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Poetry in Different Forms

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Poetry in Different Forms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poetry in Different Forms. Haiku and Tanka. Bumble Bee by Angela Topping. Why do you bumble? Are you unsure what to do In your stripy suit?. Haikus. The pen in my hand Struggles to paint a picture For your eyes to see.

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Poetry in Different Forms

Haiku and Tanka

bumble bee by angela topping

Bumble Bee by Angela Topping

Why do you bumble?

Are you unsure what to do

In your stripy suit?


The pen in my hand

Struggles to paint a picture

For your eyes to see.

Oystered haiku words.

All seventeen syllables:

Grit to grow bright pearls.

The shell on my desk

Is tiny, faded with dust,

But still sings wide seas.

John Kitching

when leaves pile up
When Leaves Pile Up

When leaves pile up

And scatter through the garden,

I start to worry.

Its time for a bonfire

To set ideas alight.

Jill Townsend


When we buried Red

The sunlight stroked his smooth coat

And gentled his bed,

Because even in death

The soft, petting day loved him.

Coral Rumble


Haikus by Basho (1644-94)These poems were written by the well-known Japanese poet Basho. In the original Japanese, they are true Haikus, consisting of seventeen syllables. However, in translation, the lines of the poems have been altered so that they no longer follow the Haiku pattern.

Winter downpour-Even the monkeyNeeds a raincoat.Old pond,Leap-splash-A frog.


Friends partFor ever – wild geeseLost in cloud.Insect song – over Winter’s gardenMoon’s hair-thin.Wake, butterfly – It’s late, we’ve milesTo go together.

your turn
Your Turn!

Write two haikus and two tankas using the following headings:




Things I wish for

Remember – your poems aim to capture a moment or make one specific point.

Don’t forget to check your work with a partner and count syllables!

Haiku = 3 lines, 5, 7, 5 syllables

Tanka = 5 lines 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 syllables