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  1. CLEARFIELD JOB CORPS “Clearfield isn’t only about learning a trade it’s about growing up and taking responsibility for my future.”Joe Garrett

  2. Free Academic Education • GED • Fully accredited high school diploma (English as a Second Language is available) • Upon completion of a trade students can apply for the college program. All expenses are paid for at Weber State University, Salt Lake Community College or Davis Applied Technical College.

  3. Free Career Technical Education • Automotive (ASE Certification) • Business Technologies • Cable Installation (Copper & Fiber Certification) • Carpentry (Pre-Apprenticeship Certification) • Computer Repair (A+, IC-3, Cisco, Microsoft, Engineer, Novell, Security & Network Certification)

  4. Free Career Technical EducationContinued • Culinary Arts (ServSafe Certification) • Electrical (HBI Pre-Apprenticeship for electrical wiring) • Facilities Maintenance (HBI Pre-Apprenticeship) • Graphic Design • Health Occupations (Certified Nursing Assistant)

  5. Free Career Technical EducationContinued • Machine Shop • Material Handling (Certified Operator-Fork Lift) • Plumbing (HBI Pre-Apprenticeship) • Tile Setting (IMI Certificate of Completion Trowel Trades Training Program) • Welding (Certified Welding)

  6. Advanced: United Auto Workers • Auto Collision and refinishing repair • Automobile Repair (includes brakes, suspension, engine performance & A/C) • Auto Parts • Medium/heavy Truck Diesel • Transmissions • Toyota & AAMCO specialized programs

  7. UAW Certifications • ASE (American Standard of Automotive Excellence) • I-Car (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) • AAMCO • ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) • STAR (Spray Techniques Analysis and Research) • Toyota

  8. Free Housing • The students live in fully furnished dorms with approximately 65 other students. They share a room with 3-5 other people. • The students have the opportunity to move to the honor dorms after 60 days on center. The honor dorms have fewer rules and more privileges.

  9. Free FOOD • The cafeteria provides three meals each day and a snack in the evening. • Off center trips to various restaurants happen frequently for selected students.

  10. Free Money • Students are given up to a $50 stipend every two weeks. • Possible paid internship while completing their work based learning. • Upon completion of the program with their GED or high school diploma & trade, students receive a $1200 bonus.

  11. Free Clothes • Up to $400 will be given throughout a 3 year period for clothes. The clothes are purchased in the student store on center.

  12. Free Recreation • Students can sign up for off center recreation trips including Jazz Games, Lagoon, Raging Waters, Rocky Mountain Raceway, Laser Tag and many more. • The center has a movie theater, bowling alley, full size swimming pool, separate male & female weight rooms…

  13. Free RecreationContinued • …Basketball courts, racquetball courts, sand volleyball court, baseball diamond, pool tables & much more. • Intramural sports and other tournaments are held throughout the year.

  14. Free Vacations • There are 2, two week breaks a year. One in the summer around the 4th of July and one in the winter around Christmas. Utah students can go home every weekend. Transportation is provided to Salt Lake and Ogden.

  15. Free Medical Treatment • The wellness clinic is comprised of a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, dentist, optometrist, several nurses & two mental health consultants.

  16. Free Diversity Training • The population at Clearfield Job Corps is extremely diverse. There are students from all over the country due to our advanced automotive program. • The center also has international students from American Territories such as Samoa. Refugees and people with work permits are also eligible for the program.

  17. Free Diversity Training Continued • The center celebrates this diversity through the following support groups: Asian, African American, Gay/Straight Alliance, Hispanic, Islander, & Native American • Each of these groups display their culture throughout out the year with music, food & dancing. We also have international day when all of their cultures are celebrated.

  18. Free Leadership Training • Students have the opportunity to become leaders in their dorm by becoming an officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, ECT). • Students can also become an Ambassador which is essentially a mentor to the new students that arrive each week.

  19. Free Leadership Training • Students can also become a Diplomat which gives them an opportunity to get involved with the community through the Youth of Promise program and other community service activities. • Students can become a member of the Leadership Council which is the center wide student government association.

  20. Free Work Experience • Once students complete 80% of their trade they work at various businesses in the community for six weeks. This determines if they have the necessary skills to compete in the work force. • Many of these sites elect to hire them after they fully complete their training.

  21. Free Job Placement • Upon completion of the program staff assist students with finding jobs. • After the student leaves, placement staff continue to track students and provide job leads if necessary for up to two years.

  22. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS • Must be between the ages of 16-24 • Must be a legal resident (refugees accepted with I-94 card) • Must meet federally set income guidelines • Must be in good health • Minors must have written Parental consent

  23. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTSContinued • Must be drug free • Must not have a criminal record • Must not be on probation • Must be willing to follow all the rules including the Zero Tolerance Policy.

  24. Contact information Lori Wickham Clearfield Job Corps P.O. Box 160070 Clearfield, UT 84016 (801) 416-4692 or 1-800-442-5627 Ext 4692

  25. This training presentation is available for download at: © 2007 Utah Youth Village.