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Global Green Space: An Emerging International Urban Parks Network Downsview Park Unique Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Green Space: An Emerging International Urban Parks Network Downsview Park Unique Strategy

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Global Green Space: An Emerging International Urban Parks Network Downsview Park Unique Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Green Space: An Emerging International Urban Parks Network Downsview Park Unique Strategy

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    1. Global Green Space: An Emerging International Urban Parks Network Downsview Park Unique Strategy/Unique Results September 22, 2008

    2. Unique Opportunity Downsview Park represents an unprecedented opportunity to create a new sustainable community within a National Urban Park in the heart of the Canada largest urban community PDP plan embodies the vision for the Park as a unique urban recreational green space, a safe and peaceful place developed according to the principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability, for Canadians to enjoy in all seasons with the core values of sustainability, stewardship, play, beauty and legacy National Urban Park will constitute 64% of the 572-acre site

    3. Parc Downsview Park Inc. Background In February 1994, the Government of Canada called for the closure of Canadian Forces Base Toronto (Downsview) In December 1995, the Government of Canada directed the Canada Lands Company CLC Limited (CLC) to manage the initial planning and development process for the Downsview Lands

    4. Parc Downsview Park Inc. Parc Downsview Park Inc.(PDP) was established as a non-agent Crown Corporation and a subsidiary of the Canada Lands Company Limited in July 1998 Twelve member Board was announced in February 1999 International Design Competition launches vision for the lands April 1999 Change in Governance of the Corporation September 2003 Government approved the land transfer of 572 acres from DND to PDP -May 2005 Transfer and borrowing authority were completed in December 2006. Authority to borrow by end of 2006 Park Building Officially Begins - 2007 Board was appointed by CLC after consultation with the Minister of Public Works and Government Services and the Minister responsible for CLC.Board was appointed by CLC after consultation with the Minister of Public Works and Government Services and the Minister responsible for CLC.

    5. Crown Corporation Reports to Parliament of Canada through Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Submits Corporate Plan and Annual Report to Parliament annually activities and operations are open, accountable and transparent Board of Directors appointed by Government to set framework to implement the mandate of Corporation

    6. Downsview Park Canadas national urban park in the GTA Model for sustainable development and design innovation Total area 572 acres Total park 365 acres Total development 207 acres Excellent transportation access (up to 3 subway stops, 400 series highways, Allen Road, Go Transit, Runway) Existing assets including some heritage buildings Located at the divide between Black Creek and Don River Watersheds

    7. Downsview Park Heart of the Greater Toronto Area

    8. PDPs Mandate To develop more than half of the allotted land for Downsview Park as a unique urban recreational green space, to be held in perpetuity for the enjoyment of future generations To be entirely self-financing from sources outside federal appropriations To be a positive federal presence in the GTA and for all Canadians

    9. International Design Competition

    10. Principles that form Basis of Plan Designed to support environmental, social and economic sustainability A place for exploration, innovation and learning and a sense of stewardship for grassroots groups, community and educational organizations, businesses and all Canadians Culture, sport, technology and nature mingle in the spirit of play Its beauty will continue to evolve and serve as a legacy for future generations

    11. Sustainable Development Simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity Adopting a sustainable mindset will help Canadians build proud communities where we will want to live and bring up future generations and be a global leader

    12. Economic Sustainability Self-financing Approximately 207 acres will be dedicated to opportunities that add value to the public open space and complement the Park All revenues received shall be applied to park infrastructure, operation and maintenance requirements No government grants No cost to the taxpayer

    13. Social Sustainability The Park offers a place for exploration, innovation and learning Engages the public through many recreational, cultural and educational programs Entertains the public with seasonal and special events Invites and involves the public with design and decision making Enriches the lives of all those who participate

    14. Environmental Sustainability Synthesize natural systems and urban forms through innovative design Increase tree canopy, capture and cleansing of rain water and evolution of a balanced eco-system Urban areas will be compact, support transit and foster a healthy environment by integrating public green spaces within new and existing areas Development will require minimum silver LEED certification

    15. Sustainable Community Development Plan & Guidelines Embrace and reinforce the vision set forth for Downsview Park Ensure the cohesive character of all 572 acres of both open space and community development Circulation within the park and its green communities focus on walking, bicycling and public transit Facilitated by a network of sidewalks, paths and cycling routes Roads for vehicular traffic located along perimeter of park with efficient parking areas

    16. Plan Details National Urban Park Neighbourhoods Park Today/Programming

    17. Plan Overview National Urban Park & Neighbourhoods National Urban Park increased to 64% - Mandate required just more than half be Park 20m. Landscaped Park Edge provided to be used for public activities At gateway sites external roadways link to Park and provides setbacks for signage, lighting and street furniture Green areas directly connected to core park area Neighbourhoods are designed to permit buildings to frame green courtyards and public open spaces

    18. Plan Overview National Urban Park & Neighbourhoods Residential uses reflect diversity of types scale and built form; all buildings must attain minimum silver LEED certification Multi-family focus in 3 neighbourhoods (Stanley Greene, William Baker & Allen) reflect new policy context as well as market demands

    19. Cultivation Campus Community Gardens Urban Agriculture Community Facilities Park Maintenance Facilities Combine acresCombine acres

    20. Promenade Passive Recreation Canada Forest Trails for Hiking & Cycling The Lake The Mound The Meadow

    21. Action Zone High Activity Recreation Concerts Splash Pad Skating Rink

    22. Cultural Commons 22.5 ac Performing Arts Creative Work Space Artisan Workshops Educational & Cultural Uses Shops, Cafes & Restaurants Toronto Aerospace Museum

    23. Downsview Park Sports Centre 70.2 ac 450,000 sq. ft. Facility Year round indoor sports and training Outdoor Sports Retail & Food Outlets Bombardier requirements

    24. Green Communities Five green communities surrounding and supporting the Park Mixed use (residential and non-residential) and varied density support upcoming transit system Each with green space and access to the Park Each will be developed in accordance with PDPs Sustainable Community Development Guidelines

    25. Stanley Greene Neighbourhood 11.5 ac Park 41 ac Development New Fire Station Medium Density Residential Sustainable Detached Housing 12.26 ac DND Housing DND Housing is a priority neighbourhoodDND Housing is a priority neighbourhood

    26. William Baker Neighbourhood 5.9 ac Park & Woodlot 47.5 ac Development Mix of Residential Densities 5 ac Commercial Direct Connection to Action Zone Via Bridge

    27. Sheppard Neighbourhood 15 ac Park 53.5 ac Development Mixed Use Downsview Park Subway Station Downsview Park GO Train Station Grande Allee Linking to Action Zone

    28. Chesswood Neighbourhood 9 ac Park 37 ac Development Mixed Use Northern Gateway to Downsview Park

    29. Allen Neighbourhood 16.5 ac Park 20.0 ac Mid-rise Residential 3.5 Acres Commercial Eastern Gateway to Downsview Park

    30. Downsview Park - Today Expansion of the Parks current woodlot and reforestation efforts of approximately 33.5 acres Visible changes to the landscape: deconstruction of obsolete infrastructure earth moving grading for planting areas soil amelioration aeration and storm water management over 50,000 trees planted

    31. Programming Canadians of all ages are educated and entertained through a variety of community programs and seasonal and special events throughout the year Promotes and broadens the awareness of the significant historical, environmental and cultural features that make Downsview Park unique Features free elementary/secondary school field trips to certified Eco-School Already over one million annual visits

    32. Seasonal, Special & Cultural Events

    33. Certified Eco-School

    34. Downsview Park Sports Centre

    35. Additional Sports & Entertainment The Hoop Dome Multi-court basketball stadium Grand Prix Kartways Electric go-karting Railskate Park Skateboarding Area 51 Paintball PEAC Premium Elite Athlete College

    36. Where We Want to GO Keep our focus on the Park Maximize public space Enhance access Offer value-added programming Accelerate park creation Build partnerships with stakeholders Long term viability

    37. Benefits of Downsview Park Provides an attractive, leading edge centre piece with recreational, cultural and educational programming initiatives which will revitalize area Local, national and international level Provides new sustainable jobs Creates opportunity for new sustainable housing and enhanced local retail spending Demonstrates and supports sustainable transportation

    38. Parc Downsview Park Inc.