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Evolving Broadband Technologies

Evolving Broadband Technologies By Vijay Madan Services Classifications/Types Individual, Enterprise, Community Fixed, Mobile Real Time, Non-Real Time Broadcast, Interactive, Information Symmetrical, Asymmetrical (Uplink-Downlink) Triple Play Internet, Entertainment

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Evolving Broadband Technologies

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  1. Evolving Broadband Technologies By Vijay Madan

  2. Services Classifications/Types • Individual, Enterprise, Community • Fixed, Mobile • Real Time, Non-Real Time • Broadcast, Interactive, Information • Symmetrical, Asymmetrical (Uplink-Downlink) • Triple Play • Internet, Entertainment

  3. Broadband Services • People of Same Household Online Simultaneously • Browsing Web, Downloading Information and Updates • (Symmetrical & Asymmetrical- Interactive Services) • High Speed Streaming Video on Televisions & Computers • Internet Access, Cable Television Service, and Wire-line • Voice preferably from the same Company • Video Chat Rooms for Video Calls, Music Videos, Infomercials, Distance • Education, News Clips in Residential Areas • Virtual Presence for Interactive Business • Virtual Ubiquitous Global Offices for Business • Virtual Private Networking, Database Access, e-Commerce • Instantaneous Availability of Information from Anywhere to Everywhere

  4. Broadband Triple Play • Triple play? • TV, Internet, Phone ( Video as part of TV & Internet) ISP/Telco Model Computer/Telephone Centric Cable Model TV Centric Cost of accessing services may only be related to type of services and not to the city or distance from the local point of service • MSO (multi-service operators) investing not only in networks, equipment and external plant but also in application servers, delivery mechanisms, content, application development, additional build-ups ?

  5. Interesting Broadband Scenarios • Hong Kong Population 6.8 million, Household 2.2 million Broadband connections 1.2 million (1.1 million house hold) 14 DSL lines/100 population; 28 DSL lines per 100 telephone lines • In Japan BB driven by content for different age groups • In Korea BB driven significantly by local content • Access owner- service provider - content provider • Revenue as ratio of investment in that order • In India BB may be driven by Entertainment: Interactive TV , time-shift TV, video on demand, music on demand, multiplayer gaming, education at home, sky shop rather than internet shopping. Of course net browsing and data transfer. • How much symmetrical !

  6. The Intelligent Services Layer of the Networks Shared Library of Services on Internet Third Party Content Customers Service Plane = Service and Application Layers Service Control Logic out of switching/routing systems Service nodes used as shared resources Transport Layer of Telecommunication Network Transparency of Layers to make Design and Deployment of New Services Almost Instantaneous

  7. Broadband Access Packet NW End point G Way Infrastructure Gateways Premise End Points

  8. Broadband Technologies • Cable • DSL • VDSL • FTTX, PON, GPON, EPON, APON, AON • PLC • Satellite - Return • LMDS • DTH- Return • Licensed Wireless FWA • Unlicensed Wireless WiFi, WiMAX • 3G Wireless • Beyond 3G wireless

  9. xDSL • ADSL • G.lite • RADSL • ISDL • SDSL • G.shdsl • HDSL • HDSL2 • VDSL

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  11. Acknowledge CISCO

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  13. Evolution towards better Data rates and higher mobility Mobility V P S 4G Research Targets E-Mail 4.2 sec in 2G to 0.002s in 4G Movie Download 926 hours in 2G to 1minute in 4G EVOLUTION 3G Evolved Systems CDMA 1X , EDGE CDMA2000, WCDMA 802.11a,g 1X EV-DV 1X EVDO W-LAN 802.11b 0.1 1 10 100 1000 MB/S

  14. Wi-MAX BWA Mesh Net HYPE PEAK Hype & StatusCurve < 2 yrs 1-3 yrs\ 2-5 yrs 7 yrs Obsolete before plateau WCDMA BLUE TOOTH NET Wi-Fi 802.11g 802.11b Enlightenment 1X EV-DO GPRS Wi-Fi 802.11a CDMA 1X RTT Productivity Plateau EDGE Blue tooth cable replacement Wireless PDA 4G UWB 1X EVDV Ad Hoc 802.15.4 DISILLUSIONMENT Trough Trigger

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  16. Multimedia Broadcasting(via Satellite) • IP based Streaming Services • Satellite for Enterprise • Satellite for ISPs • Store & Forward Applications • File Delivery Applications • Entertainment • Interactive Multimedia

  17. Enabling Technologies • Software Defined Radios • All-IP networks and protocols • Ultra Wideband , variable power Hardware Radio • Smart antennae, MIMOs & mediation devices • Open platform architectures • High Capacity, Speed, Processing & Functionally • Integrated Microprocessors • Large Photonic Switches & Cross-Connects • Powerful Software Applications Technologies • Efficient Methods of Transport in backbone and in • back-haul • Fast Optical Routers, Generalized MPLS Protocol

  18. Rural Technologies • Wireless, Mobile and Packet Technologies • Wi-Max in the Back Haul • Wi-Fi in Clustered Access • Cellular terminal to be analogous to a Local Loop • Trans-Receiver • Normal CDMA, GSM Cellular Services • Use of Satellite in Access Where-Ever Other Alternatives • not feasible

  19. Technologies for Business Users • IP-PBXs, IP Switches and IP based Trunks on Broadband • Access Channels to Public Network. • Small Business 100 Mb/s Office Computers Connected • on LANs Operating upto10 Gb/s • Medium and Large Businesses with High Performance • IP Switches & Gateways • Enterprises Wide Area Network via Fiber Optics on • Dedicated Wavelengths • Wide Area Networks on Optical & Wireless Virtual Private • Circuits

  20. Issues • Pricing • Billing • QOS • Infrastructure Sharing • Content • Spectrum (Allocation, Refarming, Licensing, Efficiency) • Regulation

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