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Iowa’s Justice Data Warehouse PowerPoint Presentation
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Iowa’s Justice Data Warehouse

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Iowa’s Justice Data Warehouse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Iowa’s Justice Data Warehouse. December 2004. Laura Roeder-Grubb Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP). Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP)

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Presentation Transcript

Iowa’s Justice Data Warehouse

December 2004

Laura Roeder-Grubb

Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP)


Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP)

CJJP carries out research, policy analysis, program development and data analysis activities to assist policy makers, justice system agencies and others to identify issues of concern and to improve the operation and effectiveness of Iowa's justice system.

CJJP staff provide a justice system information clearinghouse service to system officials and the general public.

CJJP also administers federal and state grant programs to fund local and state projects to prevent juvenile crime, provide services to juvenile offenders and otherwise improve Iowa's juvenile justice system.


What is the Justice Data Warehouse (JDW)?

A central repository of key criminal and juvenile justice information from the Iowa Court Information System (ICIS) and information from the Iowa Correctional Offender Network (ICON) system.


The overall mission of the JDW:

To provide the judicial, legislative and executive branches of State Government, and other entities, with improved statistical and decision support information pertaining to justice system activities.


CJJP’s web site has JCS reports available


Reports for key decision points in juvenile system process:

  • Referral/Complaint
  • Petitions Filed
  • Orders for Adjudication
  • Informal Adjustments
  • Formal Probations
  • Consent Decrees Ordered
  • Orders for Waiver

Juvenile Charges by Offense Class* and Offense Subtype

* Does not include local ordinances

Linn Co


Juvenile LookUp Screens - Complaint History

3 complaints, charges associated, adjudication, and disposition information


Juvenile LookUp Screens - Intake Decisions

3 complaints, charges associated, intake information


Benefits of Warehouse for Juvenile Data:

  • Provide statewide statistics to Juvenile Court Services (JCS)
  • Gives the ability of JCS to create own adhoc reports
    • End users can access/query all counties-not just their own district
    • All access requires a user ID and password
    • Permissions may vary depending on security level
    • Can look up by case ID, name, etc.
  • Ability to create state and district/county reports
    • 2003 Report Available
    • 2004 Report due out March 2005
  • Enabled Iowa to complete DMC matrix
  • Ability to track juvenile restitution

Benefits (cont.)

  • Information loaded monthly
    • data is current within about 20 days
  • Provide information to NCJJ and other federal organizations
  • Have developed user group to discuss and deploy data standards for ICIS2/JCS2
    • Training manual
    • Allows for discussion of business rules and data entry practices
  • Most of the JCS2 data is already in the warehouse
    • Will work with ICIS and JCS Staff to get any new information

ICIS User group JCS Members:

1st - Kathleen Sallee

2nd - Cathy Lawler

3rd - Shelly Martfeld

4th - Janine Larson

5th - Jan Buck & Peggy Hervey

6th - Vickie Troester

7th - RoseAnn VanAcker & Donna Gardner

8th - Laurie McBeth

Contact your district user group member for more information or additional report suggestions.


Thank You!!

For more information on Iowa’s Justice Data Warehouse, please visit