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“ THE GOD OF THE ANIMALS” . Presented by: Mikaela Phillips . Introduction of the story .

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Presented by mikaela phillips


Presented by: Mikaela Phillips

Presented by mikaela phillips

Introduction of the story

This character gets her self in a lot of trouble at times in the story and at other times she is good and her name is Alice Winston….. Her sister ran away and married a cowboy. And Winstons`s mother is always in her bed….

The god of animals
The God Of Animals

“ Alice Winston`s sister Nona ran off to marry a cowboy that worked at a rodeo and she has not been getting home. But she has been sending post cards when ever she stops and stays for a while and then Nona tells her little sister how everything is and how she is doing. She wanted to make her father to make sure that she was okay.” ( pg.1 )

When Alice got the postcard from her sister Alice is really upset. She doesn’t want to go and make sure everything is okay……

The god of animals1
The God Of Animals

it will not be good for the family . They could be down for awhile and then they could turn out to be okay for now sense that they have someone to help them out now. So now they can start up on the business again and everybody wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Alice Winston`s father had a business and then when the business was going down they didn’t have much money for anything… “ ( pg.8)

The god of animals2
The God Of Animals

Its not good for someone to lay in bed all the time because its not good for them at all

“ Alice Winston mother didn’t always get in the things she use to. Because her other daughter ran off with a cowboy and then she wrights notes and things to the family”. ( pg. 14)

The god of animals3
The God Of Animals

  • “Alice Winston`s friend died she fell in the canal and couldn’t get out and she dronded.” ( pg. 21)

  • The students where depressed about the lost of their friend. Many where okay about it, it was sad for everybody.

The god of the animals setting slide one
The God Of The Animals setting slide one

  • “ It`s summer and it`s the hottest day of the year, the horses are getting hot, and so is the farmer, when he works on the farm he is not comfortable in the weather an he complains about it.”

  • This is important because it reveals about how the character is not happy about any of this.

The god of animal setting slide two
The god of animal setting slide two

  • “ Along the dirt road is a canal full of water. Its hot and humid. As Alice Winston walks home she is surrounded by may flies”

    This character is hot and she is tired and she doesn`t like that the flies are bothering her. She had a long day and she is frustrated about something

The god of animals setting slide three
The God Of Animals setting slide three.

  • “ In her room in the darkness and hot room with certain are closed with no air coming in at all. The mother sits there on the bed and watch TV. in complete silent” ( pg. 23)

  • This is not a good thing for the mother because she needs to go out and get some fresh air.

The god of animals4
The god of animals!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice Winston is not to happy about everything that’s going on. Because she feels so tired about everything and she doesn’t enjoy anything at all. And she works in the summer time. And she just doesn’t think any of this that she does is fair. Her sister ran away. And now Alice Winston always does everything for her sister and she doesn’t have the time to right her.

The god of the animals
THE GOD OF THE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aryn is one of the greatest author of all times…….

    She went to the University of Montana at this writing programs and she graduated and “ the god of the animals” is one of the best stories all around. Aryn got a Atlantic monthly national magazine award in the year of 2004