anatomy of new jersey personal injury lawsuit n.
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Personal injury can happen anytime and anywhere. Personal injury can result from an automobile crash, slip & fall in unsafe conditions or other types of accidents. If you are hurt, it can affect your job, your family, and your ability to go about your daily life. If the accident resulted from someone else's negligence you may have a valid ground for filing a personal injury lawsuit for appropriate compensation.


1.What is Plaintiff and Defendant

A plaintiff is the party filing the complaint and the defendant is the person being sued for damages and compensation.

2.Jurisdiction of Lawsuit

Any personal injury lawsuit in New Jersey is filed in Superior Court with exact division depending upon the amount of claim sought. Any of involved party (plaintiff and defendant) can file the case either in the county of residence or the county of accident.

3.Statues of Limitations in New jersey

A personal injury lawsuit has to be filed within a certain amount of time. This timeframe is called a statute of limitation.


The time frames for different categories of personal injury cases are -

a. Personal Injury Lawsuits

i. Adults - within 2 years when the injury or accident occurred;

ii Minors - within 2 years of the person's 18th birthday.

b. Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

i. Adults - within 2 years of the time when the malpractice was committed or came into notice;

Ii. Minors - within 2 years of the person's 18th birthday



Wrongful Death Claims:

i. Within 2 years of the decedent's death. Prerequisites for lawsuits against Public Entities, County, State or Municipal entities etc:

i. Adults - within 90 days of the occurrence;

ii.Minors - within 90 days of the person's 18th or 13th birthday

e. New Jersey Product Liability Lawsuits:

i. Within 2 years of the date of incident or problem.


4. Procedure of filing lawsuit

The lawsuit will officially begin when the plaintiff files complaint document. In the complaint document, the whole incident is described including the reason of accident, injuries sustained and why the plaintiff deserves compensation from the defendant.


Discovery is the fact finding process wherein lawyers from both the site collect facts, evidences, interrogatories and depositions.


6.Settlement Conference

A settlement conference is process of resolving a lawsuit before trial. As trial is expensive and time consuming affair, the two sides can work out their differences and try to agree for an appropriate solution. This can be done by involving a mediator or arbitrator to reach an agreement.


A trial is the last part of the lawsuit. If the plaintiff decides not to accept the settlement, the case will go to trial where the jury or the judge will hear the case and shall award the compensation or damages after hearing both the parties.