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Understand More of User Testing PowerPoint Presentation
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Understand More of User Testing

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Understand More of User Testing
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Understand More of User Testing

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  1. Understanding More of Usability Testing Quality assurance comes in different facet. One of the most effective ways to evaluate and understand the user’s experience in your website or software application is to conduct a usability testing. It’s a good way to see the efficiency and user friendliness of your application to real users. Furthermore, this testing is conducted in order to see the areas where users often get confused and usually encounter problems. Evaluation should be made from the point of view of the users. If the users have the same problem, recommendations and suggestions are open in order to improve and fix the usability issues. Usability testing is performed with series of steps. These steps are as follows: Get started The first thing you need to do in order to perform usability testing is to identify your target audience. Target audience must consist of user groups. This group of users should be given some of the most applicable usability tasks in order to evaluate their different usage pattern. Create Usability Test Tasks Participants usually perform a set of 5 to 10 tasks within 90 minutes. The tasks may include the most common user goals such as recovering password and other tasks such as making an order from the website. It is important to establish clear criteria for each given tasks in order to achieve the desired result and feedback. It is also important to give a better explanation to participants as to where they should start and finish the testing process. Conduct a Usability Test While conducting the testing process, it is ideal to let the participants complete the task without any supervision. The researcher may set up the starting point for the next task after a participant completed a certain test. The task order should be counterbalanced from each participant. Usability Test Analysis After all participants have finished the test, it is the researcher’s job to compile the data gathered from the process thus to know the certain issues and the areas to prioritize in order to meet the usability requirements. It is possible through thorough analysis and observation. An experienced engineer can make a better judgment and can suggest more ways to improve the interface of the website.

  2. Usability testing should be conducted from time to time to ensure that all usability requirements have been met for the final release of the product. When the efficiency of the website and the expectations of the users are met, successful service will follow. Have a problem with your website or business application? No worries, we can fix that! Learn more about the basic and the technical aspects of quality assurance with our team. Heads up to QAUBER.com