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Male / Female Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Male / Female Communication

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Male / Female Communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Male / Female Communication. Dr. Kaye Moore. Different Cultures!!. Understanding differences earns: Respect and Trust Empowers both!. Biggest Complaints?. Men don’t listen! Women ask too many questions and give unsolicited advice! Not listening is demeaning to women

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Male / Female Communication

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different cultures
Different Cultures!!
  • Understanding differences earns:

Respect and Trust

Empowers both!

biggest complaints
Biggest Complaints?
  • Men don’t listen!
  • Women ask too many questions and give unsolicited advice!
  • Not listening is demeaning to women
  • Unwarranted advice is insulting to men
report vs rapport

Task oriented

Language: fewest words to solve task .

Words used to make a point


Relationship oriented

Language: solve problems + emotional support

Words used to discover a point

Report vs. Rapport
dealing with stress
Dealing with Stress!
  • Men focus more and resist change
  • Women expand and share feelings
  • For men this sharing = complaining and avoiding responsibility
  • Women's response to resistance = 4 D’s!

(draw back, defend, detail or demand)

  • Each response alienates the other
feelings in the workplace
Feelings in the Workplace
  • Men share + feelings for trust & respect
  • Women share +/- feelings to build relationships
  • Men: personal feelings are blaming

“I’ll keep this to myself”

  • Women: impersonal feelings are blaming

“I don’t want to be rude, I should explain how I feel”

rules vs manners
Men's Rules

Business is sport

Engage in warfare

It’s not personal

Ask me for help

Winning is the key

Women's Manners

Businessis relational

Build up the team

Personal = caring

Offer help

Everybody wins

Rules vs. Manners
male female boundaries
Male / Female Boundaries
  • When men hear NO they really hear…

“later” “not yet” “tell me more”

  • The advantages of learning this?

5negotation skills 5respect 5confidence

  • Women can’t assume men will notice their worth
  • Must actively promote themselves
problem solving
Problem Solving
  • Men withdraw and think
  • Women talk and share
  • Action relaxes men
  • Talking relaxes women
  • Men’s withdrawal is seen as uncaring or dismissive
  • Men feel talk is cheap… It’s time for action !!
men women and
Men, Women and


  • For men power = respect
  • For women respect = caring, integrity and personal values
  • Women disapprove of other women boasting about accomplishments
  • Men see women not taking credit as less confident or competent
the bottom line
The Bottom Line…

Effective communication between men and women requires constant awareness and commitment