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Babies ‘N’ Bells Central Printing Program (CPP) In 2002, Babies ‘N’ Bells is positioned to introduce a better, quality product. We need your assistance to make this very important transition a successful one. We would like to share with you the benefits of our new program -

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Presentation Transcript

Babies ‘N’ Bells

Central Printing Program



In 2002, Babies ‘N’ Bells is positioned to introduce a better, quality product.

We need your assistance to make this very important transition a successful one.

We would like to share with you the benefits of our new program -

Central Printing.



  • Equipment savings
    • Less printer equipment replacement
    • Less expensive supplies and maintenance
  • Time savings
    • Less emailing the chain to find inventory
    • Less card exchange saving packaging/invoicing
    • Less time in front of the printer
    • Less time packaging and shipping to the customer
    • More time for “one to one” marketing to existing customers and “push” marketing to potential customers


  • Shipping savings
    • No shipping costs from the manufacturer to the franchisee and then to the customer if drop shipping from Socially Yours is utilized
    • Potential savings due to growing volume from one central location
  • Employee savings
    • Employees are expensive, fixed costs that can be avoided
  • Consistency and Quality
    • Product is more consistent across the country
    • Raised printing is perceived as a better quality and a marketing tool for future ad campaigns


  • Product savings
    • Less waste with errors/printer issues
    • Less inventory required
    • Less ordering to meet minimum requirements
  • Unique service in our industry
    • Most of your local competitors will not offer a thermographied product

How to begin our new process

  • Identify whether the card is a part of the new program
    • Socially Yours stock
    • Socially Yours inventoried stock noted in the new 2002 matrix (found in your backroom) and in the new catalog
  • Set up the template in Arts and Letters
    • Refer to the “Instructions” file found in your backroom.
    • NOTE: No flat print or two color print on vellum or wrappers
    • Copy on every order
    • No packaging and shipping to the customer

How to begin our new process,


  • Fill out the order form and email to and
    • A reply will be sent back from Zach on this email and will be your confirmation that he received the emailed order and the emailed file
  • Within 48-hours, the order will be printed and shipped to your customer or to your office – whichever you prefer
    • You will receive a confirmation email with the Federal Express tracking number and shipping details at this time

The Test Parameters

  • Socially Yours will buy back any of the CPP cards that you would like to ship to them after the test period
    • Shipping will be paid by the franchisee; payment will be made at mfrs. cost -10%
    • The packages will need to be in good shape, new and unopened
  • Refer to the 2002 Matrix to find those cards which are being handled by the CPP
    • These cards are the best selling cards and represent 70% of the company’s orders
    • You will not be able to order these items in a blank stock format without having special approval & then SY will be at the regular price

The Test Parameters, cont’d

  • Other vendors cards will be inventoried by Socially Yours as indicated
    • This product will be discounted by 5% off of the published price except for MM’s Designs
    • No shipping charges from these vendors to Socially Yours will be charged
  • It is very important that the email confirmations are checked and received in a timely manner
    • You will need to send in an issue form to this office if this does not happen in the timeframes indicated to avoid any delays for your customer
    • Zach is the contact person and should address all concerns within 24 hours

The Test Parameters, cont’d

  • Samples of your orders will be sent to this office with your invoices and checked for quality
    • You will receive emails from this office if any improvements can be made. We will also fax the card to you if you would like to see the final layout
    • Cards will also be displayed at the convention.
  • Supplies will be stocked at Socially Yours
    • Burgundy boxes are used for every order at $1.50 each
    • Self-inking stamps for the back of the cards will need to be provided by each franchisee and will be executed at no additional charge

The Test Parameters, cont’d

  • A sample of every CPP card and thank you (over 150) will be force shipped to each franchisee in a pack according to the number of BRU stores in the territory in September.
    • 11x4 , 3 hole drilled white card identifier will be included to insert before the page in your kiosk at BRU with all of the pricing information listed
    • Includes both Socially Yours designs and the other manufacturers stocked by Socially Yours in the best thermographied color and type
    • The price per deck is $75
    • Future orders of thermographied samples will be $.25 each and will not include a white id card
    • If you would like additional sets above the number of BRU locations that you currently service, you will need to let us know

BRU Set Up

  • BRU will need to have the thermography samples with the color ring displayed
    • A payment will need to be sent in for the thermography packs
    • An invoice will be sent to you soon
    • Let us know if you would like additional packs by Friday
    • The packs will need to be in the kiosk by the end of September

In Conclusion

We have been working on this program for the last nine months and have tested it with several franchisees. We are now ready to put it into place effective Monday, August 26th, exclusively for 90 days. This will allow everyone to evaluate the program and at the end of the 90 days, we will re-evaluate the program for long term usage. We will also review the program at length at the

4th Annual Convention on August 24th.

During this time, blank stock orders for CPP cards will not be accepted (with few exceptions)

The new catalog reflects these changes and promote thermography on these cards.


Babies ‘N’ Bells and Socially Yours have worked very closely to resolve all of the past issues that were brought to our attention.

We hope that you will join us in this effort to improve our system.

We will be open to all of your comments along the way.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.