building human capacity in collaboration with the itu l.
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Building Human Capacity in Collaboration with the ITU PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Human Capacity in Collaboration with the ITU

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Building Human Capacity in Collaboration with the ITU - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Human Capacity in Collaboration with the ITU Towards Knowledge Economy Jaroslaw K. Ponder i.a. Focal Point for Europe International Telecommunication Union This material do not necessarily reflects the views of the ITU or its membership. Agenda ITU Mission and Strategy

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building human capacity in collaboration with the itu

Building Human Capacity in Collaboration with the ITU

Towards Knowledge Economy

Jaroslaw K. Ponder

i.a. Focal Point for Europe

International Telecommunication Union

This material do not necessarily reflects the views of the ITU or its membership.

  • ITU Mission and Strategy
  • Building Human Capacity Worldwide
  • Towards Knowledge Economy
  • Ways to collaborate

international telecommunication union

itu in facts
ITU in Facts
  • International organization where governments and private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services
  • Founded in 1865, it is oldest specialized agency of the UN system
  • More than 140 years of experience in the communication sector

international telecommunication union

itu in facts4
ITU in Facts
  • Headquarters Geneva with 11 Regional Offices
  • Three Sectors – One Vision
    • ITU-T – Telecom Standardization
    • ITU-R – Radio-communications
    • ITU-D – Development Bureau
  • More than 750 staff and 80 nationalities
  • 191 Member States, 780 Sector Members & Sector Associates

international telecommunication union

the itu mission bringing the benefits of ict to all the world s inhabitants
The ITU Mission: Bringing the benefits of ICT to all the world’s inhabitants
  • Maintain and extend international cooperation in telecommunications
  • Harmonize actions of Member States and promote cooperation between Member States and Sector Members
  • Provide technical andpolicy assistance to developing countries and economies in transition

international telecommunication union

building human capacity globally
Building Human Capacity Globally


Delivery Mechanism


DAP (Doha action plan)


Networks of Regional and Local Experts


Training Sessions


HRD/M programme 5

Face to Face(Workshops)


Training Agreements

ITU eLearning Platform



Other eLearning Platform

Target Population

Managers and high level professionals from Telecom Sector: Administrations, Operators, Regulators, etc

Students, Technical Staff, Young entrepreneurs (focus on women, youth and disabled populations)

international telecommunication union

some hcb initiatives and projects
Some HCB Initiatives and Projects
  • ITU e-Learning Platform
  • Centre of Excellence (CoEs)
  • ToT (Tap on Telecom) (TOT)
  • HR e-Communities
  • Internet Training Centres Initiative (ITCI)
  • e-Community Learning & Information Centres

international telecommunication union

itu e learning platform
ITU e-Learning Platform
  • Since 1995 as a tool to deliver distance training in developing countries.
  • Major goals: Promoting the e-Learning culturein the telecommunication sector and to develop training programs.
  • Each yearmore than 1000 participantsare trained through more than 50 on-line courses in different domains.
  • Applied to different projects and initiatives, carried out in collaboration with telecom companies, universities, research institutes and administrations.

international telecommunication union

the itu e learning platform
The ITU e-Learning Platform
  • Online training in 8 major areas:
    • e-Services, Human Resource Development, Rural connectivity, IP awareness, Spectrum Management, Regulatory Issues, Technology awareness, Business Management
  • Postgraduates programmes:
    • Strategic Management of Telecommunications online
    • Telecommunications Technologies online
    • In partnership with ICU, Korea – scholarships for the Global IT Technology Program

international telecommunication union

the itu e learning platform10

Key Figures for 2006:

  • Participants: 1200
  • Training Providers: 35
  • Beneficiary countries: 60
  • Beneficiary Org.: 200
The ITU e-Learning Platform

Participants by Domains

international telecommunication union

centers of excellence network towards the global excellence network
Centers of Excellence NetworkTowards the Global Excellence Network
  • Regional mechanisms aimed at strengthening the capacity within each region in order to develop high-level know-how and expertise in
    • telecommunication policy
    • regulatory issues
    • corporate management
    • advanced telecommunication technology
  • More than 2500 ICT experts trained
  • More than 170 trainings planned in 2008

international telecommunication union

Human Capacity Building Training 3225 ICT Professionals Trained in 200780% through Centers of Excellence Network











2007: 410


Argentina (2), Bolivia, Bresil, Chile, Colombia (3), Costa-Rica, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay (2), Venezuela

2007: 1623


Damascus, Cairo, Amman, Tunis, Bahrain

2007: 281




2007: 643

Arab States

Damascus, Cairo, Amman, Tunis, Bahrain

2007: 245

international telecommunication union

tap on telecom
Tap on Telecom

Technical Assistance Program for developing countries

Objective: Next Generation Telecom Networks

Building Economic Prosperity

through Knowledge and Innovation

A partnership between IIT, the International Telecommunication Union and its Centre of Excellence Network, with the

support of the Canadian Government

international telecommunication union

tap on telecom14
Tap on Telecom

The TAP ON TELECOM hands-on approach… through remote access to IIT platform

Remote access to IIT’s Montreal Lab for training on Fiber Optics Network, MPLS, SDH, ATM, IP Cyber Security, as well as Optical Testing, Network Monitoring and Performance Management

A VPN Gateway (Hosted in a Virtual Machine on the Teacher’s laptop) will be installed to interconnect the classroom Ethernet network setup to the IIT LAB network.

international telecommunication union

creating hr communities
Creating HR Communities
  • Building a network of HR managers to respond to the evolving HR trend;
  • Creation of an HR virtual community to discuss common-interest topics;
  • Strengthening of the HR function of regulatory authorities;
  • Organization of regional meetings on new trends in the HRM/HRD function;
  • And development of training evaluation models to identify the training impact in the working environment.

international telecommunication union

the itci project in partnership with cisco
The ITCI Project in Partnership with CISCO
  • ITC Initiative for Developing Countries launched in May 2001 in partnership with Cisco Systems.
  • To provide students and professionals in developing countries with affordable training in Internet Protocol (IP) networking.
  • There are now 66 centres, in 56 countries
  • More then 4,000 graduates
  • 20 centres have been expanded to include varied curriculum such as cabling, wireless and IT essentials

international telecommunication union

the itci project


Local Academy-44

Regional Academy-22

Expanded Academy-20

MoC Academy-19

The ITCI Project


Academies 12

Graduates: 410

Continuing students: 373

Female percentage: 22.25%

Active Instructors: 46

Female Instructors: 8


Academies 7

Graduates: 441

Continuing students: 513

Female percentage: 24.37%

Active Instructors: 26

Female Instructors: 6


Academies 21

Graduates: 532

Continuing students: 744

Female percentage: 19.2%

Active Instructors: 53

Female Instructors: 11


Academies 9

Graduates: 339

Continuing students: 470

Female percentage: 24.5%

Active Instructors: 41

Female Instructors: 10


Academies 17

Graduates: 1369

Continuing students: 1029

Female percentage: 36.4%

Active Instructors: 65

Female Instructors: 12

Data as of Sept 2006

international telecommunication union

eu itu internet training centers
EU-ITU Internet Training Centers
  • A project jointly funded by the EC & ITU to provide skills in open source technologies and promote entrepreneurship.
  • 140-hour course – using a blended learning approach to build skills
  • Online curriculum developed on “How to build e-Secure Web-Based Services”
    • Student Module
    • Instructor Module
    • Learning Tracking Utility

international telecommunication union

be itu partner in building capacity
Be ITU Partner in Building Capacity
  • Provide Expertise for
    • any of the listed domains in any/all regions of the world in any language (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese). To participate, lead, contribute to the workshops and CoE activities.
    • distance learning, web-based curricula, e-learning courseware and tools. To serve as a tutor for any of the online courses that we conduct in the various domains.
  • Contribute Reference/Training Material for
    • Online training course/content for the E-learning Platform.
    • Content in other forms such as providing relevant reference materials.

New Opportunities for

Win-Win Partnership

  • Project expansion
  • Pilot initiatives
  • New projects

international telecommunication union

data information knowledge







Data  Information  Knowledge

international telecommunication union

ways to collaborate with itu

Full membership

Selected sector


Works within selected Study Group

Access to documentation

May serve as rapporteur or editor



ICT Experts

Experts Assignments

Workshops, Confer.

Study Groups, Focus Groups

Students (BA, MA, PhD)

Internship, YES

Youth Forum


Visiting professors or researchers


Ways to Collaborate with ITU





international telecommunication union

towards increased collaboration itu t consultation meeting 18 19 january 2007
Towards increased collaborationITU-T Consultation Meeting: 18/19 January 2007
  • Creation of an ITU-T/Academia Steering Committee (IASC).
  • Preparation of promotion plan for ITU-T activities (workshops, meetings, etc) in the academic environment
  • Development of an action plan for educational initiatives.
  • Identification of opportunities for the organization of workshops and symposia, possibly co-located with ITU-T meetings and harmonized with the ITU-T Workshop/Seminar programme.

international telecommunication union

towards increased collaboration itu t consultation meeting 18 19 january 200723
Towards increased collaborationITU-T Consultation Meeting: 18/19 January 2007
  • Free selective access to working documents and ITU-T Recommendations could be granted on a case-by-case basis to professors, e.g. as support for preparing graduate and undergraduate courses and for supporting research projects.
  • Definition of a new membership category to allow easier participation of academia in the work of ITU-T.
  • Promotion of the mechanisms that allow participation of members of academia as experts in ITU-T activities with no or very limited financial engagement.

international telecommunication union

kaleidoscope conferences
Kaleidoscope Conferences
  • Innovations in NGN: Future Network and Services
  • Geneva 12-13 May 2008
  • Three Thematic Tracks
  • NGN architecture evolution
  • Application and services over the NGN
  • Social, economic and policy issues in the
  • ubiquitous societies
  • First Results
  • More than 80 professors as papers reviewers
  • More than 140 scientific papers received and around 50% will be presented at the Conference
  • 75% of papers from academic institutions

international telecommunication union


Thank you for your attention!




Jaroslaw K. Ponder

i.a. Focal Point for Europe &

Project Manager for ITU Center of Excellence in Europe and CIS

International Telecommunication Union


international telecommunication union