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Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse

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Emeril Lagasse

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  1. Emeril Lagasse where was he born? Who is he? where is he? Why is he so big? How big is big?

  2. Emeril Lagasse’s Background • Emeril got his start in the kitchen watching his mother Hilda cook. • Emeril’s father was a factory worker and wanted Emeril to follow in his footsteps. • As a teenager Emeril worked in a Portuguese Bakery where he learned the art of bread and pastry baking. • In high school Emeril played the drums and he was offered a full scholarship to the New England Conservatory of music.

  3. Emeril’s background (continued) • Emeril earned his bachelors degree the first time came back and got his masters.Came back one more time and got his doctorates. • After leaving college for the last time he went and worked in Commander’s Palace. • Then Emeril took a giant leap and opened up Emeril’s in New Orleans. • Then Emeril opened up another in Florida called Emeril’s Delmonico in a hotel. • Emeril went and started his first show called how to boil water and it failed.Emeril's second show was called Emeril and friends, which also failed.

  4. Accomplishments • Emeril established the Emeril Lagasse Foundation to help get kids interested in cooking. • Emeril’s restaurants have been given many awards such as “The Grand Award”, “Best Service”, “Best food”, and “Best steakhouse”. • Emeril has 4 kids altogether, 2 with one ex-wife and one with his wife. • His son’s name is Emeril Jr. Lagasse. One of the daughters name is Meril Lovelace Lagasse. • The children he had with his ex were two girls Jessica, and Jillian.

  5. Accomplishments (continued) • Emeril even has his own line of cookware that you can buy on his website. • Emeril is the food correspondent of Good Morning America. • Emeril is 2006’s inductee into Menu Masters Hall of fame. • After Hurricane Katrina Emeril has been helping the people of New Orleans find jobs so they can get money for things they need. • He has been dubbed 1 of the 25 most intriguing people of the year. • Emeril has completed 9 books so far each an inspiration to everyone that they can cook.

  6. Legend of “BAM” One day while Emeril was cooking on Essence of Emeril he noticed one of the cameramen was nodding off to sleep, so while he was talking about what to put in the saucepan he yelled “BAM!” “Ah I got your now didn’t I”.That is what launched Emeril into being a worldwide phenomenon. Well not only that but his enthusiastic attitude.

  7. Emerilware Emeril has tons of products from meats to cookware Emeril sells them everyday.Sara Lee launched Emeril’s meats into stores all around the world in 2003.Emerilware cookware launched in 2006.Emeril even has his own spices and rubs used by tons of people worldwide.

  8. Family Life Emeril is a big family man because he has 4 children and a wife that have been together for a while now.Emeril has 2 ex-wives one of which he has had 2 girls with.The other one they were married for a few years but he said it didn’t work out.Emeril now has a full-time wife that he has had a boy and a girl with.Emeril’s two daughters that he had with his first wife do not like his wife but they say they will try to get along with her.

  9. Awards Emeril’s restaurants have been given many awards for their excellence.Some of them are: “excellence in dining”, “4 stars”, “3 stars”, “most popular”, “best restaurant in a hotel.”Well you get the picture his restaurants are pretty fancy so if your near one go and eat at it.

  10. Special thanks to: • • US magazine • Frommer’s U.S.A magazine • New Orleans Seen magazine • Nations Restaurant News magazine • Emeril a book •