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Maine College Transitions Initiative

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Maine College Transitions Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maine College Transitions Initiative. 2006 - 2007 Patrick O’Regan, Project Coordinator Cathy Newell, Executive Director, MAEA July 2006 University of Maine, Orono.

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Maine College Transitions Initiative

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maine college transitions initiative

Maine College Transitions Initiative

2006 - 2007

Patrick O’Regan, Project Coordinator

Cathy Newell, Executive Director, MAEA

July 2006 University of Maine, Orono


College Transitions InitiativeGoal 3 of the Maine Compact for Higher Education =Help 7000- 10000 additional Maine adults earn college degrees over the next decadeGrowing from a partnership of the Compact and the State Department of Education with an Access Grant from the Lumina Foundation for Education in 2004

why maine college transitions
Why Maine College Transitions ?
  • Maine needs a highly educated work force to compete in the world economy
  • High school completion rate is 75%
  • College entry rate is 40%
  • Developmental/remedial education services needed by 40% of incoming college students
  • Graduation rate at public colleges is under 50%
  • 2800 HS dropouts graduate from Adult Education annually
  • Less than 20% of adult education graduates are known to enter college
what is college transition
What is College Transition?

A formalized process and organized activity by the local adult education program and/or college campus to include:

  • Career planning focusing on specific goals rather than the activity of going to college.
  • Case management including data collection and supportive services.
  • Instruction in basic skills development to college levels, especially in the areas of writing and math.
  • Development and implementation of a peer cohort and coaching system.
what is developmental education
What is Developmental Education?

“A continuum of services ranging from remedial courses to learning centers and governed by the principles of adult development and learning.” ( Hunter Boylan, National Center for Developmental Education)

1. Adult education and developmental education should be interchangeable terms as they apply to adult learners at the college readiness level of instruction.

2. Adult education programs and colleges need to specify competencies and level of performance to provide equivalent developmental instruction.

  • 3. To be successful in developmental education , education programs must collaborate seamless curricula sequences from adult secondary to college entry.
2005 2006 collaborative efforts
2005-2006 Collaborative Efforts

• Maine Adult Education Association

  • Maine Community College System
  • Nellie Mae Education Foundation
  • MELMAC Education Foundation
  • Betterment Fund
  • UMS College Readiness Committee
  • 120 local adult ed programs
the results
The Results

January 2005 - June 2006


Provided forums at MAEA conference and Director’s Academy for the Lumina ProjectSupported and lobbied for LD 1785, enabling legislation for Adult Education Transitions Programs

Maine Adult Education Association

maine community college system

Maine Community College System

Assisted in preparation and completion of initial survey of developmental services at all seven campuses

Supported and assisted the completion of negotiations for the signing of Memoranda of Understanding at all seven Community College Campuses.

nellie mae education foundation

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Continued support for seven Nellie Mae funded ABE - to - College programs in Maine

Engaged in discussions and conference meetings to assist joint planning efforts

Awarded grant to College Transitions project for 2006-2007 to support and evaluate seven new Maine pilot sites

melmac education foundation

MELMAC Education Foundation

Modified “Connecting Aspirations” grant process to accommodate adult education services

Awarded 11 Transition Grants and 6 College Access grants to adult education programs

Developing staff development linkages with state pilot sites and Nellie Mae providers

betterment fund

Betterment Fund

Awarded $25,000 grant to one of the seven pilot sites to serve rural population (Machias)

ums college readiness committee

UMS College Readiness Committee

Shared results of placement requirements at University of Maine system campuses

Working towards linking entry requirements with high school standards

local adult education programs

Local Adult Education Programs

Negotiated MOU’s with all Community College Campuses to provide placement testing and share counseling services

Continue to provide college preparation and transition activities as part of local responsibility

Supported and testified for passage of LD 1785

Prepared and applied for State Transitions Pilot site grants

state of maine

State of Maine

Passage of LD 1785 is a major step forward in the institutional change of providing transition services and developmental courses for Maine adult learners.

Signed by Governor Baldacci on June 2.

First year has been funded for $200,000 to provide six pilot sites, with renewal in the next legislature for six - seven sites per year to a total of 30.

Rule making changes will provide subsidy for locally elected Transition Programs in 2008.

college transition sites awarded grants from ld 1785
College Transition Sites awarded grants from LD 1785
  • Capital Area Consortium
  • Bangor
  • Bridgton
  • Fairfield
  • Oxford Hills
  • Sanford
map of maine adult education centers highlighting grants
Map of Maine Adult Education Centershighlighting Grants

Maine College Transitions Pilot sites


  • CouncilforAdvancementofAdultLiteracy
  • National Center for Developmental Education
  • Nellie Mae - College for Adults