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GPS - The Big Picture

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GPS - The Big Picture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GPS - The Big Picture. 2004. Overview. Introduction - Show GPS Movie GPS and the Big Picture Accuracy Review of GPS Receiver Types Why the Garmin GPSMap76 Receiver. Show GPS Movie Movie is found on your CD < Presentations/GPSMovie Requires Acrobat Version 4 – on CD.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction - Show GPS Movie
  • GPS and the Big Picture
  • Accuracy
  • Review of GPS Receiver Types
  • Why the Garmin GPSMap76 Receiver
Show GPS Movie
    • Movie is found on your CD


Requires Acrobat Version 4 – on CD

why do ologists need gps
Why do “Ologists” Need GPS?
  • Spatial location is a critical component in all field work
why do ologists need gps5
Why do Ologists Need GPS?
  • Field work is done outside in remote locations where map information could be out of date, too large of spatial scale
  • Ologists are retiring and locations of stuff are not being archived
what can you do with gps
What Can You Do With GPS?
  • Accurately and precisely record sites within 4 meters
    • 1m or better with other GPS
  • Navigate to locations pre-determined by others
  • Record the path you took and play it back later (make a map in the GIS)
gps myths
GPS Myths
  • GPS does not work in the far north
  • Selective Availability will be turned back on
  • I Just turn my GPS on and never check settings - it just works!!
  • GPS is only a “Field” thing
  • Introduction - Show GPS Movie
  • GPS and the Big Picture
  • GPS Accuracy
  • Review of GPS Receiver Types
  • Why the Garmin GPSMap76 Receiver
gps the big picture10

GPS Data Collection

GPS - The Big Picture


Glacier Moraines


gps the big picture11
GPS - The Big Picture
  • GPS Data for Maps
    • Original Mapping
    • What’s out there?
    • Updating
    • Databases
you are the big picture
You Are The Big Picture

Archive of Park Stuff!


New Data

Distribute Data

To Parks

Distribute To


how accurate is gps

8 m

How Accurate is GPS
  • Today…
    • GPS manufacturers quote about 50 ft (17m)
    • ...but were getting 26 ft (8m) fairly reliably with good sky

Even Better!

accuracy comparisons open
Accuracy Comparisons – Open*

95% - XY


Garmin V

3 m

III Plus

4 m


4 m

*Test sites used on this slide: Garmin V(NPS Bakerville); Garmin III+/Map76 (MTDC)

accuracy comparisons open15
Accuracy Comparisons – Open*

95% - XY


Geo 3

2 m

Geo XT

0.9 – 1.6 m

Pro XR

0.6 m

*Test sites used on this slide: Geo3 / GeoXT (1.6mMTDC); ProXR (Estacada). NOTE: GeoXT accuracy of 0.9 reported by NPS – Bakersville RT

gps under canopy
GPS Under Canopy
  • Garmins17 – 20 meters
  • Trimble3 – 8 meters

Watch Out

which tool for the job
Which Tool for the Job
  • Jobs for the Garmin
  • Jobs for the Trimble
garmin jobs
Garmin Jobs
  • Bering Land Bridge - Drum Recovery and Disposal
garmin jobs21
Garmin Jobs
  • Aerial Mapping
    • Fire Perimeters
    • Airstrips
    • Animal locations
garmin jobs22
Garmin Jobs
  • Camp Sites
    • Using Photos to record site Conditions
    • Linking photos with location in GIS
which tool for the job23
Which Tool for the Job
  • Jobs for the Garmin
  • Jobs for the Trimble
trimble jobs
Trimble Jobs
  • Utility Mapping
trimble jobs25

Location D

Trimble Jobs
  • Multi-Feature Mapping
    • Soil sample sites
    • Tree Core Locations
trimble jobs26
Trimble Jobs
  • Trail Mapping / Condition
which tool for the job27
Which Tool For the Job
  • Summary
    • Garmin Jobs are for open country, “site locating”, simple maps
    • Trimble Jobs for GIS base mapping, feature rich environments and areas with difficult GPS conditions
unique aspects of ologist mapping


  • Mode of Collection
  • Environment

25 acres

10 mile perim.

  • Quantity of Units
  • Moving Targets
  • Other Duties
Unique Aspects of Ologist Mapping
quick review of gps types
Quick Review of GPS Types
  • Recreational Grade
  • Mapping / GIS Grade
review of gps receiver types

Survey Grade

    • Boundaries, Precise Control Networks, Vertical Measurements
Review of GPS Receiver Types
quick review of gps types31
Quick Review of GPS Types
  • Recreational Grade
    • Navigation, Basic Mapping, Fun
    • Designed to Download into TOPO mapping programs – lightweight GIS
quick review of gps types32
Quick Review of GPS Types
  • Mapping/GIS Grade
    • GIS Features and Attributes
plgr s
  • Retired PLGRS in April 2003
  • Only 3 left in Alaska Parks
  • Software Improvements make PLGRs obsolete
differential gps dgps
Differential GPS (DGPS)
  • Differential GPS
    • A method of improving accuracy by adding a local reference station to augment information available from satellites
    • Provided by
      • Coast Guard Beacons (Realtime)
      • WAAS
dgps coast guard beacons
DGPS - Coast Guard Beacons
  • Sounds great but…
    • Limited coverage

Coast Guard DGPS Beacons

dgps satellite based realtime
DGPS - Satellite Based - Realtime
  • WAAS
    • 2 Equatorial satellites
    • Broadcast corrected signals
    • Designed for aircraft
    • Limited coverage in Alaska
    • poor under trees

Theoretical WAAS Coverage

dgps review is it worth it
DGPS Review - Is it worth it?
  • For higher accuracy and precision - a must
  • Expect WAAS to increase broadcast area
  • Purchase WAAS in your next receiver and hope...
decision factors for the ranger gps tool
Decision Factors for the Ranger GPS Tool
  • Accuracy
  • Cost (hardware)
  • Nerd Factor Scale
recreational grade
Recreational Grade
  • Accuracy: 3meter - 7meter
  • Costs: $1500 - $150
  • Nerd Factor:
  • Storage: hours worth of data
  • Strategy: waypoints, simple lines, polys
mapping gis grade
Mapping/GIS Grade
  • Accuracy: 1meter - 5meter
  • Costs: $10,000 - $3,000
  • Nerd Factor:
  • Storage: days worth of data
  • Strategy: GIS update
recreational grade gps wins
Recreational Grade GPS Wins!
  • Reasonable accuracy for mapping large things
  • Low receiver cost
  • Low nerd scale
  • Strategy set to enhance navigation capabilities
  • Low attribution requirements
  • Introduction - Show GPS Movie
  • GPS and the Big Picture
  • GPS Accuracy
  • Review of GPS Receiver Types
  • Why the Garmin GPSMap76 Receiver
recreational grade gps
Recreational Grade GPS
  • Consumer Grade Manufacturers
  • Garmin
    • Recognized World Leader
    • High Support




garmin gpsmap 76
Garmin GPSMap 76

4 meters (open)

  • $400
  • 12 Channel GPS WAAS enabled
  • 8 MB of Map memory*
  • 10,000 track points
  • 10 hours of battery life

*Purchase of MapSource TOPO CD + $99

garmin gpsmap 7645
Garmin GPSMap 76
  • Integrates well with GIS
  • DNR Garmin to ArcView is Fast and Efficient
garmin gpsmap 7646

Other Models (e.g. eTrex)

    • No time/date in comment field
    • No external antenna
    • No averaging
Garmin GPSMap 76
  • Unique Aspects
    • Antenna (Quadrifilar Helix)
    • It Floats
    • Averages waypoints
    • External Antenna capabilities
limitations garmin gpsmap 76
Limitations - Garmin GPSMap 76
  • Weak Connection to External Antenna
  • Must hold UPRIGHT for best reception
    • Laying down on back produces poor data
    • Purchase a bracket if using in vehicles
  • Missing other features (Available in “S” Model:
    • Digital Compass
    • Altimeter
where to go for more info
Where to Go For More INFO
  • NPS Intranet:
    • Cheatsheets and Guidelines
      • http://web/rgr/gps/tips.htm
  • Internet:
  • GPS Toolkits
      • Your CD or
  • GPS allows precise positioning anywhere in Alaska
  • Recreational grade GPS satisfies...
    • Moderate accuracy's
    • Low costs in hardware, training
  • A Garmin allows for navigation and simple site marking jobs for many “Ologists”
  • Coming Up
    • GPS Sky
    • Garmin Setup
    • Get Outside!