changes in echolink and irlp technology for the voip wx net l.
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Changes In EchoLink and IRLP Technology for the VoIP WX Net PowerPoint Presentation
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Changes In EchoLink and IRLP Technology for the VoIP WX Net

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Changes In EchoLink and IRLP Technology for the VoIP WX Net - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changes In EchoLink and IRLP Technology for the VoIP WX Net. Tony Langdon VK3JED January 3, 2010. 1. Contents. History of IRLP - EchoLink Integration. Limitations of Integrated Conference v1. IRLP Reflector 9550. Integrated Conference v2 Features.

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Presentation Transcript
  • History of IRLP - EchoLink Integration.
  • Limitations of Integrated Conference v1.
  • IRLP Reflector 9550.
  • Integrated Conference v2 Features.
  • Status of Integrated Conference v2 Upgrades.
  • Reflector 9550 Channel Allocations.
  • Links and Questions.


history of irlp echolink integration
History of IRLP - EchoLink Integration
  • Analog Gateways
    • Simplest to implement, one was used during the 2004 hurricane season.
  • Linked Conferences
    • Used for 9129 listen only system
  • Integrated Conference v1
    • Technology used since the 2005 hurricane season until early 2010.


limitations of integrated conference v1
Limitations of Integrated Conference v1

The exisitng integrated conference has a few limitations, some of which needed to be urgently addressed.

  • New IRLP reflectors use a different security model.
    • As a result, v1 conferences on new reflectors would be insecure!
  • Only one v1 integrated conference per reflector host possible without a lot of hacking.
    • Some reflector owners want multiple EchoLink conferences.
  • IRLP and EchoLink stations are managed separately.
    • Require access to two very different management interfaces!


irlp reflector 9550
IRLP Reflector 9550

A new reflector was estableshed in Adelaide, Australia.  This system serves two purposes:

  • To provide redundancy within Australia for IRLP and EchoLink connectivity.
  • A platform for developing new reflector technologies.
    • The Integrated Conference v2 was developed on ref9550.

Like other IRLP reflectors, ref9550 has significant Internet bandwidth, to cope with forseeable demands.


integrated conference v2 features 1
Integrated Conference v2 Features - 1
  • Integrates with new IRLP security model.  
  • Supports new IRLP "listen only" reflector feature, as well as enhanced listen only functionality.
  • Any number of channels, from 0 to all 10 reflector channels can be configured as integrated channels.  All integrated channels use a common set of scripts, with local configuration per channel.
  • Each channel can use sfreflect (standard IRLP reflector), thebridge, or thelinkbox (allows transcoding).
  • "Conference killer", which was an add-on for v1 and standalone EchoLink conferences is built into the V2 integrated conference, and can be enabled and configured on a per-channel basis.


integrated conference v2 features 2
Integrated Conference v2 Features - 2

New integrated management commands implemented, which can be accessed from an EchoLink client.

  • .imute - persistently mutes IRLP and EchoLink stations.  Muting is persistent across software and system restarts.
  • .iunmute - Undoes a .imute.
    • .imute and .iunmute can be used to allow stations to transmit on a listen only conference.
  • .ikick - kicks (disconnects) a station.  Station is able to reconnect, if they wish to.
  • .iban - Bans and unbans stations.  .iban determines the type of station being banned/unbanned, and then implements the ban using native IRLP or EchoLink access control mechanisms.


integrated conference v2 features 3
Integrated Conference v2 Features - 3

Transcoding conferences

If tlb is selected as the software for a particular channel, then the channel can be configured to transcode between GSM, ADPCM and uLaw codecs.  Transcoding conferences are inherently full duplex (though IRLP itself has no mechanism yet to inform nodes of this, and EchoLink doesn't support full duplex).

A transcoding conference can be used to enable EchoLink support on an ADPCM or uLaw reflector channel.


status of integrated conference v2 upgrades
Status of Integrated Conference v2 Upgrades

As of the start of 2010, here's the list of known and proposed v2 systems.


  • Reflector 9550 - Original development system
  • Reflector 9500 - Upgrade brought forward due to technical issue with a transcoder. - *VKEMCOMM* is on this system.


  • Reflector 9210 - VoIP WX Net - Early 2010
  • Reflector 9120 - New England Reflector - early 2010
  • Reflector 9610 - Great Lakes Reflector - TBD
  • Reflector 9250 - Western Reflector (not confirmed yet)


reflector 9550 channel allocation
Reflector 9550 Channel Allocation

Reflector 9550 utilises all of the major configurations possible.  Channel allocations are:

9550 - ADPCM using thelinkbox, no EchoLink.  Permanent 2 way link to ref9500.9551, 9552, 9553, 9554, 9556, 9557 - sfreflect (standard IRLP channel).9555 - Transcoding conference (uLaw on IRLP side), use VK3IRL-R on EchoLink.9558 - Standard v2 integrated channel, *VK3JED* on EchoLink.9559 - Standard v2 integrated channel, *AUSSIE* on EchoLink.

More information at .


links and questions
Links and Questions

You can read about the new integrated conference development process at .