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Analyzing Scorers: Their Details

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Analyzing Scorers: Their Details - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Analyzing Scorers: Their Details. VAPG by: Carl Rainey DATCP, 608-224-5139. Overview. Basic problem areas Business viability Customer base/Increased returns Commitments of Support Management Team/Work Force Budget/Narrative. If you build it, they will come.

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analyzing scorers their details

Analyzing Scorers: Their Details


by: Carl Rainey

DATCP, 608-224-5139

  • Basic problem areas
  • Business viability
  • Customer base/Increased returns
  • Commitments of Support
  • Management Team/Work Force
  • Budget/Narrative
if you build it they will come
If you build it, they will come....
  • It sells great at the local farmers market....
  • My family loves it....
  • The local Extension service featured it....
  • I’ll build a web site......

If it was easy, you wouldn’t be sitting here trying to figure it out!

and the verdict is
And the Verdict is......
  • Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw
  • Sometimes it’s lack of attention to detail:
    • 424A
      • Requested amount does not add up correctly
      • No match recorded
      • Incorrect match (not real match)
    • TOC: Missing sections
and the verdict is1
And the Verdict is......
  • Project Budget Expenses
    • Not eligible expenses
      • Construction
      • For future, not past expenses
      • Planning included W/C expenses
  • Pro Formas
    • Include monthly/annual cash flow, income statements, and balance sheet
    • Must be for future (used calander year)
  • Verification of match: ending balance => cash match
criterian i business viability
Criterian i-Business Viability.
  • More detail needed
    • Cost
    • Units: number needed and growth
    • Revenue increase
    • Number of customers
    • Where are potential customers
  • Goals: not discussed
  • Long-term feasibility: not discussed
  • Marketing/Sales procedures not discussed
  • Feasibility study – study not for this project
criterian ii customer base
Criterian ii-Customer Base
  • Competition: not addressed
  • Narrative lacking on financial statements
  • Marketing campaign: outcomes not discussed
  • Many comments: no who, what, and where
  • Revenue back to farmer/producer
  • Lacking LOC from customers
criterian iii commitments of support
Criterian iii-Commitments of Support
  • Lacking community endorsements
  • Lacking potential customer letters
  • Lacking end-user commitment letters
    • Intended purchases
    • Pending contracts
  • Some applicants used “form” letters
  • Customer support letters do not match project
criterian iv management team work force
Criterian IV-Management Team/Work Force
  • Lacking new labor “source”-where is it?
  • Lacking details about management gap – how will it be satisfied?
  • Expertise does not match position
  • Lacking details about skills and capabilities
  • Education level not mentioned
  • Positive labor treatment got “rave” reviews
criterian v budget narrative
Criterian V - Budget/Narrative
  • Lacking of justification details
  • Outcomes missing
  • Narrative does not match budget – numbers do not match (attention to details)
  • Budget did not present details:
    • Tasks
    • Timelines
    • Funds
  • If major focus is marketing, then budget should be used on marketing efforts
  • Every point counts
  • Pay attention to $ requested per producer
  • Use a “third party reviewer”
  • Conflicting data kills scores
  • Scorers bring different areas of concern to the table – they are not all the same
  • Luck is a player, but eliminate concern areas as much as possible