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Motherhood In Islam

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Motherhood In Islam
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Motherhood In Islam

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  1. Motherhood In Islam The Strongest & Most Loving Among Us All

  2. Reason for choosing this topic • We want to know more what the Quran says about the mother and her role.

  3. What we like to know about this topic • Women who are mentioned in the Quran. • “Paradise is under the feet of the Mother” is a very powerful hadith and we would like to know what Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) referrers to when he said this.

  4. What do we know about this topic? • We believe that a mother in a child's life is the most important person. Those who are fortunate to ever had or have a mother and her love in their lives, and also those who are blessed to be a mother knows what a important big role she has through out a child's life.

  5. Ayats • Surah Marium- 19:32 • Surah Qasas- The Narrative 28:7 • Surah Taha- Story Of Musa 20:4 • Surah Luqman 31:14 • Surah Ahqat- The Sandhills 46:15

  6. Surah Marium 19:32 • “ And dutiful to my mother, and He has not made me insolent, unblessed”. Points/Thoughts • Prophet Isa had so much love for his mother and thanked Allah for making him humble so he would be able to take care of Bibi Marium in every way she deserved.

  7. Surah Qasas- The Narrative 28:7 • “And We revealed to Musa’s mother, saying: Give him suck, then when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear nor grieve; surely We will bring him back to you and make him one of the apostles”.

  8. Points/Thoughts • Allah knows how deep the mothers love is for her child. • Allah choose a woman who had such a strong believe in Him to be Prophet Musas mother so she would have faith and do what Allah asked her to do.

  9. Surah Taha- Story Of Musa 20:40 • “ So we brought you to your mother, that her eye might be cooled and she would not grieve.” Points/Thoughts • When a child is away from his/her mother, the mother is unhappy and constantly worried. She is awake and her eyes are open, but she only feels alive and revealed when she sees her child in front of her.

  10. Hadith • It is narrated from Imam As-Sadiq (a.s): Every time a woman becomes pregnant, during the whole period of pregnancy she has the status of one who fasts, one who worships during the night, and one who fights for Allah with her life and possessions. And when she is giving birth, Allah grants her so much reward that nobody knows its limit because of its greatness. And when she is giving milk to her child, for every suck of the child, Allah gives her the reward of freeing a slave from the children of Ismail, and when the period of breastfeeding the child is finished, one of the great angels of Allah taps her side and says: “Start your deeds afresh, for Allah has forgiven all your minor sins.” • It is narrated from Imam Zain Al-Abidin (a.s): “The right of your mother is that you know that she carried you where no one carries anyone. She gave to you of the fruit of her heart that which no one gives to anyone, and she protected you with all her organs. She did not care if she went hungry as long as you ate, if she was thirsty as long as you drank, if she was naked as long as you were clothed, if she was in the sun as long as you were in the shade. She gave up sleep for your sake. She protected you from heat and cold, all in order that you might belong to her. You will not be able to show her gratitude, unless God helps and gives you success.”

  11. Points/Thoughts • A child means everything for a mother and she will sacrifice what ever it takes for her child to be healthy and happy.

  12. Surah Luqman 31:14 • “And We have enjoined man in respect of his parents- his mother bears him with faintings upon faintings and his weaning takes two years- saying: Be grateful to Me and both your parents; to Me is eventual coming”.

  13. Points/Thoughts • A mothers love for her child is endless, she will give and give even if the child does not appreciate what she does for him/her. Sometimes we all believe that we don’t need to thank our parents because what they do for their children is something every parent does for her/his child. And even parents believe that their children do not have to appreciate what they do for them, because it’s wajibat for them to do so. • Do appreciate what our parents do for us, and also let them know by telling them how grateful we are.

  14. Hadith • At the time of the Prophet (s.a.w), a man was doing tawaf of the Noble Kabah while carrying his mother on his shoulders. When he saw the Prophet (saw), he asked, “By doing this, have I repaid the rights of my mother?” The Prophet (saw) replied, “No, you haven’t even repaid one of her cries during the time of giving birth.”

  15. Surah Ahqat- The Sandhills 46:15 • “And We have enjoined on a man doing good to his parents; with trouble did his mother bear him and with trouble did she bring him forth..”.

  16. Points/Thoughts • For many women during their pregnancy the journey has showed them some difficulties and even worries. Despite everything she will do it over and over again, If Allah grants her that opportunity. • Allah knows what a mother is going through and He has a reward waiting for her in the Hereafter.

  17. Hadith • It is narrated from Imam As-Sadiq (a.s): “Anytime a woman leaves this world because of labour pains, on the Day of Judgment, Allah will raise her from the grave pure and without an account of sins, because such a woman has given her life due to the hardship and pain of labour.” Points/Thoughts • Allah has given a mother the patience, strength and capacity to achieve anything she wants for the sake of her children.

  18. MOTHER • Does anything for her child • Never expects anything back from her child • Strong & loving woman

  19. LESSONS FOR US • Being thankful to our mothers. • Show her how much we appreciate what she does for us. • Listen to hear advice, she knows us better than we know ourselves & she wants the best for us.

  20. Hadiths Being thankful • A man came to the Prophet (saw) and said to him, “O Messenger of Allah, to whom should I do good?” The Prophet (saw) said, “Your mother”. So the man said, “And then to whom should I do good?” The Prophet (saw) said, “Your mother”. Then the man said, “And then to whom should I do good?” The Prophet (saw) said, “Your mother”. Then the man asked, “After that, to whom should I do good?” The Prophet (saw) said, “To your father.”

  21. Respect • It is also narrated that the Prophet (saw) was asked, “Which of the parents have a higher status?” The Prophet (saw) replied, “The one who for nine months kept you between her two sides (stomach), and then brought you into this world and gave you milk from her breasts.”

  22. Concluding Thoughts • If the foundation of a house is build strong from the beginning than the house will last a long time, even forever. If a mother from the beginning teaches her child good behavior, manners and follow Islam, the child will always see the brightness in his/her life and walk on the right path along his/her journey in this world, and be prepared with a luggage filled with good deeds for his/her journey to the Here After. • We should be thankful to Allah that he gave us the blessing to become a mother. A person who always will be the most important role in a individuals life.

  23. Hadith • Imam Ali (a.s) has said that in terms of Akhlaq, nature and religiousness, a child is made by the mother and obtains his/her disposition from her Akhlaq. • The Prophet advised a believer not to join the war against the Quraish (i.e. the pagan disbelievers at that time) in defense of Islam, but to look after his mother, saying that his service to his mother would be a cause for his salvation. Mu'awiyah, the son of Jahimah, reported that Jahimah came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and said: "Messenger of God! I want to join the fighting (in the path of God) and I have come to seek your advice." He said, "Then remain in your mother's service, because Paradise is under her feet."