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An educational project of Peoples Lobby (PLEF) Educational Foundation and Peoples Lobby (PLI).

The World – including America -- can’t wait for The power of our example America’s World Service Corps (AWSC) Dwayne Hunn. An educational project of Peoples Lobby (PLEF) Educational Foundation and Peoples Lobby (PLI). www.peoplelobby.us www.worldservicecorps.us.

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An educational project of Peoples Lobby (PLEF) Educational Foundation and Peoples Lobby (PLI).

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  1. The World – including America -- can’t wait forThe power of our exampleAmerica’s World Service Corps (AWSC)Dwayne Hunn • An educational project of Peoples Lobby (PLEF) Educational Foundation and Peoples Lobby (PLI). • www.peoplelobby.us • www.worldservicecorps.us

  2. This presentation gives an overview Of world needs Urges you to support sending our best resources to address those needs Via helping enact Peoples Lobby’s American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals

  3. A donation to PLI or PLEF will purchase this presentation • Using it allows your school, group, etc., to build support for enacting PLI’s AWSC legislation.

  4. We need more angels of reason PLEF AP Photo Davis Enterprise, OP Ed David Dionisi 8-6-06

  5. The World’s More Dangerous “If you are the top dog, all the other dogs are always biting and chasing after you.”

  6. Keep the top dog healthy by • Reducing the number of dogs snapping at your heals…. • Making more friends than enemies. • Or suffer a thousand debilitating cuts…

  7. Is this the answer we want to give the world? AdBuster Magazine Jan 2007

  8. America’s World Service Corps (AWSC) is the answer • AWSC can reduce the hungry, angry, attacking packs… • Builds a world of growing, prospering, rational nations -- including ours.

  9. AWSC builds • Homes, health, understanding, crops, small businesses… • Reduces poverty, terrorist recruitment, hatreds, aftereffects of disasters…

  10. AWSC is needed now… • Many world problems stem from … • Ugly perceptions of us growing in the world • Lack of our grassroots, practical participation in the world • Wrong kind of participation in the world.

  11. Our policies… foreign aid, free trade, mega corporate collusions, etc., are increasingly seen by the world’s peoples as… Covers for America’s Economic Hit men that hurt their nation’s common people.

  12. Flowing US Foreign Aid $$$ US AID Earmarked BigConsultingfirms Mega Corps Mega Projects Privatize Energy Infrastructure Military Cities Water Manufacturing Farming Military LDC www.globalissues.org/TradeRelated/Debt/Scale.asp

  13. LDCs Big Squueze Mega Loans To Mega-Corps Mega Projects Unpayable Privatize Debtor Nation Water Manufacturing Farming Military Energy Infrastructure Military Cities World Bank Rules “You owe us. Big time..

  14. Debt trap can claim all surplus production The size of the debt trap can claim all surplus production of a society…. And is harming lesser developed nations. One trillion dollars compounded at 10% year become $117 trillion in fifty years…. Even US DEBT CEILING was RAISED TO 9 TRILLION March 2006 Debt/Scale.asp

  15. Third World debt compounding over 20% per year between 1973 and 1993, from $100 billion to $1.5 trillion Only $400 billion of the $1.5 trillion was actually borrowed money. The rest was runaway compound interest. If Third World debt continues to compound at 20 percent per year, the $117 trillion debt will be reached in eighteen years and the $13.78 quadrillion debt in thirty-four years.

  16. Stable nations are built when..

  17. US aid to developing countries = .22 % of Gross National Income • Includes debt relief to Iraq, Nigeria, Tsunami. www.oecd.org World Ark, Heifer International

  18. Since 2003 U.S. earmarked • $3 trillion to a trumped-up Iraq War • Money that could have gone to • Jobs, education, health care, high speed rail, green tech at home… • That $$$ could have strengthened our families, provided jobs, and grown our economy… • We need to be involved with problems to know how to solve them…

  19. Robust AWSC can help this too

  20. Adding $20 billion AWSC cost =U.S. contributes .38% GNI • Assumes using 2005 GNP/GNI with no increase. • Estimate an increase of $800 billion GNP and annual increase reduces Foreign Aid %age.

  21. Worst unemployment/productivity • Middle East & North Africa… • Highest unemployment rate in the world, 13.2%. • Worse than in sub-Saharan Africa. • Iraq – 55%? • 5.5% GDP growth 1993-2003 – ok but.. • Productivity –- how efficiently GDP resources used • Increased .1% annually. • Better than only one sub-Saharan Africa nation. • Arab world only area where productivity did not increase with GDP growth. UN Intern LaborOffice (ILO)

  22. Africa… Middle East

  23. Arab Youth • Nearly 60% of Arab world is under 25 with limited employment opportunities. • ILO estimates region spinning out 500,000 more unemployed each year. • India, China turning out scientific, innovative, critical thinkers. Muslim world not keeping pace. UN Intern LaborOffice (ILO)

  24. Dwayne Hunn: Arab university system • “Paksitan’s public universities (and all but a handful of private) are intellectual rubble, their degrees of little consequence…” Nuclear physics professor, Pervez Hoodbhoy, of Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad. • Pakistanis registered only 8 patents internationally in 57 years. Pakistan Council for Science & Technology. http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=51994&SelectRegion=Asia

  25. Arab Educational Results? • Education in science, modernity declining since the 14th century… • Therefore, unprepared young easily enraged with modernity. • Backward religious teachers, madrases, dictators preach and teach their narrow views. National Drug IntelligenceCt. Natl. DrugThreatAssessment

  26. 21st Century Middle East Map from American Hiroshima book

  27. Among 460 million… In the 13 nations of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Omar, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, about 460 million reside…

  28. How many Peace Corps volunteers serve there? • In 2005 … 39 PCVs served. • In 2006 … 58 PCVs served. Peace Corps web site

  29. Nations Sudan Eritrea United Arab Republic Kuwait Turkey Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) 16 …. 1984-86 0 0 0 0 Add 134 million more world citizens Peace Corps stats 2006

  30. In 18 mostly Muslim countries of 578,340,251 In Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Omar, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, UAR, Kuwait, Turkey One PCV for every 9,971,384 helps build Stability? Jordan PCV Gallery

  31. AddIndonesia’s 245,452,739 • Largely Muslim population. • How many PCVs serve there today? 0 • How many PCVs have served there since 1961? 47 from 1963-65

  32. So in 19 mostly Muslim countries of 823,792,990 In Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Omar, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, UAR, Kuwait, Turkey, and Indonesia One PCV for each 14,203,327 • Presents the building, caring, educating face of America.

  33. Add Somalia & Ethiopia Population PCVs 2006 Somalia 8,300,000 0 Ethiopia 74,777,981 0 In 21 mostly Muslim countries of 906,870,971 One PCV for each 15,635,706 • Shares and exchanges American ideas and ideals with their peoples. • Assist in building stability.

  34. Our Somalian policy A communiqué issued after the hurriedly convened meeting is filled with diplomatic but nonspecific references to the need for "enhanced multilateral engagement" and "overall coordination of the international community's support.“ The countries in the group are the United States, Britain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Tanzania. The document represents a resurgence for the State Department, where officials have been critical of the Bush administration's policy on Somalia, which consisted largely of C.I.A. payments to Somali warlords to help them defeat the Islamists. New York Times 6-16-06 6 Nations Urge Talks in Somalia for Exiled Rulers and Islamists

  35. Islamic militia extends control over Somalia • “Islamic militants captured the last strategic town held by their warlord rivals Wednesday, consolidating their control over a large swarth of Somalia even as the country’s parliament called for help from foreign peacekeepers.” San Francisco Chronicle Juen 15, 2006

  36. Who knew?.. Islamic militia extends control over Somalia • Henry Compton, the State Department counterterrorism coordinator, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday that his department didn’t anticipate the events in Somalia and has an “imperfect understanding” of the Islamic group. San Francisco Chronicle June 15, 2005

  37. Somalia’s Islamic group More than 10,000 Somalis demonstrated Friday… incensed by rumors that troops from Ethiopia, Somalia’s historic rival… might intervene (with troops)… The Islamic group, accused by the U.S. of harboring al Qaeda, portrays itself as free of links to Somalia’s past turmoil and capable of brining and unity. Somalias hit streets amid troop proposals 6-17-06 SF Chronicle

  38. New Militant Leader Emerges in Mogadishu Rise of Somali Sheik (Hassam Aweys) Tied to Terrorism Is Seen as Blow to US In recent years, the US launched a covert program to pay Mogadishu’s warlords for their assistance in tracking down those in Somalia with links to terrorism. The policy backfired, however, when Islamists banded together earlier this year and took on American-backed warlords… NY Times June 26, 2006

  39. Kindness counts? “No act of kindness, no matter how small, goes unrewarded.” Aesop

  40. Strength in numbers counts in war or peace? • Our smart military commanders remind us that in traditional or guerrilla warfare overwhelming force is needed for victory. • In the end, they repeat, that must include overwhelming foot soldiers.

  41. Ultimate victory requires? • General Tony Zinni: “I saw that military success on the battlefield alone was not going to give us ultimate victory….” • Today’s smart military commanders know that for 21st century wars one needs peaceful, productive feet on the ground building “stability.”

  42. General Zinni on NGOs “The military may bring emergency capacities at scales and speeds that NGOs can’t begin to approach; the NGOs bring a depth of un­derstanding of the needs, requirements, and capacities for long-term recovery that we don’t have.” “I came away from Project Comfort with the realization that NGOs were new partners on the battlefield and we needed to learn how to work together..” Battle for Peace p. 77 p. 80

  43. Developed world’s job Gen. Zinni • “Our job in the developed world is not to command and direct but to help, support, and empower. And there's a big place in this for every variety of actor: governments, regional organizations, international organizations, NGOs, ad hoc international coalitions, single individuals, groups and organizations within nations . - . anyone who wants to help, who can work with the others, and who can do the job effectively.” Battle for Peace

  44. Not Foreign Aid “We must think of these actions not as “foreign aid” that tosses billions of dollars down some sinkhole of corruption but as investments in our own security and stability. By helping others--a good in itself--we are also greatly lessening the threats to our own well-being.” General Zinni Battle for Peace p 221

  45. “Or we can do nothing…” Gen. Zinni “We have a choice. We can do all we can to create stability ad order in the world. Or we can do nothing, hunker down, and gamble that the instability and chaos out there will not migrate over here – knowing that steel and electronic barricades will never seal our borders.” Battle Forr Peace P220

  46. America’s Response • Build more military bases, deploy more troops, dramatically increase military budgets. • Kill perceived and “ignorant” enemies. • Increase public relations, media, Radio America budgets. • Lecture, talk, pay journalists.

  47. “If the Pentagon’s map is more urgent, the Peace Corp’s is, perhaps, in the long run the most important..... What happens in India, Africa, and South America -- whether the nations where the Peace Corps works succeed or not -- may well determine the balance of peace.” Sarge ShriverPeace Corps First Director

  48. “When President Kennedy took office, he put Sarge (Shriver) in charge of making the Peace Corps a reality… As Jack liked to say, he’d rather send in the Peace Corps than the Marine Corps, and Sarge was his Peace Corps commandant who always got the job done, establishing new beachheads of hope and opportunity in lands that had never known them before.

  49. Send a million… can-do Americans? • Would sending a million Americans through the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Head Start, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, OxFam, Mercy Corps, and State Conservation Corps make a difference?

  50. Building or bombing? To build a Habitat home • Global village home: $600 to $8,000 • A stateside home: less than $60,000 To arm ourselves • Kevlar vest: $1,600 • An Armored Humvee: $150,000 • One F22: $153 million

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