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City of McAllen PowerPoint Presentation
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City of McAllen

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City of McAllen
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City of McAllen

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  1. City of McAllen

  2. McAllen Central StationHistory • McAllen’s Bus Terminal opened its doors to the public in January 2001. • The primary goal of this facility is to provide a “one stop shopping concept” for ground transportation. • On average, over 1.3 million people visit our facility annually.

  3. Central Station is Home to…

  4. National Bus Carriers • Valley Transit Company serves South Central Texas and Northern Mexico with over 56 daily schedules. It connects with Greyhound to all parts in the U.S. In addition to intercity bus service, VTC offers same day and overnight package express service throughout Texas. Companies affiliated with Valley Transit Company include; Greyhound (providing service throughout the U.S.) and ADO (which provides daily departures from McAllen into Mexico City and other Southern Regions of Mexico). • Autobuses Adame provides service throughout Texas and throughout the Eastern unites States with daily connection in Mexico via El Faisan. • Tornado & El Expreso provide service throughout Texas and the Eastern United States with daily connections into Mexico via affiliate Mexican bus lines.

  5. International Bus Carriers With departures approximately every thirty minutes into Mexico, McAllen has become the "Gateway into Mexico ." Popular destinations include: Mexico City, Monterrey & San Luis Potosi. • Turimex , Sendor and Noreste provide service to northern states in Mexico. These include Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and San Luis Potosi . • Transpais provides service throughout Northern Mexico with connecting service into central Mexico . • ADO provides daily departures to Mexico City and to Tampico.

  6. McAllen’s Terminal Facility has Created a Transportation Hub for International Bus Service An International Market Dallas Austin Houston San Antonio McAllen Reynosa Brownsville Matamoros

  7. Successes • Increased business for all bus company tenants. The number of people departing the terminal has grown from 163,888 in FY 2001 to 563,554 in FY 2006. • Increased bus service. Prior to the opening of the terminal facility, there were three bus stations with a total of six bus companies. Since the opening of our facility, there are five new bus companies serving our area.

  8. Successes • Positive economic impact on downtown retail. • Improved facilities and accessibility to all patrons. • Coordinated ground transportation (intra-city, inter-city and international).

  9. Bus Service is Vital to the Interconnectedness of our Communities • Annually, over one million people rely on bus transportation to travel to and from Mexico. • Bus service is the key to linking our communities. • This link creates economic activity which is vital to the growth of the Rio Grande Valley.

  10. Committed to Seamless Transportation • McAllen’s investment in its bus terminal facility, our continued development of public transportation and our efforts at regional planning and service efforts, demonstrate our commitment to a seamless transit system. • Ground transportation bridges our local communities and is an integral component to linking local and international communities. • We are committed to Transit without Borders.