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Game 398 Character Themes

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Game 398 Character Themes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Game 398 Character Themes. By Tyler Wallace. Battle of the Louvre. The artwork has come to life! Only the lone guard can keep these fictional beings from breaking out and terrorizing the outside world. . Bobble Head Battlers.

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Presentation Transcript
battle of the louvre
Battle of the Louvre
  • The artwork has come to life! Only the lone guard can keep these fictional beings from breaking out and terrorizing the outside world.
bobble head battlers
Bobble Head Battlers
  • These Bobble Heads wish to knock heads in combat. Various characters based off fictional or real life people fight over the right to be the champion of the Bobble Arena.
junk yard animals
Junk Yard Animals
  • Part natural form, part machine, 100% fearsome. These animal shaped robots use the scrap pieces around them to augment their bodies for combat.
pizza party at the m onster mash
Pizza Party at the Monster Mash
  • You are a pizza boy doingthe last delivery of the night to a party held at the lone house on top of the hill. Only you do not know the mad owner has invited his monster friends to eat what ever they please.
go go dancer revolution
Go-Go Dancer Revolution
  • As a dancer you wish to be on the world stage. Garbed in the greatest fashions of the 20th century these characters wish to claim the main stage so they can strut their stuff.
b movie astronaut on plant q
B Movie Astronaut on Plant Q
  • As the lone captain of a star force cruiser you crash land on the dangerous Planet Q. Can you repair your ship well hunted by the local warring alien and robot armies.
japanese heroes
Japanese Heroes
  • Fancy armor and calling out your attacks, these are the traits of a true hero. Using their respective powers these warriors fight for peace and understanding.
dinosaurs with attitude
Dinosaurs With Attitude
  • From the prehistoric to modern day, these dinosaurs have learned to be cool. With a standoffish personality and slick shades they show the human race how to live life to the fullest.
milkman rampage
Milkman Rampage
  • Fired after 15 years of faithful service this milkman is about to go postal. Rampaging across 1950’s America they will make sure to leave their mark on the era.
eldritch circus
Eldritch Circus
  • A place found at the limits of human comprehension, filled with humanoid monstrosities. This circus on the edge between surreal and horror; tests the will of children unlucky enough to enter its tent.