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Introduction to Enterprise Florida PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Enterprise Florida

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Introduction to Enterprise Florida - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Enterprise Florida. International Trade & Business Development Overview. IMPACT OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN FLORIDA. Nearly 43,000 Florida companies export according to the US Census Bureau 2nd largest concentration of exporters in the US (17.5%)

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Introduction to Enterprise Florida

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    1. Introduction to Enterprise Florida International Trade & Business Development Overview

    2. IMPACT OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN FLORIDA • Nearly 43,000 Florida companies export according to the US Census Bureau • 2nd largest concentration of exporters in the US (17.5%) • Florida total trade represented $102.9 Billion in 2009 • $46.9 Billion in “origin” exports (2009) • Exports of services contributes an additional $27.8 Billion (2009) • Florida is the third largest exporter of high-tech products in the U.S. • More than 1.3 million jobs in Florida depend on international business (2007)

    3. WHY IT’S IMPORTANT FOR FLORIDA COMPANIES TO ENGAGE IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE? • Companies that export grow 15% - 20% faster than those who do not • Pay 15% higher wages • Are 15% more profitable • Better able to navigate domestic or seasonal downturns • More competitive against both domestic & foreign rivals • 95% Florida exporters are S/M’s • Sources: US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis

    4. OBJECTIVES • Market Florida international advantages worldwide. • Assist Florida companies to export products and services to global markets and identify Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliance Partners. • Create a statewide Trade Development Network to assist Florida’s small and medium size companies to access international markets. • Provide an International Representation Network to identify foreign direct investment prospects and to assist Florida companies to export. • Attract international investment to Florida. • Advocate continuous improvement of Florida’s critical factors for global competitiveness.

    5. CUSTOMER PROFILE • Small and medium-sized Florida manufacturers, distributors and service companies. • Florida Economic Development and Trade Organizations. • International companies interested in Florida’s products and services. • International companies interested in expanding or relocating to Florida. • Florida communities interested in attracting International Investment.

    6. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PRIORITIES • Maintain Florida’s market share in the Latin American Region • Increase Florida trade with our NAFTA Partners • Diversify Florida exports by targeting markets in Europe and Asia • Develop Florida business opportunities in Africa • Increase Florida high technology & manufacturing exports worldwide • Support advocacy efforts that enhance Florida’s competitiveness • Market Florida worldwide as an ideal investment destination and identify foreign investment prospects • Attract target industry foreign direct investment

    7. KEY TARGET MARKETS WORLDWIDE North America, Latin America and the Caribbean Basin Argentina Canada Chile Mexico Bahamas Caribbean Nations Colombia Peru Brazil Central America Dominican Republic Venezuela Europe Belgium Germany Scandinavia The Netherlands France Italy Spain United Kingdom Far East (Asia) and Oceania China India Japan Australia Malaysia Singapore Taiwan Africa and Middle East Israel South Africa U.A.E

    8. TARGET SECTORS • FDI • Aviation/Aerospace • Information Technologies • Life Sciences • Homeland Security/Defense Technologies • Financial Services/Professional Services • Clean Energy • Emerging Technologies • Manufacturing • Multinational Headquarters/Logistics TRADE • Aviation/Aerospace • Life Sciences • Information Technologies/Telecommunications • Electronics • Homeland Security/Defense Technologies • Clean Energy/Environmental Technologies • Professional/Transportation/Financial Services • Strategic Challenges - Manufacturing

    9. TRADE SERVICES PROVIDED • Counseling Services • Market Site Trade Events, Trade Exhibitions, Trade Missions and Catalog Shows • Market Information Analysis • Team Florida Missions • Certified Trade Missions Program in support of regional EDOs • Inbound Trade Missions • International Trade Offices • Special Market Development Programs (Africa, DR-CAFTA, Japan & Mexico) • Florida Trade Network (Federal/State/Local Partnerships) • Florida Trade Stimulus Programs (Florida Export Directory, Trade Show Grants)

    10. INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATION PROGRAM Senior Vice President International Trade & Business DevelopmentManuel A. Mencia Vice President International Operations Fred Glickman AFRICA Johannesburg, South Africa ASIA-MIDDLE EAST (Liaison Offices) Tokyo, Japan Beijing ,China Taipei, Taiwan Tel Aviv, Israel EUROPE Brussels, Belgium (European Regional Office) London, UK Munich, Germany Madrid, Spain (Liaison Office) Prague, Czech Republic NORTH AMERICA Toronto, Canada Mexico City, Mexico