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Africa Tic Tac Toe

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Africa Tic Tac Toe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Africa Tic Tac Toe. Instructions. 1. You and a partner are responsible for picking one square in each row, and two other squares of your choice. You will complete 5 of the 9 squares.

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Africa Tic Tac Toe

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  • 1. You and a partner are responsible for picking one square in each row, and two other squares of your choice. You will complete 5 of the 9 squares.
  • 2. You will have Two class periods to do the research and work. Then you will present your four products to the class, explaining them/reading them, etc.
  • 3. Plan ahead – if you are going to make a poster, bring a poster to class so you can work on it.


Poem about Nigeria’s Problems

Crossword about Sudan’s Issues


Poster to End Child Soldiering

Create a map showing China’s Influence in Africa

Poster about Ethnic Violence in Africa

Poster about Zimbabwe’s Problems


Pamphlet Discussing AIDS in Africa

News Report about Growth of Deserts

News Report about North Africa’s Revolutions


  • Write a poem (or song lyrics) that describe the issues and events in the history of Nigeria.
    • You can talk about religious differences, tribal conflict, pop. Growth, etc.
child soldiering
Child Soldiering
  • Create a poster that advocates an end to Child Soldiering.
    • Include visuals, statistics, consequences, history, etc.


sudan darfur
  • Create a crossword puzzle with at least 20 words that describe the events and issues surrounding The Sudan and its troubled Darfur province.
    • Write the clues as well


  • Create a poster showing the many issues facing Zimbabwe, including:
    • Redistribution of property, forces selling of white owned businesses and farms,
    • Economic issues: inflation, negative growth,
    • Political corruption,
    • Medical concerns.
ethnic violence
Ethnic Violence
  • Create a poster about Ethnic Violence in Africa
    • Include information from countries such as Kenya, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Rwanda, etc.
    • Genocide
    • Visual and Informative.
china s influence in africa
China’s Influence in Africa
  • Create a map showing where China is involved and is influencing Africa.
    • Discuss how they are involved with bullet points extending from the map.
    • What are they doing there in the first place?
aids in africa
AIDS in Africa
  • Make a pamphlet that discusses the impact of AIDS in Africa.
    • Include locations, causes, and predict what the impact of AIDS will be on Africa’s future.
  • Write a news report about the growth of deserts in Africa.
    • Include information about the Sahara and the Namib deserts.
    • Discuss what is happening to the Sahel, and Lake Chad.
north african revolutions
North African Revolutions
  • Create a news report about the current “revolutions” taking place in north Africa today.
    • Be sure to include events in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt.
    • Why are people challenging their leaders? Who is taking control, etc.?