artificial intelligence life l.
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Artificial Intelligence/Life

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Artificial Intelligence/Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Artificial Intelligence/Life. Presented by James H. Sunshine September 2, 2004. Overview. Definitions Intelligence Life Evolution Morality. Definitions.

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artificial intelligence life

Artificial Intelligence/Life

Presented by

James H. Sunshine

September 2, 2004

  • Definitions
  • Intelligence
  • Life
  • Evolution
  • Morality
  • Genetic Algorithms: An evolutionary algorithm which generates each individual from some encoded form known as a "chromosome" or "genome". Chromosomes are combined or mutated to breed new individuals.
  • Evolutionary Computing: An algorithm which incorporates aspects of natural selection or survival of the fittest. An evolutionary algorithm maintains a population of structures (usually randomly generated initially), that evolves according to rules of selection, recombination, mutation and survival, referred to as genetic operators.
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence: the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively; "workers in AI hope to imitate or duplicate intelligence in computers and robots"
artificial intelligence5
Artificial Intelligence
  • Creating a singular program/entity capable of independent, creative thought.
  • Creating a species of programs/entities. (i.e. web-bots)
  • Is Deep Blue intelligent?
artificial life
Artificial Life
  • Artificial Life: The study of synthetic systems which behave like natural living systems in some way. Artificial Life complements the traditional biological sciences concerned with the analysis of living organisms by attempting to create lifelike behaviors within computers and other artificial media.
  • Efloys – group/community behavior made of simpler behaviors
  • Traveling SalesPerson – mind-numbing tasks using genetic algorithms
  • Conway's Game of Life – simple cellular behavior
  • Self Replicating Loops – complex cellular behavior
  • Neural Networks– Adaptive behavior
  • The Evolution of self-replicating loops
  • Colonies???
what s the point
What’s the point?
  • New ways to solve problems? New problems to solve?
  • Pattern recognition – security applications.
  • Redundancy – the internet.
  • Study/breakdown of real world behaviors.
moral implications
Moral implications…
  • If we create artificial intelligence/life, is it murder to pull the plug?
  • Will we allow a “community” to develop its own rules/morals?
  • Will we see each other as a threat? (Skynet…)
  • What can we learn about ourselves watching artificial beings interact?
the big question
The big question…
  • If a machine can think (and proves to us humans that it can), what rights does that machine have?
  • Artificial Intelligence/Life are providing new methods of solving problems.
  • The study of one or more “life forms” is providing insight into organic behaviors.
  • Organic behavior is helping to solve age-old and some new problems.
  • Will we ever produce a truly “intelligent” machine?
  • AIDepot
  • Artis
  • Artificial Life and Other Experiments
  • :: Jeff
  • Hiroki Sayama, D.Sc.
  • University of Texas