readings
  • The Syllabus
  • Exams and Essays
the web site
The Web-site:
the dream
The Dream
  • I dreamed I was in a first floor lecture hall, composed of a number of rooms. The room (shaped like half a cross) was full of picnic benches.
  • The students were sitting on these benches -- lots of them -- in overcoats. The room was noisy and high-spirited. I was disorganized -- had forgotten various papers, etc.
Students were sceptical and noisy, while I was talking. At one point -- in the room off to the side of the major hall -- someone pulled out some musical instruments and started a dance.
  • I broke the class up, and took a break.
We came back -- this time on the second floor of a building (again, with many rooms).
  • This time, I said what I really had to say -- fading in and out, as I walked from room to room.
This class is about you -- a story about you -- about the history that made you who you are, and that shaped your notions of who you should be.
  • It’s a story -- or, more accurately, a sequence of stories, some tightly predicated on experimental work, some more like history or literature, some with pronounced philosophical and religious overtones.
It has a central message, nonetheless -- at least taken as a whole: to thine own self be true.
  • Allow yourself the luxury of the full development of your spirit. Find out who you really are.
I said all this in a sort of intoxicated state -- a daze -- wandering somewhat incoherently from room to room -- and then left the lecture hall, unexpectedly, foolishly holding up my too-large pants (because I had forgotten my suspenders).
  • But the noisy group was quiet, and had listened.
the lectures

The Lectures

Biological Theories: Framing, Motivation & Emotion

Developmental Constructivism

Trait Personality & Intelligence

Personality Pathology




Narrative and Depth Psychology


the readings
The Readings
  • Introduction to Personality & Psychotherapy
      • Joseph Rychlak, author
      • 8 chapters required
  • Online Readings
the structure of the course
The Structure of the Course
  • A sequence of stories
  • Which produce alteration in conception
exams and essays
Exams and Essays
  • 25%: Midterm 1
  • 30%: Midterm 2
  • 30%: Final
  • 15%: 750-word essay
    • Exams are not cumulative
    • The 750-word essay will be due according to topic chosen. Sign-up sheets will be posted by topic outside Office 4006, Sidney Smith Hall.
should you take this course
Should You Take this Course?
  • reading load
  • lecture speed
  • philosophical/empirical intermingling
  • assessment procedure
the web site reprise
The Web-site, reprise: