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On- going Research Project

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On- going Research Project
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On- going Research Project

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  1. On-goingResearch Project Pediatrics Scientific Committee

  2. Dr. Yasser Wali • Principal investigator: Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, Molecular correlates and clinical outcome. In collaboration with Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm. (Principal Investigator). • Effect of adding IV paracetamol to opioid therapy in managing children with SCD in crisis. Dr. Hilal Al-Hashami is participating in this study. • Hydroxymed for children with SCD in Oman. Dr. Maya is participating in this study.

  3. Dr. S N Joshi • Maintenance of Omani Metabolic diseases database. Ongoing project to keep complete record of all IEM patients. • UAE-SQU Cooperative research Grant: Molecular epidemiology and diagnosis study of common Inborn Errors of Metabolism Disorders IN Oman and UAE. This project is to identify genes responsible for causing common and or fatal metabolic disorders in Oman and UAE. The results from this study are likely to help families for confirming diagnosis, prenatal diagnosis, carrier identification and consequent genetic counselling etc.

  4. Dr. S N Joshi • Routine Neonatal screening of all babies born at SQUH for Metabolic and other diseases. Dr Lalitha Krishnan, Dr S N Joshi, Dr Saif al-Yaarubi, Dept of child Health, SQUH, Prof Riad Bayoumi, Matar al-Mani, Dept. of Biochemistry, SQUH. • Clinical trial on long-term effects of NTBC compound in treatment of six patients with Hepato-Renal Tyrosinemia (Tyrosinemia Type-1). In collaboration with Orphan Pharmaceuticals, Sweden. The trial is now in its 8 th. Year with excellent therapeutic results.

  5. Dr. S N Joshi • International collaboration trial on Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) in Gaucher Disease. The trial is conducted under guidance and supervision of Genzyme General Corporation, Cambridge, USA. • High risk screening for Inborn errors of metabolism by Tandem Mass Spectrometery in Oman: The project involves all newborn babies and children referred to SQUH with clinical or biochemical features suggestive of IEM. The study aims to define the cost effectiveness of this approach to Mass screening in identifying new cases.

  6. Dr. S N Joshi • Pre transplant Enzyme replacement therapy to facilitate reduced-intensity conditioning in Bone marrow transplantation for Type-1 Mucopolysaccharidosis.

  7. Dr. Aisha Al Sinani • Pamidronate effect in Osteogenesis Imperfecta Children. • Short Stature in Omani Children. • Identify Gene Mutation in CAH – 21 Hydrxalase def. in Oman.

  8. Dr. Saif Al-Yaarubi • Hypocalcemia Study in Omani Children. • Nutritional Rehabilitation in Children with SCD. • Carotid Intima Thickness in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.

  9. Dr. Adil Al Amry • Audit of Asthma Management in a busy Ambulatory Setting. • Incidence of Allergic Rhinitis in Omani Children and the Role of Nasal Steroids.

  10. Dr. Ibtisam B. Elnour • Assessment of some novel urinary biomarkers in the diagnosis of acute kidney injury (AKI) in Omani children. • Correlation of estimated Glomerular Fiteration Rate (GFR) in paediatric patients with bilateral renal scarring with the Gold Standard GFR measured using Chromium-51- EDTA (Cr51-EDTA0). • Clinicoepidemiological features of nephrotic Syndrome among children presented to SQUH.

  11. Dr. Said Al HanshiDr. Mohammed Al Ghafri • Extubation failure is a problem encountered in both adult and pediatric ICUs. • Prospective observational study • Primary outcome measures:- - Extubation failure rate • Secondary outcome measures:- - Type of patients prone for failed extubation - Causes of extubation failure Extubation Failure in PICU

  12. Dr. Said Al HanshiDr. Mohammed Al Ghafri Incidence of Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia (JET) in the PICU • JET is a well known complication after open heart surgery in children • Prospective observational study • Primary outcome: - Incidence of JET after open heart surgery • Secondary outcome: - Lesions commonly associated with JET - The need for anti-arrhythmic treatment

  13. Dr. Said Al HanshiDr. Mohammed Al Ghafri PRISM Score as a predictor of mortality in the PICU • PRISM score is one of the tools used to predict mortality in PICU • Prospective observational study • Outcome measure: - Evaluate the observed mortality in the PICU with the predicted mortality estimated by PRISM score

  14. Dr. Lekha Hrishikesan • Study of fluvastatin in children with nephrotic syndrome. Dr Khalid Riyami is participating in the study.

  15. Dr. Lalitha Krishnan • Blood stream infections in VLBW in a Level III NICU-a retrospective 4 year study. • Principal Investigators: Dr. Ashfaq A. Khan/R-1 Resident • Co-investigators: Dr. Akbar Rafay Dr. Zenaida Reyes Dr. Abdel-Latif • Period of study: 4 years. July 2006 – June 2010

  16. Dr. Lalitha Krishnan • Objective: • To determine the incidence, causative organisms and risk factors associated with blood stream infections (BSI) in very low birth weight babies admitted to a level 3 NICU. • Methods: • Retrospective data were collected from the registry maintained for all VLBW neonates admitted to the unit. Data on all positive blood cultures, organisms, sensitivity, time of onset of sepsis, presence of indwelling catheters and CRP response were collected. Complications of prematurity including patent ductus arteriosus, prolonged ventilation, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, and necrotizing enterocolitis were recorded. Maternal risk factors for early sepsis was also collected.

  17. Dr. Lalitha Krishnan • Early vs Late Parenteral Nutrition for VLBW infants. • Principal Investigators: Dr. Amita Aroor • Co-investigators: Dr Lalitha Krishnan Dr Zenaida Reyes Dr Abdel-Latif

  18. Dr. Lalitha Krishnan • Objective: • To compare the anthropometry, time to full feeds and time to discharge between the EAA and LAA groups. • To compare the incidence of biochemical disturbances of early aggressive Vs late TPN in VLBW babies over the first week of life. • To compare the incidence of culture proven sepsis, osteopenia and cholestasis between the two group

  19. Dr. Hashim Javad • The Risk of Bacterial infection in Febrile Children with extreme leukocytosis. • Objectives: To determine the clinical significance extreme leukocytosis (WBC more than 25,000/mm3 ) asa predictor of bacterial infection (SBI)in children.

  20. Dr. Hashim Javad • Comparison of axillary and rectal temperature measurements in children • Objectives: The objectives of this study were to evaluate the agreement between temperature measured at the axilla and that measured in the rectum in children and young people, using a conventional glass mercury thermometer, to find if there is a direct mathematical relationship between axillary and rectal temperature, and to determine the optimum time required for testing. .

  21. Dr.Surekha, Dr.Abdul Hakim, Dr.Mathew Zachariah • Study of Central line Infections in Leukemic Children in a Tertiary Care Centre Retrospective Study –Six Months Prospective Study Six Months

  22. Dr.Wafa Bashir, Dr.Mathew Zachariah • Study of Sensitivity and Resistance Patterns of Blood born Infections of a Paediatric Haematology Unit in a Tertiary Care Centre Retrospective study – Six months Prospective |Study - Six Months

  23. Dr.Mohd, Dr.Mathew Zachariah • Clinical Events after Splenectomy in Sickle Cell Children from one Centre Retrospective study – Five Years

  24. Dr.Ismail, Dr.Mathew Zachariah, Dr.Yasser Wali • Prophylaxis Penicillin for Sickle Cell Children after five years of age Randomised Study Retrospective study – Five Years

  25. Dr.Abdul Hakim • Pattern of Antibiotics Prescriptions for Febrile SCD Children in Ped Hematology Ward Retrospective Study –One Year

  26. Dr.Dana Al Nabhani, Dr.Abdul Hakim • Onset of Proteinuria and Hematuria in Sickle Cell Children in One Centre

  27. “Abdwani R, Scheuster H, Hari M, Mani R, Abdulfattah M, Al Zakwani I. • Blood stream infection in children” Retrospective study : positive blood cultures over 5yrs. We want to determine the rate of blood culture contamination. In those children with true blood stream infections, we want to look into the resistance profile, difference in length of stay (LOS), hospital acquired vs. community acquired, significant vs. non-significant BSIs, line-related vs. non-line related i.e. catheter-related BSI and the initial empirical therapy and changes made during hospitalisation and last but not least mortality rate

  28. Reem Abdwani • Clustering of Juvenile SLE in Oman. • Ostepenia in Juvenile SLE in Oman.