physical and chemical changes
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Physical and Chemical Changes

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Physical and Chemical Changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physical and Chemical Changes. Change is all around!!!!. Physical property – a characteristic that can be measured or detected by the senses. Physical Change. Physical change – a change in the size, shape, or state of matter with no new matter being formed.

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physical and chemical changes
Physical and Chemical Changes

Change is all around!!!!

physical change
Physical Change
  • Physical change – a change in the size, shape, or state of matter with no new matter being formed.
  • The substances may be changed to another phase (i.e. gas, liquid, solid) or separated or combined.
physical change1
Physical Change
  • Examples:
  • when ice melts
  • when sulfur is mixed with iron filings.
  • breaking a glass
  • dissolving sugar in water
  • Cutting a piece of paper or wood
common examples of physical change
Common Examples of Physical Change

1.ripped paper2.boiling water3.pumping oil4.smashing your car5.shattering a light bulb6.sharpening a pencil7.freezing water8.cutting iron9.rising of bread dough10.melting iron

chemical change
Chemical Change
  • Chemical change – a change in matter that results in new substances being formed.
  • A chemical change is irreversible.
  • Chemical reaction- a reaction happens when two or more molecules interact and the molecules change.
chemical change1
Chemical Change
  • Examples:
  • Magnesium wire burns producing white ash of MgO
  • When Zinc is combined with Hydrochloric Acid
  • When food is metabolized in the body
  • Burning a piece of paper or wood
common examples of chemical change
Common Examples of Chemical Change

1.rusting of iron2.exploding of dynamite3.digestion of food4.moldy cheese5.souring milk6.reaction of chlorine with sodium7.wood rotting8.flammability9.things that react with water to form a gas10.things that react with a base to form water

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