emergency evacuation planning l.
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Emergency Evacuation Planning

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Emergency Evacuation Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emergency Evacuation Planning. ADOA Risk Management. Objectives. Attendees will receive training to assist in: Developing their own emergency evacuation plan Training floor wardens Identifying assembly areas Conducting inspections Scheduling and evaluating evacuation drills .

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emergency evacuation planning

Emergency Evacuation Planning

ADOA Risk Management


Attendees will receive training to assist in:

  • Developing their own emergency evacuation plan
  • Training floor wardens
  • Identifying assembly areas
  • Conducting inspections
  • Scheduling and evaluating evacuation drills
evacuation training agenda
Evacuation Training Agenda
  • Purpose
    • Importance of Plan
  • Organization/Responsibilities
  • Floor Warden Training
    • Area Inspections
    • Evacuation Procedure
    • Employee Training
  • Employees Requiring Assistance
  • Drill Scheduling Procedure
  • Drill Evaluation Checklist
  • Fire/Life Safety Inspections
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Q&A
  • Quiz
Purpose of Training

Provide emergency planners with guidance and information to assist in the development of their evacuation program and floor warden training.

Purpose of Program

Program is designed to ensure employee, contractor, and visitor safety in the event of a facility evacuation.

purpose cont
Purpose Cont’


  • Why its important to have a comprehensive evacuation plan
  • What can happen if we don’t have a plan in place
organization responsibilities

Agency Head (Primary Occupant)

  • Overall responsibility for the evacuation plan
  • Appoints building emergency coordinator
  • Provides leadership support with implementation of the evacuation plan
organization responsibilities cont
Organization/Responsibilities Cont’

Emergency Coordinator

  • Responsible for plan implementation
  • Appoints floor wardens
    • Assigned based on bldg/floor design and number of employees
    • Ratio should be apx 1 floor warden per 20 employees
  • Identifies points of assembly
  • Liaison with fire department
  • Conducts floor warden training
  • Schedules semi-annual evacuation drills
  • Performs periodic fire/life safety inspections
organization responsibilities cont8
Organization/Responsibilities Cont’

Floor Wardens

  • Floor Wardens (and backups) assigned by Emergency Coordinator
  • Specific Responsibilities:

- Preparing for an Evacuation

- During an Evacuation

- Post Evacuation

floor warden duties step 1 prior to an evacuation
Floor Warden DutiesStep 1: Prior to an Evacuation
  • Identify area of responsibility, create list for headcount
  • Attend training
  • Conduct inspections
  • Educate your team:
    • Exit routes, primary and secondary
    • Use nearest exit, if not at workstation, do not go back to area
    • Assembly area
    • Pull Stations
    • Directives during evacuation
floor warden duties cont step 2 during an evacuation
Floor Warden Duties Cont’Step 2: During an Evacuation
  • Ensure group is evacuating
  • Conduct floor sweep
  • Proceed down stairwells
  • Direct employees to Assembly Area (see next slide)
  • Conduct headcount and report status to Emergency Coordinator

Assembly Area

(Insert Map of Assembly Area)

  • One floor warden should receive headcount information and communicate to emergency coordinator.
  • Assembly area should be at least 100ft away from building
  • May need more than one, based upon exit locations
  • Be aware of traffic
floor warden duties cont step 3 after an evacuation
Floor Warden Duties Cont’Step 3: After an Evacuation
  • Immediate
    • Monitor re-entry into facility
    • Report evacuation concerns
  • Attend debriefing (if scheduled)
employees requiring assistance
Employees Requiring Assistance
  • Each situation unique
  • Employees have responsibility of notification
  • General process:
    • Employee notifies Supv or Floor Warden
    • Floor Warden will work with Emergency Coordinator to:
      • Conduct analysis
      • Develop profile/Educate concerned parties
      • Conduct training
  • Employee & assistants can stage in stairwell (rated safe for 1 ½ hours)
fire life safety inspections
Fire/Life Safety Inspections
  • Basic inspections should be conducted by floor wardens on a continuous basis
  • Local area inspections should be conducted by safety committee members on a monthly basis
  • In-depth fire/life safety inspections should be conducted by the emergency coordinator on a quarterly basis
  • Emergency coordinator will follow up on deficiencies and ensure corrective actions are taken.
  • Inspection tools can be found on Risk Management website at: http://risk.az.gov/agency_information/loss_prevention.asp
emergency response plan
Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency Situations
    • Natural Disasters
    • Violence in the Workplace
    • Bomb Threats
    • Medical Emergencies (AED’s)
  • Fire Extinguishers
    • To be used on a volunteer basis, unless responsibility is designated within individual plans