Early childhood careers
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Early Childhood Careers. Competency Goal 6 Professionalism. Learning Essential Questions. 1. Why should you examine your reasons for wanting to work with young children? 2. Why should you explore the personal characteristics needed for successfully working with young children?

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Early childhood careers

Early Childhood Careers

Competency Goal 6


Learning essential questions
Learning Essential Questions

  • 1. Why should you examine your reasons for wanting to work with young children?

  • 2. Why should you explore the personal characteristics needed for successfully working with young children?

  • 3. How do you develop a broad picture of the responsibilities and rewards of being a qualified early childhood educator?

  • 4. How can you begin to understand that the role of an educator is to support and enhance learning by preparing the environment, providing challenging learning experiences and interacting with children and parents?

  • 5. How do you expand your awareness of the educational workforce profiles and understand the importance and value of continuing education and advocacy for professional development?

  • 6. How do professionals show understanding and commitment to the professional’s code of ethical conduct?

Professional Resource File

Begin organizing your PRF

Background and Statements of Competence

Autobiography (300 words)

Statements of Competency (6 areas)

Resource collections

Variety of items from each section

For this section you need
For this section you need…

  • Write a biography

  • Name, address, website, and phone number of the agency that regulates child care/schools. Copy a section of the current regulations that govern personnel qualifications

  • Membership from at least 1 national education association that also has a state or local chapter

  • Collect 3 items

  • pamphlet or articles on the way children learn and develop

  • two copies of an observation tool—one blank and one filled out

  • names and contact information for agencies with expertise in developmental and/or learning disabilities

There is a trend for

Early Childhood Professionals


No family

Single parents

Dual-career families

Assessment Prompt: Explain how each affects the profession

What are some careers you can think of
What are some careers you can think of?

Child care worker

Nanny/Au Pair

In-home daycare

Assessment Prompt: Discuss the need for each (limited/forever)

Characteristics of an early childhood professional
Characteristics of an Early Childhood Professional



Like children

Assessment Prompt: Choose most important and tell why

Legal responsibilities
Legal Responsibilities

Criminal Background Check

Privacy and Confidentiality

Mandated Reporting

Child Care Lab (pg. 18)

Basic Skills Needed for Employability

As we move through this section, think how each of these skills are needed the field you are interested in.

Communication Skills



Body Language



Math Skills

Thinking Skills

Technology Skills

Information Skills

Work Ethic

Responsibility and Commitment

Reliability and Flexibility


Assessment Prompt: Explain 3 most important and tell why

How do you go about getting a job
How do you go about getting a job?



Professional Organizations (pg 29)

Volunteering or Internships

Assessment Prompt: Tell your partner how you can use/develop each one

How to prepare for a job
How to prepare for a job

Application/Resume/Cover Letter


Interview (before, during, after)

Job Offer

Assessment Prompt: practice

Employee responsibilities
Employee Responsibilities

Earn your pay

Use time responsibly

Respect the rules

Work safely

Maintain confidentiality





Working together:

Positive attitude


Resolving conflicts


Assessment Prompt: Demonstrate importance of each

Employer responsibilities
Employer Responsibilities

Employee support

Safe working conditions

Performance evaluation

Fair labor practices

Assessment Prompt: Explain why each is needed

Terminating employemnt
Terminating Employemnt

Title and content layout with list
Title and Content Layoutwith List

  • Add your first bullet point here

  • Add your second bullet point here

  • Add your third bullet point here

Two content layout with table
Two Content Layout with Table

  • First bullet point here

  • Second bullet point here

  • Third bullet point here