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Polling station staff training session

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Polling station staff training session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Polling station staff training session. UK Parliamentary general election. Objectives of the training. To provide an overview of the election process Ensure you are familiar with the rules and procedures described in the polling station handbook. Key points. It is essential that you:

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Polling station staff training session

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polling station staff training session

Polling station staff training session

UK Parliamentary general election

objectives of the training
Objectivesof the training
  • To provide an overview of the election process
  • Ensure you are familiar with the rules and procedures described in the polling station handbook
key points
Key points
  • It is essential that you:
    • are aware of relevant rules and procedures. Some processes will have changed since 2005!
    • arrive at the polling station in good time to set up
    • maintain the security of the ballot box and the secrecy of the vote at all times
    • offer a professional service to all voters
    • know what to do at the close of poll
specifically about this election
Specifically about this election
  • There are 650 constituencies in the UK
  • New constituency boundaries (except Scotland) – overall up 4 from 646
  • We cover X constituencies
  • First-past-the-post voting system
preparation you and the polling place
Preparation – You and the polling place
  • Pre-planning means knowing where you are going and how long it will take you
  • Polling hours 7 am – 10 pm: arrive promptly
  • You are the customer service face of the election - be friendly and helpful to all electors, act impartially and comply with the rules
customer care
Customer care
  • Ensure you are able to provide assistance to all electors:
    • you must be able to provide information to disabled electors on options for voting aided and unaided
    • people with learning disabilities may need you to guide them through the voting process
  • Always give voters the appropriate assistance to enable them to cast their vote!
preparation and the polling station9
Preparation and the polling station
  • Make sure the polling place/polling station is well signed
  • Make sure the route to the polling station and the polling station itself is accessible
  • Make sure the layout assists easy movement of the voters – check for obstructions, particularly at a low level
  • Make sure polling booths are not overlooked, are well-lit but out of direct sunlight
preparation your role
Preparation – your role
  • Familiarise yourself with the register
  • Place the corresponding number list (CNL) alongside the register
  • Check that you have the ballot papers arranged in numerical sequence according to the CNL
checking the ballot papers
Checking the ballot papers
  • All ballot papers must have
    • an official mark
    • a ballot paper number and a Unique Identifying Mark (UIM)
who is eligible
Who is eligible?
  • Electors with no letters or dates before their name
  • Electors who are 18 years of age or over on the day of the election – date on or before polling day before their name
  • Electors with an ‘F’ – overseas voters
  • Electors who have registered anonymously - will have an ‘N’ instead of a name
the voting process getting it right
The voting process –Getting it right
  • Greet the elector and ask them to confirm their name and address
  • Confirm they are eligible by checking the register
  • Mark the register and CNL:
    • Mark the registerwith a straight line
      • Read out the elector’s name, elector number and polling district reference from the register
    • Enter the elector’s number on the Corresponding Number List (CNL)
    • DO NOT write anything on the ballot paper!
marking the register
Marking the register

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the voting process issuing the ballot paper
The voting process –issuing the ballot paper
  • Ensure the ballot paper to be issued bears the official mark
  • Fold the ballot paper, then hand it to the voter unfolded
  • Ask the voter to mark their ballot paper and then -
    • fold it to maintain the secrecy of the vote and show the unique mark to the Presiding Officer before placing it in the ballot box
special procedures
Special procedures
  • Postalvotes returned to the polling station – they have to be for the constituency! Check the constituency name on the envelope before accepting.
  • Spoilt ballot papers – account for the spoilt one on the CNL and issue a replacement
    • [Insert local instructions here]
  • Electors not on the register
    • Are they in the right polling station?
    • Did they complete a canvass/rolling registration form?
    • Contact election office
close of poll those last critical moments
Close of poll – those last critical moments
  • Dealing with voters at 10pm
  • Sealing the ballot box – who can add their seal?
  • Removing notices and clearing the polling station
completion of the key documents
Completion of the key documents
  • The ballot paper account – does it balance?
  • Be aware of the instructions for getting things to the count
    • The ballot box
    • The ballot paper account
    • The postal votes handed in but not collected
  • The sealed envelopes, sacks, etc. – correctly completed and neatly packed.